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  1. I think the most realistic part of the game is the diamonds on everyones bodies. And that you can't run and shoot. (I'm not saying it'd be accurate)
  2. I got this weird sound too. So did my buddy. And we don't have slow hard drives. I was getting sort of paranoid during the installation of the patch.
  3. That's what I said before I even started the download.
  4. lethalwire(King of [GR]): Bad: The game is too slow. And at that, it's very sluggish. Not lag sluggish. It's as if the characters way 400lbs. Diamonds everywhere? Wewt? Why wait for so long? So much waiting. I left the server (due to tiredness of waiting) and sure enough, I join 4 other servers and sure enough, no play. The sound is HORRID That's when I uninstalled. [GR] was even faster than this. I don't care about the graphics. As long as it's a good game, I'll play it. My 8800GTX 768mb DDR3 Quad core processor @ 2.0ghz each can run anything. Good: I like the night vision.
  5. Nevermind, I found out a little more from UBI forums. i believe it has to do with the FX series of video cards. They suggest to roll the drivers back. So we'll see what happen from there.
  6. I can get into the game. Though, everything deal with texture, except the sky, is pure black. Everything is black. I CAN see the reticules, diamonds, the outher lining, and the people talking in the top right corner. They are all very clear.
  7. :'( I'm so sad... time gives me available to new card for gfx yES!!
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