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  1. Its not about the program u use but the codecs u have in ur PC. What i did, the only time i had a problem like that (only sound no image on a video), was download a codec-pack. Check this: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/K_Lite_Codec_Pack.htm Or any other codec-pack. I use other one (from elisoft, spanish site): http://codecpack.elisoft.net/ Or just search on google for other ones. i hope this can help u. ← Thank you my friend....it worked first time....!!!!!!
  2. Can’t get the vid to play after downloading it....I have Real Player, Windows Media Player and Quick Time....am I stupid...? Aghh...I think I may have opened the door here...lol Any help would be most appreciated.
  3. I may be alone here but I will find it very difficult to pick up the XBOX version of GRAW after what looks to be some serious eye candy for the 360....!!! Call me a graphics whore if you will....but for me the look of the game creates the immersion for the gamer....!?! Different game play options, only one ghost member, number of MP maps and even 1st person Weapon view will not be enough to drag me away form the 360 version. Again...this is just my opinion from what I have seen and I have only seen limited media from the upcoming Xbox version......I hope they are both fantastic and provide the depth of gaming that GR fans want, need and most of all appreciate. Recon Fan!!
  4. The marketplace would be the only place for me to get the HD vids and game demo out on......let's think about it......if you can access the marketplace it must mean you have a 360...!?! Target audience is all I am trying to say.....give the 360 supporters some love...!! If you can give it out to a comic convention then surely you can give it to your consumers via the marketplace....no?
  5. Well it says.... "Join GR Community Manager "HangtownSOG" and the Frag Dolls' own Seppuku at the tricked out UGO booth for your shot to try out the game, or watch others engage in multiplayer madness." So I'm sure they will have system link games going. I'm dying to hear from someone not related to the media give their opinion on how the multiplayer looks and plays. ← Mulit-player madness........check, check.....sounds nice.....thanks for the correction BIGOLBRAIN...you didn't get that name for nothing...lol I agree...any intel from non-media type fellas would be most welcomed.
  6. If it's only SP...which I imagine it will be.....prob even the demo (1st level..is my guess), look out for the improved aiming system..or the short zoom..left trigger I think? I would love 2 know what kinda effect this has on accuracy...I need all the help I can get with this...lol Have fun....and yes I am jealous....!!!
  7. I know this maybe above your pay grade....lol....but should all GR fans be excited about the possible release of teaser demo in the next 24hrs....!?!
  8. Maulasses......you and your sig never fail 2 bring a smile 2 my face...!!
  9. It was my understanding that ALL weapons from ALL the GR series would be available...at least for MP.....!!! If you had a past favorite weapon......you were in luck......I'm sure I heard that from Christian in one of the earlier MP video clips.....?
  10. Above my pay grade. ← You guys get paid......!?! JK...keep up the great work...the MP looks sweet...!!!!....!!!!
  11. must be the UK only...........don't the brits always get the games/movies/everything a few days later.......!!!! P.S. I am British.
  12. It is my understanding that you can play all levels in co-op mode, however, there is an additional campaign specifically designed for co-op style play. This additional co-op feature looks to only have 4 missions but if it is done well could bring a new angle to the entire co-op part of Ghost Recon. Plus with XBOX Live there are always the possibilities for new downloadable content. Please correct me if I am wrong regarding the co-op side of the game....!!!!
  13. I think this video clip was out last week......it's for the XBOX, not the 360....!!!
  14. http://graw.1up.com/ End of the newest entry. ← 5. Will there be a demo in the Marketplace soon, so we can experience the beauty of this game for ourselves in high-definition? Yes there is, we are putting something special together as we speak which will be out soon. Something special indeed.......any ideas.....? SP MP or CO-OP or all 3
  15. Aaah, OK - fair enough. Apologies, I wasn't aware of that. My main point, however, is that the video really impressed me and that I've got seriously high hopes for this game ← I agree......Videos look great for both SP and MP sides of the game! Demo please...or just a demo date would help...... Anyone have any intel on the demo for the 360.....?
  16. Perhaps having a wife that allows you to play through the entire game from start to finish should be one of the GRAW achievements...lol
  17. It was my understanding that the chopper sequences were to take the place of load screens and gives the player some action while the next section of the game loads. A greater sense of immersion was what one of the devs mentioned...correct me if I am wrong...?
  18. Great new MP videos......the game is looking like what I think we have all be hoping/waiting for........any news of a XBOX 360 Demo...?? Demo please Demo please Demo please Just in case my message was not clear....let's shut the critics up with a sweet MP Demo......!!!
  19. I think the game is looking into the future of warfare...these days most battles are fought from miles away with GPS missiles and long range munitions. I understand the up close and personal stuff still goes on....(knife kills in Battlefield 2).....I'm more of a silenced pistol in the back of the skull kinda guy....lol
  20. I thought that I read a post on this forum that suggested March 31st was the UK date and maybe the US would be looking at March 7th...Tuesday...?????
  21. I hope this will be the start of another great thread on this forum....... While I am trying to pen my most fave 'GR moment', I would just like to say that these memories are what it's all about...the great game play and overwhelming feeling of immersion into the environments and even the character. With all the constant rumblings and negative chatter surrounding the next installment of the GR series it's refreshing to hear, re-live and get back to what we all know and love about the game!
  22. I agree.........!!!!!!! When I asked the question regarding the run & gun style, I was hoping the response was to confirm a more tactical game and less RAMBO! Let's hope that the multi player maps also promote a more 'team' oriented method of attack.........all in all, good feedback from the RS team.
  23. Hey guys....and gals! This is my first post on this forum, so let's go easy on the new kid. I was part of the online chat yesterday with the dev team and thought that they gave a reasonable account of themselves and answered most of the questions thrown at them........... I think we are all fans of the GR series and have been spoilt to some extent with great game play and fantastic online battles, GR1, Island Thunder, GR2, Summit Strike or any of the PC versions along with multiple downloads to keep us fresh and interested in the franchise! Not many games out there today can or have offered me personally as a gamer these experiences and for that I will continue to support the GR team. GRAW may not be the game to end all games, it may not have clan support or feature a much desired map editor, however I think it may just entertain and excite us enough for us to log hundreds of gaming hours glued to our HDTV's listening to bullets fly overhead in glorious 5:1 surround sound. .............for me personally, I would have loved 32 players online and the ability to be creative with the aid of a map editor. For now, I'll settle for total game immersion with stunning graphics, top quality sound effects and simply.............the next step for GR fans!
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