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  1. Overall the game is solid. The cover system hands down is the best thing in this game. Great job! My two biggest requests go forward (and they're really things that were in previous versions and for some reason removed for GRFS). 1)Please give us some level of room setup options when we run private rooms. Allow us to turn on/off things like launchers, and UAVs like all previous GR titles 2)Love that you gave us siege but please open up the maps larger and PLEASE make the defend point move around the map at the start of each round like the starting point for the attacking team moves. Again, just like blind siege of past GR games. We play a lot of siege and love it but overall the playable map areas in siege are small and combine that with the UAV , launchers and UCAVs it's just not as great as it could be. Thanks for listening.
  2. After you reach level 50 you'll have the option to setup one of the weapons from the ghost to use as bodark and vice versa as sort of your "favorite" weapon. So if you're an ACR whoore they'll let you take it both as ghost or bodark rifleman.
  3. So you're a spawn camper? Nice!!
  4. This is what boggles my mind. The core support for this franchise are all players that have this memory. But UBI goes and has them build another COD wanna be. Why..oh why does this need to happen? There's too many run/gun shooters out there. Can't they stay true to the title history. Big maps, tactical, slow paced. They dont seem to understand there's a horde of folks out there that still crave this gameplay. The telltale sign in all of this was that they release the beta with conflict and sabotage (two cod game mode ripoffs). Why? Of course to lure in the ADD generation of cod players and push to that market. I've said endless times...take OGR and just update it graphically, mechanically etc. Leave the core game intact and add something like gunsmith to it and millions would be ecstatic! Same goes for a game like sniper elite. That first version on original xbox was stellar. The MP was perfect. What happened with that title? The idiot developers went and took out all advesarial MP in that game. Now it's junk! Developers forget IF IT AIN"T BROKE DONT FIX IT! Everyone wants a greedy piece of the COD pie unfortunately.
  5. Welcome to the beta! This is pretty much status quo with this game since late lastnight. I tried again this morning and same issues. If you get connected to an inprogress game it seems to hang at the load. If you're lucky enough to get tossed into a loading lobby the game then seems to load ok after that.
  6. Please include me for the drawing. Gamertag: Osok Male Thanks!
  7. Sent. GT is same as my login here.. OsOk
  8. Serellan: I just sent you a friends request invite. Some of my buddies and I are planning on jumping back into GRAW2 and all it's glory to take a break from COD4, rainbow and gta. We always play blind siege or regular siege so it'd be good to do some gaming with you. Catch ya online.... Osok
  9. For me..clearly they have these 14 maps and game modes worked out and created already. So..put them out on the marketplace for the 360. We just got 7 maps (old remakes) which I like for the most part. To me why hold these back from a community of gamers that has done nothing but support this franchise since day 1. I could give a crap about the PS3. I dont have it wont have it and dont want it. All i'm looking for is some sort of affirmation that we will see those 14 maps on the 360 sometime real soon. Something odd is going on with this title. I've gamed with a group of roughly 60 or so folks since the days of original GR on the old xbox straight through to GRAW2. Something that cant be said for any other game. But with GRAW2s release the appeal and staying power seems to be fading. Less and less of us are sticking with it. Something like new maps and gametypes needs to come out consistently to keep these games fresh and entertaining. I would hope they don't hold out on giving us these maps for 3-6 months. By then..this title just very well be too far gone.
  10. I just read that the PS3 version of GRAW2 is getting 14 additional maps than what we got for the 360 and 3 additional game modes. Can someone please please please tell me how this happens? The GR series was the Xbox's baby from day one of consoles. Now PS3 comes along and they get the love of these new maps? ######!? I just don't get it.
  11. For me I think Dam and Caldera are my favorites. But for that matter they're all good. Only one I don't care for much is Fort.
  12. We compete on DCCombat.com its pretty solid. Forums are waay complicated, but the teams in the ladders are all pretty solid.
  13. I can't seem to really think what the current clan features offer other than a way to gather up each team without having to deal with randoms coming into the room you have to boot or ask to leave. No stats, no history no leaderboards..can't even invite your clanmates to the room.
  14. And that has to do with running too fast how?
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