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  1. agree......I'm sure if they had the fast switch 'B' button for the launcher people would complain that there is no fast switch for the pistol....lol..... What launcher do you run with.....?
  2. Holding the A button and then hitting the D-pad is pretty quick if you ask me....the trade off for a 2 second operation for the devestation a launched frag gives you is one that I will take everytime.....lol
  3. Hey Serellan....I'm sure that DLC is on the way.....can you include a host option that allows the host to toggle the 'show objective icons' on or off.......I love playing and hosting games with the IFF off but it becomes such a task to get all players in ther room to toggle the objective icons to OFF. This function could also prove valuable for clan matches.....when I have the IFF switched ON and the objective icons OFF the players only light up when the reticule is over them.....nice!!!! GR2 had a feature like this....I think the reticule turned into an X or something like that....thanx!!! No achievement for completing all missions with IFF off on hard difficulty with objective icons OFF, no drones and all squad members that started the mission finishing with no wounds...? What gives.....lol One random player joked that we are lucky to even get weapons in Reapers room....lol
  4. Yeah cuz there are no WW2 games out there Not one in 3rd person....snap!!
  5. My EB Games store told me that I would get $220 trade in value for my old 360....not bad. Now its only $260 for the NEW version plus a 120 HD and HDMI plus who know what else.....and its sexys as all hell in black....
  6. I'm hearing some good things about a site called www.liveassault.com Check it out....
  7. I've done all that and standing in the zone! Chopper does some fly-by's, but do not land! And of course we don't get picked up.. Missile comes in and boooom Mission:Failure! I love this game but lets face it....its Glitch Recon...!!!
  8. I agree.....we need to keep the Mexican community sweet otherwise who else is gonna cut my lawn..... JK sad to hear about this type of thing going on...its just a game....fun people, just for fun!!!
  9. Team mission is not what I had hoped for....who wants to defend 4 flares over and over again....who wants to recover Intel that is nothing but a weak looking flag? Give us a building or a bridge to hold down and defend......let us have real objectives like the co-op campaign with the two towers etc. Team mission is a move in the right direction....and I love the game a s a whole, however, these game modes need some details....flares are poor and flags for Intel is lame....its all in the details!!
  10. Read above Deadpreacher.....turn on the IFF icons and get everyone to turn their own (in game or player options) to objective indicators OFF.....this will give you the mode you are looking for...kind of. Have fun!! Read above Deadpreacher.....turn on the IFF icons and get everyone to turn their own (in game or player options) to objective indicators OFF.....this will give you the mode you are looking for...kind of. Have fun!! Serellan......plaese make this a host option.....thanx..... I understand what he was saying and i know where it's at. What i ment was the reticule (Or how ever you spell it sorry) only option is gone and not there. I want the old option where your crosshair lights up on enemy's (Red) and friendly's (Blue) with all the other icon stuff off as a host option like it used to be. I hear what you are saying, however, RED when the reticule is over an enemy is a very bad idea.....why use stealth or hide in long grass with a sniper rifle.....all the enemy needs to do is scan the terrain with the crosshairs and shoot when it turns red....lol....arcade!!! It could and has worked in the past when the reticle changes into a 'X' when it passes over a teammate.
  11. Hard-core co-op - No drone, No IFF including NO TEAM IFF, NO RESPAWNS, squad based as above ^^^ Oh yea thats my fav way to play is with everything off, but the room always dies. Only way i have found that people stick around when IFF is off is in CooP or clan matchs and even still alot of clans leave! If they would add back in crosshairs as a way to tell who is enemy or not i would only play that way, but since it's been taken out it's rather a dead room or leave it on! @Ick Yea the 3 min rule for siege is cool, but siege gets really old after awhile. Thats why i like the one i said above based on CTF with respawns off. If i could set it to where you steal enemy flag and get it back you win. That would be great. You still have defenders and attacker becuase it's your choice not on who's turn it is to defend like in siege! All we really want is Lastman spiced up and believe me we been tring it everyway we can think of and the options are just short on getting anything just right. As for the 1G 1M 1A and rest rifleman is a good idea going to have to try that one later! Also for usen only a select weapon have you tried the SR3 only match yet?? Another good one is only usen weapons without a scope! @wingshot Yea if i do respawns at all it is around 3 or 5 and it does work nice. As for the team mission yea that one is also a good one and i like it more than siege. Yet with random people on the other team it's touch and go becuase they never seem to stay to long in that one. Maybe people will in time give it more of a chance, but right now just can't seem to keep a room going long enough to be worth it. All i hear is put it on sharpshooter, lastman or siege when it's on Team mission. ALso we do turn AI off in Team Mission. To be honest only reason i made this thread is to see if anyone came up with anything in the custom gametypes worth usen thats like a whole new gametype. Right now i don't see no use to it, but to adjust respawns and i hoped you guys came acrossed some kind of combo worth tring! I had such high hopes for team mission...but all it turned out to be was a variation of capture the flares...lol.....what about having teams work together to destroy real objects like a bridge or radio towers like in the co-op campaign? How about recovering some acual intel not just strapping a golf flag to your back and returning it to those flares again....lol Two teams working against each other with one team having a set mission and the other team acting as the enemy or spoilers was what I was looking for....they have the right idea but the execution was a little on the unimaginative side...no?
