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  1. Try it in the 32 bit version. The plugin wasn't written with x64 applications in mind.
  2. Production is currently suspended for break with some new (to me) games that I purchased with Steam's summer sale. I'll resume in a week or so but don't expect too many updates posted here. I don't want to reveal too much yet.
  3. Don't sell yourself short.. Those textures aren't as bad as you think they are.
  4. There will be multiple versions. Thanks for all of the compliments and encouragement.
  5. Here's the weekend update... Got a lot done this week due to having some vacation time. Progress will slow down after this week. All of the buildings in the compound have been roughed in-they still need a lot of detail work to flesh them out. Here are some max renders: And finally some in game shots: Hope you enjoy!
  6. Big weekend here. I got a lot done and here are some screenshots First on the list are 2 re-textures of 2 more specialists. These are a combination of WitchDokta's tropentarn skins, an arid desert patch for the German flag, and some hand painted grass stains. Nigel is wearing a combination of WitchDokta's skins, an arid desert Union Jack patch, and some of the newer Hyde Development Pencott camo pants. Dieter Munz: Nigel Tunney: This wraps up re-skinning specialists. I plan to replace Jodit with one of Wombat's Pakistani characters. Mapping progress: Most of the work
  7. Yeah, I heard about this at work the other day. I just shook my head. I'd hate to think that I'd have to alter my mod for fear of being sued by Disney for trademark infringement.
  8. It's ironic how I was just chatting with Rocky about this very subject the other day. It's true that the gameplay is superb, but for me it was always about the ease of access to modding as my favorite aspect. The limitations (of the engine) taught me how to think outside of the box and learn more about the PC than any other game before or since.
  9. 2011 has been the best year in a long time for games. Shogun 2: Total War Crysis 2 The Witcher 2 Dragon Age II Max Payne 3 is coming soon
  10. .qob is the 3d model format. .gun is the specifications file for how it functions in game.
  11. Here is a progress report. Tinker is going to assist in mission scripting and anything else the two of us can think of, Hammer is going to model a few vehicles, & Wombat50 is going to assist in character skinning and map textures. I reskinned a couple of specialists, Scott Ibrahim & Lindy Cohen. I used some skins from WitchDr. and modified them with bits and pieces from the stuff BjB had uploaded. Scott: Lindy: The courtyard LZ area is mostly finished now: Close Up: Scott & Lindy in game: Approximate view of the same close up in game:
  12. Think of it like an index or table of contents so your operating system knows where to find things.
  13. I agree that there are a lot of interesting scenarios to develop here. What if Pakistan got involved? Due to the proximity of the military base this could have been a much, much more challenging. What if there were more defenders at the compound? Things had the potential to get real ugly fast...
  14. I followed the mission on 01 May 11 by USN Seals into Pakistan with great interest. It sparked my creative juices to make a map and mission based on this event. I have some very early alpha images of the map. I only started to work on it yesterday and spent most of the day today fiddling with textures so I could do a proper export. Experienced a 2 hour hiccup with the darkmaps not being generated correctly but I managed to figure it out eventually. It has been a long time since I've worked in 3ds max or on a GR project for that matter so it is going to be a slow process. Here is a render of
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