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  1. Joined the Discord. I'll try to check in now and again. Haven't played Original Ghost Recon in probably 15 years...would love to get in some games!
  2. Man, sure is tough to get a good MP game going. A few people here and there on GameRanger, but overall pretty sparse.
  3. Guys.....what is going on? Is this thread/site/dream still alive? I just reinstalled this game and am looking for some Multiplayer matches. I would be happy to have my machine host during the day while I'm at the office (USA time). I played this game for hours upon hours. WDA (Walking Dead Army) clan. I remember going up against AOD, CDN, and many others. No active games in GameRanger right now. Shall we just set a recurring day/time to host a game on GameRanger?
  4. So what online services are there for GR? I downloaded GameRanger and don't see any active games. Does the original UBI service that came with GR still work/active? I just reinstalled this puppy and am anxious for some epic MP battles!
  5. Got it working! Thanks. I had to set compatibility mode to start the game in 640x480 resolution. Works great.
  6. Alright fellas. I'm trying to get GR installed on my Windows 8.1 PC. All three disks (GR, DS, IT) installed properly. The game launched when it was just GR. Then after installing DS and IT the game crashes shortly after launch. I get the "ghost recon" logo screen, I see it pop up in task manager, then it crashes. I've tried running as administrator and also compatibility mode to XP. Still no luck. How have others got it working on W8?
  7. But it is possible to get it installed and working on Windows 8, correct? I'm on a modern W8 PC (I actually like W8) and want to try OGR (Original GR) a try again. Been years, but far and away the best PC game I've ever played. I'll give it a go and report back. PS...glad to be back, first post in many years, glad my log-in credentials still worked.
  8. Wow, sorry, but as a die-hard fan of [GR] I just found my chin dropped when viewing that video. If the game looks like that I think I'll pass on the Ghost Recon series for the first time ever. I don't need shoulder-mounted rockets, cloaking devices, and guns that sound like a star wars fight scene. There are other games to go for that. Give me current realism and tactical play and I'm all about it. Seems like GR series is getting further and furhter from it's roots, and thus further and further from most of the old school guys that frequent this forum. Cheerio,
  9. Thanks for the suggestion Colin. I did confirm that IT is installed in the correct directory, and still no luck. I'll try a few more things and if I find a solution I will post it here. Thanks.
  10. So GRAW2 is dead and I'm sick of COD4 and I made the EXCELLENT decision to reinstall [GR]. Man, I got excited just putting the discs back in. I installed the Original, tested it, and it worked I installed Desert Siege, tested it, and it worked I installed Island Thunder, tested it, and NO WORKY. It acts like it's loading, goes to a black screen, then just seems to crash back to the desktop. Damn. I installed the final official 1.4 patch, and still no luck. I completely uninstalled and tried again with the same results. I'm running an Athlon 64 X2 4200+ and 32-bit Vista Ultimate. Weird that GR and DS would work but once moving to IT is when I experienced the problems. Anyone have any idea? I'd love to get this working. TYIA, Slayer
  11. Why does anyone care about a patch anymore? This game's been 6 feet under for months. And I'm one of the biggest GR-PC fans there is - tough for me to admit, but let's face the music, give UBI the finger, and move on to Blackfoot.
  12. Tie Fighter - had several expansions. Wing Commander. Several sequals. And I agree about those two as well. Classics. Tie Fighter is ONE OF THE BEST games ever! Totally agree with Suicide and Rabbi - awesome game. Countless hours of fun with that one growing up. Favoriate game ever is [GR] - best FPS ever, period, just like Rabbi said. It got me thru college.
  13. That's really too bad. If all [GR] maps were released in an official GR:AW2 patch, this game would catch on like wild fire. All the old clans would come back and play constantly, myself included, and those of us that went to COD4 because everything else in the market sucks would dust off the ole' GR:AW2 discs and have ourselves a grand ole party!
  14. Nice work AFZ, you made the right choice banning him. He's banned from WDA server as well.
  15. To piggyback what Xodus was saying, we are looking for quality PEOPLE to join WDA and our GR:AW2 Division. Download the attachment for more details on WDA and their history in the Ghost Recon series of games. WDA GR:AW2 Guide
  16. You want a pic of me with the online email order conformation or me standing next to the hard drive where i downloaded it to lol LOL...good one, Czar.
  17. Even when it says "offline" you can double click the server and it'll attempt to connect you. Problem is, even if you know the server is "online", you still won't be able to connect. GS is a POS and like people have said, need option for manual entries.
  18. The Walking Dead Army uses Ventrilo. PM me and I'll give you the details and PW to join our comms. Most nights we got about 5-7 people playing GR:AW2, all on comms. Usually we are playing MP though, not co-op.
  19. No, it's a dedicated server through Hypernia. Now, two hours later, I can see the server and join regularly. Papa6 - keep trying, I think it's just GameSpy being a POS (another reason why we need option to join directly by IP). On a side note - I'll publicly thank Roco and Team AFZ for always having a great server, and helping me with other issues last night. Rock on, guys.
  20. Alright, this is weird. WDA has got a dedicated server up and running. We played in it for hours upon hours yesterday (including myself). Now today in my server browser it's constantly telling me the server is "offline." I know this is false because we've got about 7 clan guys playing and random guys are constantly joining. Here is a picture of what I'm describing: http://www.walkingdeadarmy.com/uploads/WDA...ver%20Issue.jpg I've tried restarting my computer (duh), logging in and out of gamespy, etc. I'm using Vista but don't want to open up my firewall per someone's suggestion (plus I can see server, it just inaccurately tells me it's offline). Lastly, another one of our clan members is having the exact same problem, and as coincidence could have it, we're both in the same general location (within 30 miles) with the same ISP. Very weird that our ISP would let us see the server last night, but not tonight??? Has anyone else experienced this, and/or have thoughts to resolve this? [Oversize image changed to URL - Please see forum rule 3.14- Large Images]
  21. Couldn't agree more! We've got about 6 or 7 WDA folks playing right now and pretty much everyone was spewing the exact same sentiments. Very encouraging to see, I absolutely loved my first night of gaming.
  22. Same, I was told that my local EB games stores (Minneapolis) would have copies on the 18th. I also will be calling to make sure they're there before I stop by. Exciting!
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