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  1. After playing the game last night I am very close to canceling my preorder. The lag, not being able to spawn, disconnections from servers, overuse of sensor grenades/frag grenades, camping, spawn camping, and times where you can't even connect to a match; make this game horrible. I have been excited about GRFS for years now and I am a huge Tom Clancy fan but this is killing me. I dunno weather to keep my preorder just for single player and hope they fix multiplayer or cancel it because it is too far gone. Edit: All my friends see the game the same as I do. They have canceled preorders and now I think I will do the same.
  2. I have been reading on the forums for both ghostrecon.com and ghostrecon.net and it seems that most people are complaining about the beta. I am creating this poll to get an all around summary of the thoughts on the beta. I personally feel that the beta has a lot of issues that could easily be fixed with patches to make the game amazing. The 1st issue I have is the lag. I understand its a beta/demo and they are tweaking settings to make it right. I don't understand why the game has been in development for such a long time and it lags as much as it does. You would think they would have been testing the online servers for a while now. Secondly, I think the grenades, sensor grenades, and most parts of the intel loop are over powered. It seems the game has a ton of grenade spam around objectives and if you have a team of players that normally play together using sensor grenades you don't have a chance in the world to come back and win. Also, the game seems to have a huge host advantage. I actually could tell I got host in one match and I could take bullets like crazy. I would be getting shot in the back and I could turn and take out the enemy in just a few shots. Even though it was an advantage for me, I dislike host advantage. It allows one person to run the show in multiplayer matches. The last issues I have with the beta are spawn camping, graphic issue, and frame rate that seems to drop below 30 fps from time to time. Judging a entire game based on a beta is not right. I based BF3 on the beta and didn't purchase it because the beta was horrible. I am a huge fan of the original Ghost Recon so I want this game to succeed for nostalgic reasons as well as I want to see Ghost Recon games release in the future. I hope it sells a ton of copies and scores high on metacritic.
  3. http://www.vg247.com/2012/04/03/ghost-recon-future-soldier-releasing-on-pc-june-15/ Minimum hardware requirements: Supported Operating Systems: WindowsXP (with Service Pack 3)/Windows Vista (with Service Pack 2)/ Windows 7(with Service pack 1), both 32 bit & 64 bit versions PROCESSOR: Intel Pentium D 3.0 Ghz or AMD Athlon64 X2 4400+ 2.2Ghz RAM: 1GB Windows XP / 2GB Windows Vista or Windows 7 VIDEO CARD: 256 MB DirectX–compliant, Shader 4.0–enabled video card DIRECT X: DirectX 9.0c DVD-ROM DRIVE: DVD-ROM speed 4x, dual-layer drive SOUND CARD: DirectX 9.0c – compliant sound card HDD space : 25 GB Recommended Configuration: CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q9450/ AMD Phenom II X4 940 or higher RAM: 2 GB Windows XP / 3 GB Windows Vista & 7 Graphics Card: 1024 MB DirectX–compliant, Shader 4.0–enabled video card based on nVidia GeForce GTX 460 or AMD/ATi HD 5850 or better
  4. The Ghost Recon Future Soldier Signature Edition is exclusive to GameStop which includes: FREE Upgrade to the Signature Edition - Bonus Moscow Suburb In-Game Co-op Multiplayer Map - 2 Bonus In-Game Weapons - Bonus Head Customization Mode -Limited Edition Penny Arcade Weapon Skin Featuring Twisp and Catsby Will the Signature Edition content be available through DLC? Amazon has a $10 credit that comes with a preorder of the game. I am not sure if they are going to have a midnight release of the game on May 22nd at GameStop or not but it would be best if I could order the game from Amazon, get the $10 credit and use it on a points card to purchase the Signature Edition content if it is available through DLC.
  5. What is the likelihood of bring back classic maps through DLC for Future Solider? Similar to the DLC for Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 on the Xbox 360: I would love to see Castle Day!
  6. I am so excited for this game. From my understanding RedStorm is working on the multiplayer side of the game? To me the game looks very similar to Splinter Cell: Conviction but with much better graphics, larger maps, and a squad to command. The ability to tag enemies looks exactly like SCC as well as moving from cover to cover. When using a sensor it makes the enemies have a red outline that you can see through objects; looks exactly like the video from Rainbow Six: Patriots. I am guessing they are using the same engine across all 3 games. I also love the fact that the game is set in the not too distant future.
  7. I haven't been keeping up with GRAW 2 PC for quiet some time (because of COD4). The game was and still is amazing to me but the fan base on the PC has gone down a lot. At any given time you will find on average 150 people playing the game compared to COD4's ~10,000's. After seeing the 360 map pack it makes me want to go out and buy a 360 just to be able to play the old maps again. Hopefully GRAW 3 will get more support on the PC side if there even is a GRAW 3. I plan on buying a PS3 in April but it looks like even the PS3 guys aren't getting the support given to the 360 people. It's sad to see the games I grew up with turn to consoles. Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six alike. PC users get stuck with crappy ports or games that don't make it past the 1st 3 months of release as far as fan base.
  8. Guys on infinityward.com forums would disagree. "Yes, I know the map well, great map, if it can be created close to the original for COD4 it will be a big hit, it suits all types of game play and modes." - Metal_Jacket http://www.infinityward.com/community/foru...p?topic=21774.0
  9. I really hope you do. Your remake of castle day was amazing and I would still love to see it on COD4. Hopefully someone will get it done before the end of the contest. Here is a tread on it: http://www.infinityward.com/community/foru...p?topic=21774.0
  10. Streets aka City Streets has always been a R6 map. Since Urban Operations I think.
  11. http://iamfourzerotwo.com/2008/03/05/so-wh...d-ps3/#more-243 Look on that list of maps and you should see Streets Final which is a Rainbow Six map. Who knows. I hope Biro gets this because I would love to see it happen.
  12. Biro you should take a look at the map contest for Call of Duty 4. You should try to convert Castle Day for COD4... Check it out here: http://infinityward.com/tools.html
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