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  1. I know it’s not just a rumor cause I have seen it for myself and so have others, just trying to determine if it’s a glitch or a deliberate cheat. Now that I have someone come forward and say it’s not a glitch we will be on the look out for it. We just want fun and FAIR games we all can enjoy.
  2. There has been discussion for a long time whether the full auto .50 cal sniper is a cheat or a simple glitch on the =XE= forums. I wanted to bring the issue here in hopes that someone would have the answer.
  3. I just can’t wait for the MP demo so I can see for myself!
  4. Call sign: BadBoy or BadBoy561 Age: 24 Game: GR1 (I used to play [GR] demo more than I play GRAW now, cause even MP in GR demo was better than the MP in GRAW.)
  5. Thanks Colin that is the first strait answer I’ve gotten about it. You’re the greatest!! See you on the battlefield!
  6. Ok, I’m gonna try this one last time before I give up on GRAW. I played GRAW up to strong point without a problem then I installed the first patch and now I can’t load any of my save points without it crashing. I didn’t really buy this game for SP so I’m not going to play through all the past mission again and with no real MP this game is a coaster. I have posted this problem in the past and have not had any luck. At this point if I can’t get this resolved then I would have to say farewell to all and good luck to GRIN, I wish them the best but I’m out the FPS world.
  7. I have a similar problem. Mine crashes when I try to continue from the strong point mission. It worked just fine before the patch but now it crashes. It seems to crash just before the mission is finished loading as it fades to a black screen but never comes back. I thought patch was to make the better not worse.
  8. Does anyone know what firewall ports have to be open to get to play multiplayer? [Merged into existing thread - Please check before posting]
  9. I went to EB on the second hoping they might have it early too but they said it would be shipped to them on the 3rd and I could get it on the 4th so my guess is it is the same for everyone that ordered from EB so try again today as I’m going to pick up mine now, later.
  10. I have the 7800 GS and can run everything on high at 1024x768 and still get about 40 FPS
  11. I don’t know if anyone ells have noticed or if it has been said before but I’m seeing a trend here with the lack of frames per second. I have seen two people with similar CPU’s get very similar performance and they have very different GPU’s, one can have an ATI 9800 and the other a GeForce 7800 GTX. Now those are two very different GPU’s and if this game was GPU intensive there would be a large gap between the performance of the two computers but there isn’t which tells me one thing, it is not GPU intensive it’s CPU intensive. IMO Fear is the most GPU intensive game I have ever played. I two used to have a ATI 9800 and couldn’t get fear to run smooth above low settings for that GPU so I upgraded only my GPU to a GeForce 7800 GS no I can run fear with every thing maxed out and still get an “average†of 40 FPS now that is a big improvement and all I changed was the GPU. That tells me that fear is a GPU intensive game. At this point GRIN need to do one of two things, change the recommended specs to a higher CPU, to around 3.2 GHz. Then at leased if you can’t turn up the GFX all the way up you can still get some good frame rates Or optimize the engine more toward the GPU.
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