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  1. Previously I had run SP. The final line in all of this, and it is something that will become apparent when the articles begin to be published here on GR.net is the fact of choice. GRAW MP is all about choice. Microsoft should quit talking about how the 360 is all about choice and just give the GRAW Team 15 minutes to show the game and you will see what choice is all about.

    There are over 1100 different possible game combinations and a UI that makes sense. Not just during the game but when you are setting up the game the UI is common sense and the gateway to playing the GR game type and tweaks that you want. It is way beyond just saying no grenades but it is rather choice in the true sense of the word.

    That is fantastic and exactly what we've been asking for (actually, more like complaining about) but why do we have to "choose" between the GRAW experience and GR2.5?

    Do they not have any faith in what the SP devs are doing? Why are the games so much different? Why couldnt they have given us (E3) GRAW and the MP choices?

    It just doesnt make any sense to me.

    at all.

  2. I find it interesting how some people are saying MP looks like crap and some people are saying SP looks like crap, and that the other one looks way better...

    I think the SP ones they showed on that page were worse than the MP but the SP ones already linked to in this thread:



    Are absolutely unbelievable. Look at the clarity of the bump mapping in textures on the first one, and the indirect illumination on the second one is so beautiful. Even small stuff like the way the HUD slightly "glows" is really well done.  I think before people say the SP looks like crap, they should make sure they see those two images.

    P.S. Are the "smoking bullets" effects just for effect, or do caseless rifles do that?

    Look. Here's the problem: There are a number of different issues being raised / discussed in this thread and they're getting all jumbled together... its creating quite a bit of confusion.

    People who are judging "graphics" based on screens that have been captured at various times under various conditions.... those people just need to just stop. It is foolish to do that at this point in the game. For a good explanation of why that is... see Hatchetforce's last post. He breaks it down pretty well.

    There is also the issue of SP vs. MP... as far as the direction the different developers are taking. MP is more OGRish... while SP is very futuristic. People who are complaining about "smoke trails" in SP and NOT taking issue w/ the "graphics", they don’t like the game's direction. You'll find a million and a half threads on this site that argue these two different viewpoints vehemently.

    An issue Zoolabs and I have raised (and explained very well in his last post) was how MP and SP seem so much different at the engine level. I’ll quote him for you:

    I don't want to start a big argument here, but I don't understand the logic in splitting up the SP and the MP between 2 different design companies when they are seemingly going to look and feel so dramatically different. Why not just take your time with the game and develop under 1 roof using the same engine with a larger team that all works together to make a consistent experience for both SP and MP.

    The differences in screens to me look like 2 different games on 2 totally different engines. I'm worried im going to play the SP campaign and be blown away by a whole new look, feel, and experience that feels like whole new GR game, and then when I flip over to multiplayer all of a sudden it's not the same game. Instead it looks, feels like the GR2 engine all over again only prettier. That would be disappointing.

    The quote above doesn’t have a single thing to do w/ “graphicsâ€â€¦ but rather...MP and SP look like different games.

    Those are just a few examples of some of the stuff people are saying that are causing confusion.

  3. the first two screenshots are IMO far more superior to the MP ones, look at the details and bumpmapping, everything.

    I am not seeing that as any progress from x05 SP video, and if you like that video we have nothing to talk about.

    About first 2 pics, only thing that looks good is that trooper in front; textures on buildings are horrendous; the whole environment appears totally fake. Graphics is like slightly upgraded xbox game. MP pics have that next-gen "photo" appearance.

    I'm going to take the X05 SP stuff w/ a grain of salt. For the time being, I'm going to assume that the E3 vids are their real target w/ SP and that the X05 was just really early... or really raw... I don’t know... I just don’t think those guys even wanted to show that SP stuff.

    The thing is, the OTSV featured in those E3 vids is ###### awesome. Leaps and bounds better than the GR2 OTS... but w/ GRAW's multi, RSE is looking like they aren’t going to adopt the new dynamic camera.

    That’s some BS, man. Because we were already geared toward seeing that... I think that RSE is pushing better visuals, giving us the [GR] options... but sticking w/ the crappy-version-OTSV. So, afaic, in some ways the SP looks more appealing / better... while what I *really* want it RSE's game w/ the dynamic OTSV.

