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  1. Hmmm,

    Could be a more serious effort as in Future Soldier? "Future Soldier is the overall name given to a multi-nation military project by the United States and its allies launched in the late 1990s. Future Soldier is also name of the major international military exhibition for NATO and Partnership for Peace members."

    But on a pessimistic note it does sound a bit more like 2057: Future Soldier to me. "By 2057, soldiers will deploy with flexible full-body armor and "invisibility cloaks.""

    Well, as was put ... we should be inherently happy that another Ghost Recon game is coming.

    As for vehicles, I hope that they don't enable this option. Not because it would not be nice but because I would rather have a less complex but very satisfactory experience. As great as Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising is (and it really is imho) it just shows that enabling helicopters and vehicles comes with a compromise.

    Maybe the Future Soldier is now finally able to say "Beam me up Scotty"! ;-)

  2. Hi.

    I can confirm that Steampowered.com allows for purchase of the Ghost Recon game series for users in Europe (e.g. Denmark).

    However, for my particular situation I am unable to purchase while here because my credit card information is still Danish but my IP reports as German. Hence, I am unable to proceed with the actual purchase. Anyway. Will have to wait until later then to download when I am home.



  3. Hi,

    Thanks for helping out. I am now in process of checking with Steam service. I wonder why I would have to buy through Steam rather than direct from Ubi but so far it seems that there are no restrictions for their Ghost Recon complete package. Right now I am struggling with remembering my password but I will eventually get there. Will post here if it worked.



  4. Hi.

    I am located for some months in Munich and suddenly came to miss my old Ghost Recon CDs that are safely located back in Denmark. I thought, no problem, let's purchase the full package again.

    However, in none of the stores I found I was able to purchase the game as download edition when located in Europe. Only US, Mexico and Canada gamers have access.

    Do you know of a place where I can purchase the old games?



  5. Today I downloaded both of the CO-OP map packs and I tried searching for a game to play, but every time I selected a game with one of the new maps it sent me an error message that said I didn't have the maps from the map pack. The thing is though I can play the co-op missions by myself and other people can join my party, but I can't seem to join anyone elses. Please help, this problem makes me regret buying the maps.

    Did you also download the other packs (like gun packs and possibly the Nowhere map)? I think there needs to be a 100% match with the server. For our internal game-setup, we need the following complete set of map packs to play:

    [1] GRAW 2 CO-OP Collection (930MB)

    [2] GRAW 2 CO-OP Collection 2 (976MB)

    [3] GRAW2 More Guns Pack (15MB)

    [4] GRAW2 Throwback Pack (487MB)

    [5] GRAW 2 Throwback Pack 2 (583MB)

    [6] Nowhere exclusive map - from menus (58MB)

    Hope this helps.



  6. Hi,

    I am easy-going and trust the developers in making another great experience for our clan.

    I have only one request. To our clan-weekends where we are typically 10 gamers, GR series offers something that cannot be found elsewhere in tactical shooting. Coop mode for 10 players. Trying not to be pessimistic, GRAW offered 16 players while GRAW2 only supported 12 players. Going to 8 would be a disaster for us.

    Please keep coop support for at least 10 players (preferably more).

    Coop is very important in having fun when not all players are at same level.



  7. Hi,

    Wonder if you made it? This is one of the most fulfilling achievements in GRAW2. Based on lots of recommendations, my clan of newbies made the defender achievement following a strategy we documented in PDF format.

    You can download the PDF file at http://teko92.dk/teko92dl/downloads.html

    It's almost too easy but there is not cheating. Just strategy and keeping weapons reloaded. Funniest thing is what people do when they get bored after 50 minutes because the strategy is working too well ;-)

    Have fun.


  8. Sounds great if the OXM includes the maps to have all remaining players gathered on common graw2 platform.

    Our clan still plays graw2 on every event but I only seldom join others games. Still the best coop experience around supporting 8 players. I look forward to Hordes in GOW2 and happy to see that they copy another Graw2 invention ... Of course they can only manage 5 players.


  9. Scary -> how recent email from ubisoft has automatically changed its numbers from 400 pts to 800 pts. Is that ethically - or even legally - acceptable?

    As they now have gone through the trouble of editing already submitted email I think it is safe to assume that the final price will be 800 msp.

    Sad thing is -> while feeling offended I can't wait to play the new maps ;-)

  10. Does anyone know if you can download these map packs on a thumb drive somehow and transfer them to your xbox? I don't have high speed at home but could download them at work. Thanks.

    Hi -> sorry to say that I don't think such solution is possible. You need to sneak your xbox into work (or at a friends house) ;-) You are in for huge downloads since there are two free and downloadable packs before this new one. Hope you find a good solution! The game and xbox 360 experience is fantastic (even for us hardcore PC gamers) so I hope you enjoy.



  11. :) Great if you got a xbox :( PC not so.

    1½ years ago, GRAW1 was the killer application for me to get the 360 and now GRAW2 is reminding me again of this wise decision ;-) Coop with a friend (or friends) is just amazing and re-playing all these missions is a highlight this year for me! That game (but now GRAW2 with free expansions) is still going strong!

    Just did COOP with Halo3 .... well, not the strongest point of the game ... Way too easy even on legendary and team work is not needed (or stimulated) to complete the game. Felt like we were playing 3 individual single player games with chat enabled.



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