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  1. I've said it before and i'll say it again. My brother's friend in North Carolina lived close to us and worked for RSE. I got to hang out with him on many occasions. When I inquired about Lockdown, a project he helped to lead, he told me and I quote, "It's gonna suck." He said he joined RSE for the feel of games like Rogue Spear, I think that's the one that got him to go there in the first place. As a result of recent changes, he has changed jobs as he didn't find it as exciting anymore. Now, on the other hand, when I inquired about GR:AW, he had a completely different opinion. He told me, "That game rocks." I can only assume that with this statement he had either played GR:AW, or he knew some of the people that were leading its development and they told him out of excitement. And this was during the summer. Don't get your panties in a knot ladies, there is still hope.
  2. ubisoft obviously sucks now, and the game will suck too...this is pathetic
  3. MMMMM HALO insertions..... that would be sweet. Only game i've ever been able to do that in is the Battlefield series by flying a plane really high and ejecting. Otherwise, fastroping sounds a little more realistic in this scenario. But HALO is more sweet. I trust them just fine.
  4. 26 maybe? maybe two more before that gameplay footage they owe us!?
  5. I'll say this. If I was in a real combat situation, I would gladly use a heads up display with red diamonds indicating the location of the enemy. ← And the insurgent "n00bs" would start yelling out, "HaX0r"! And they would be correct.
  6. Ummm, that really doesn't answer their question. They want to know why you think they are wrong I presume. Since more often than not, you provide a simple "you're wrong" type of post like the earlier one, I think you owe them a little bit more of a response than that. I can count on three separate occasions at least seeing a post revealing your obtuse opinion of "you couldn't be more wrong" , or "and you are completely wrong with that assumption." If you are so right, give us more of a response. You honestly make yourself look uninformed, or did you think that just because we see you saying we are wrong we would suddenly concede our opinions and embrace the truth as it's told by the almighty. I'm not trying to be negative, but that is how you make it sound.
  7. ← Eh, that's decent, but I prefer this: Chuck Norris doesn't read books, he stares them down until he gets the information he needs. or... Stephen Hawking was the first and only person to outsmart Chuck Norris. He learned his lesson. LOL
  8. all your game are belong to us... ← LMAO You guys wanna see something funny? Go here. http://www.4q.cc/chuck/index.php?topthirty
  9. It appears to me that they will be pretty much completely destructible if you have an AGEIA physics card, but only semi-destructible if you just have a regular GPU without an AGEIA. Like without you can still blow up cars and such, but with you can blow holes in walls and stuff.
  10. Don't get too excited about lockdown...lol. I have a family friend that works for RSE and worked on it, he told me it sucks.
  11. I'll wait an extra three months as long as they get some NEW MEDIA out. For ####'s sake. If you are going to delay it again, at least give us a demo or some GAMEPLAY footage. And I mean GOOD footage, showcasing the highlights of the game such as AI, tactics, realism, etc.
  12. Is that what you really think went down at the meeting? haha. I think perhaps they were thinking more along the lines of, what would fit with this futuristic cross-com feel. And actually, although I don't want it either, it is pretty realistic with the theme. That would have been funny though if they all just decided to do it like you said, wouldn't make much sense.
  13. I am also game. I want to get a chance to thank them for their game the "appropriate way". Hasta la vista, GRIN.
  14. If anyone remembers, covert ops was also really cool because it had a training disc where you could take various courses in weapons, strategic, etc. training and watch real military videos and such. Good expansion!
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