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  1. Before people star getting bored and trading their games after playing the great campaign and beating the 10 maps a few times; we should get some new DLC. I think GRAW is a great game dont get me wrong! I Love it! But it falls short online for some reason... as beautiful as the maps are, WE NEED BIGGER MAPS UBI! Once you've been around a few times the current maps feel too short already. Did I mention WE NEED BIGGER MAPS? And most of my XBL friends agree... the current maps are great but everything starts happening way too fast and ends too soon. I miss the sense of exploration, strategy and preparation before the shooting begins. I hear people complaining about not finding good games on Live and my answer to that is FRIENDS LIST, I play with my friends to make sure I get the best experience out of every game played. Beef up your Friends List and give feedback when u find a great gamer to play. The tools are there for us to use. I was one person highly intimidated by the annoyance of playing online with rude, aggravating beings or run and gun mindless players; little by little a started collecting a few friends and now have a healthy FL that has made the world of a difference when it comes to play ANY game online. Anyway, back to my thread point; I honestly hope UBI is planning to come out with some more DLC soon. This week Oblivion is giving us a few more quests and places to do... and im only 27 hrs into the game!! But I think is great they keep rewarding players with extra content... time has proven that people will b*** about it but buy anyways Ok, im out of here... thanks for puttting up with my rant...
  2. Graphics: 8/10 ? and sound 7? Ouch! but then they speak about Fantastic Atmosphere and attention to details.... kind of confusing... 8 is not bad but is not great either... anyways it is only their opinion , isnt it?
  3. Thank you Opsixdelta. I made my rounds through the xbox forums (ign,teambox, gamespot,ubi) and there seems to be a consensus that March 1st is the day... if anything we're closer to release though... thanks again, great job man.
  4. Hey Opsixdelta, glad to hear your grandma is getting better! our prayers are with u for a complete recovery... Did you--or any of those attending comicon-- hear anything about the Demo coming out? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for taking those 15 mins! Appreciate the review details, good stuff !
  6. Wow Honestly, this is what I had in mind when I got my 360. This game really is what next generation is all about; and for the sound of the commentaror, they are equally impressed. Cannot wait for March 9th!
  7. I wish the player on the videos wouldnt have used the Night Vision mode as often, so we could appreciate more... but all in all they are amazing! I love the part where he blows the truck and soldiers react to the explosion by going prone and continue the attack... great stuff! Wow!
  8. Any luck fixing those video links? Thanks. EDIT: I finally figured that the"Enregsiter" link was below the Windows media window once one clicks on the video link; however it is way, way slow ... but at least something.
  9. You're right; with all the new MP videos and tiny portions of single player I am just excited about finally experiencing some of the graphics and interactions promised when all these next gen craze started. Hopefully, like u said, we'll get better SP videoss soon; or some more info tomorrow after the developers chat. Peace.
  10. Sorry reckless and thank you. First graphically, are they double the polygons? triple? are we going to see some facial emotions? And what kind of interaction will they have with one another that we havent seen in the past? What will make them stand as next gen?
  11. Please, if anyone can answer this or show me a link to an article that relates to how the new characters compare to the last GR games. The Dev Diary 2 says that they are presented in a way we've never seen before (the part towards the end where they pan a 360 around the soldier model). However I'd like to know a bit more about it. Thanks.
  12. I hope so too! Bigolbrain sorry for the double post then... I'll pay more attention next time
  13. Sorry if already posted I wanted to share these 2 short videos I found on the net, in case some of you havent seen them. Video 1 Video 2
  14. I hope the Tactical Approach is really there; I miss the original GR feel; those first games kept me up for hours planing how to approach my next goal. I was glad GR:SS gave us back the freedom to randomly accomplish our goals within a map. Im hoping GRAW bring us even closer to the original GR feel. *Wow, I just realized this is my first post here. Hi everyone, the newbie here... well, not really... I enjoy reading this forum and finally decided to join forces.
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