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  1. Working with Tinker on a regular basis over the past 6 years has been a great experience. His creativity, perseverance, and dedication to the GhostRecon community are truly awesome. Many thanks to him for taking the burden of coordinating the many efforts needed make this mod possible. 9MS MFisto
  2. deleyt - your statement about the 1 pixel addition being taken from the previous character is correct. I narrowed the zero character by one pixel to both make room for the one modification and make the zero appear slimmer than a capital O. And yes, redoing the entire font scheme would probably lead to issues with text spacing within the default screen windows. That's another reason why a total decryption of the format would be helpful to determine whether sizing, kerning and other regular font features could be used. Thanks for the information about the font coloring. Any additional insights on the resource file structure would be appreciated. 9MS MFISTO
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