  12. Read above Deadpreacher.....turn on the IFF icons and get everyone to turn their own (in game or player options) to objective indicators OFF.....this will give you the mode you are looking for...kind of. Have fun!! Read above Deadpreacher.....turn on the IFF icons and get everyone to turn their own (in game or player options) to objective indicators OFF.....this will give you the mode you are looking for...kind of. Have fun!! Serellan......plaese make this a host option.....thanx.....
  13. Try turning the objective indicators OFF but toggle the IFF icons ON and its the best of both worlds.....players are not lit up light xmas trees all over the map, however if you put the crosshairs on them they will light up as a friendly.......very nice!!! The only issue is that you need to ask all players who enter the room to change their own player options or in game options.......I would love this to be a host option. Also...objective indicators will ALWAYS be seen on the intel map......much better than great big green and blue squares floating on screen....lol.....great also for co-op campaign!!!
  14. I have seen the same situations night after night........this IS clearly a game issue and not a hardware issue as some have said. P.S. My NAT is open and my settings are checked all the time.
  15. Sounds like a good idea... I would like the option for the host to have the ability to turn objective indicators OFF...not just in the player options. I play either with IFF toggled OFF or I ask my friends to toggle the objective markers OFF so teammates only light up blue or yellow when the reticule is over them.......does anyone else have these settings in operation?
  16. fix your own problem! Seems to be that you are the only one complaining about the issue... wow.....maybe you should check out the official website......then grow a brain... http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/3...13/m/2961065245 http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/3...13/m/3501026935 Also...here is the offical word from Ubisoft.......now, you go fix your own problems...one at a time!!! Just to let everyone know here is a list of issues the dev team is currenlty looking into. Nowhere maps issues Player dropping issues Lag Missing game types Remember some bugs/issues take longer to fix than others. So if we can ask that you be patient, then it will make things move along a bit faster Also this is not a confirmed list of whats to come in the next patch, it's just a quick update to let you know that we are looking into the problems and will hopefully provide an answer soon. This message has been edited. Last edited by: Ubi_Rickas, Mon March 19 2007 10:21
  17. We can talk about NAT issues and router set-ups all day....I only have these issues with GRAW 2.......stop making excuses and fix the problem..thats all.....
  18. Comm issues and being dropped as the game loads....xbox freezing all the time.....fix this crap now otherwise you will lose many gamers. The game itself is great....but the headaches that I just mention frustrate gamers who will go and play elsewhere....soon!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Sounds like you guys did a fine job...!!! Maybe its just a glitch.....try it again....sometimes games can be a bit goofy and just simply by doing it again will get it done. You were BOTH in the extract point......i'm sure you were....lol Good luck! Also.....for real co-op fun...set the game to custom campaign and have it set to HARD, toggle IFF to OFF and then go into player options and toggle objective indicators OFF (they still appear on the map), no drones.......with just the two of you guys it will be a real challenge.
  20. No rain....all those great maps, fantastic lighting......and no rain!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!
  21. The co-op is outstanding.......team objectives....great!!!!!!!! Stealth, multiple paths for attacking these objectives....great!!!! The co-op maps are fantastic....wow.....wow...wow.....best 360 title to date!! Please Sir.....can I have some more?
  22. The new 'Team Mission' mode sounds great....sign me up!!!!! I am living on the MP Demo...shame its only sharpshooter or takedown.....both these game modes eliminate any stealth.....respawns or the flashing officer drives me crazy....lol.....the co-op campaign was fun (for all of 10 minutes)....I wonder if they have taken the time limit OFF from missions......they had NO time limit in GR2 and me likey!!!
  23. ummm....Team Battle.....I thought that we had that game mode in GRAW....?
  24. I have read all the posts on this and many other forums......yes there are issues and yes the knee slide can be a little frustrating at times (we will all grow to love it in time) HOWEVER.......my biggest point is this........ The versus map was fantastic!!!!!!! IMO the versus map had great balance great graphics but most of all it had cover and lots of it. I often went minutes without getting a clear look at another player.....great, we can now move about the map with some stealth. OK, the game mode was a little run and gun, respawns and the 'Takedown' mode did nothing for the stealth player....the orange glow rings and skull flashing above my head pretty much blew my cover....lol.....but still fun as hell!!! I for one cannot wait until the final build is ready (March 9th....is that UK or US?)....LMS and siege with the IFF toggled off.......NIIIIIIICE!!!! (in Borats voice)
  25. lol.....nope...I'll be fighting the fight next gen style in the the 3rd person...lol.....I'm not one of the die hard old school GR PC guys......In the words of Cliffy B....where's my dude? I like to see my dude......I like to see if I'm in cover and I also like the character models and the animations. Maybe I'm one of only a small crew who like the bells and whistles toggled OFF but play in 3rd person....It takes all kinds I suppose......
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