    I support RSE, IM just disappointed that, at this point, I get the impression we won’t be seeing the stuff in MP gameplay / feel we were teased w/ at E3.

  4. If that's true, that would suck for the people who play MP, but i hardly play MP.

    I don't know what you guys exactly mean with MP...but when i play the GR games, and that's mostly on Xbox live,(i rarely play the SP mode) I always play

    Co-op and just play Firefight or just any of the missions in the game (which are exactly the same as SP mode missions) if Co-Op (mission) on Live is

    gonna look like that screenshot with the awesome bumpmapping on the helmet

    and streets....then ..awesomeeee!!!! I know that alotta people

    play deathmatch or just any of that kinda stuff, but i dont enjoy it...it's co-op missions for me here :)

    That’s really a good question. I could only speculate... and I've probably already ###### off enough people here so....

  5. Maybe with the two differences are linked to the extended release date, they are prob adding more visual features then before.

    It's probably a safe bet that the differences in the SP shots are mostly due to when and how they were captured. I have little doubt that the devs will use the delay to tweak and polish the game...

    But I'd be hard-pressed to believe that we'll see a huge difference in MP than what they've shown. At least as far as the OTS is concerned... (been wrong many times before though). I doubt that’s what they're doing right now.

    Ubi has done this before (SP:CT) where SP and MP feel very different. So... I think they’re going to do it again w/ GRAW.

  6. No. Those are both SP shots (the MP are the last four screens in the new batch)... who knows the condition under which the above screens were captured... there are lots of reasons they dont match exactly... but that’s not really the point though.

    The MP stuff look like GR2 (pay close attention to the OTS) just a hell of a lot prettier.

    This is just from looking at the screenshots and seeing the difference. Maybe they are early and I’m getting the wrong impression looking at this stuff, but I’m not the one releasing the screen... ya know?

    At this point, to me, the SP and MP look vastly different.

  7. I am so amazed, the bumpmapping dosent look overdone, the rendering in this engine looks amazing. The terrain looks perfect, i have never seen terain as real as this. I cant wait.

    So, which one of the two games in this thread are you referring to?


  8. Looks like two very different games up there.

    I agree, I hate to be Mr. Negative, but im worried about this. I'm afraid that the single player and multiplayer are going to look, feel, and play so differently from one another that somebody who plays the single player and enjoys the new look and feel will be dissapointed by the seemingly dramatic difference in the MP engine. These screens seem to suggest so. The SP screens look like a whole new experience, and the MP screens look very GR2 to me(although very visually stunning). Can't wait to see the big report coming out so we know more.

    Yeah, pretty much.

    EDIT: And its weird no one (in the know) is answering questions about the OTS… maybe I’m reading a little too much into that, though…

  9. Does that mean that the single player will look and play dramatically different than the multiplayer ? Will it use the same engine?

    Yeah, I can’t help but wonder that myself.

    Makes me think about Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory… and how the MP and SP feel so different. SP:CT multi still moves like Pandora Tomorrow… it never made the jump we see in the awesome SP:CT single player (and co-op) gameplay.

    They did a lot of great things w/ the multi… but it just doesn’t feel like the rest of the game. You can tell it’s not the same developers.

    Not saying that’s really that bad or anything… just saying it’s pretty noticeable and sometimes I was playing and thinking, “Man, wish this played a bit smoother – like the sp and co-op.â€

    Do you think they'll pull a SP:CT w/ GRAW mp?

  10. Its been known since E3 2005 that RSE is 360 MP only.  I was personally told that, on the convention floor, the first day of E3.  Its not new information.

    Hey, no problem. I just haven’t read it in print or in any recent online stuff... I've been watching this game's development pretty closely (you guys being pretty much the best source for info) and am just surprised that that had slipped under my radar.

    Thanks for the update. :thumbsup:

  11. The SP stuff is not being developed by RSE so we have no information about SP. :(

    You're an admin... so I'm assuming you're correct... but that statement seems, I don't know... wrong.

    I was under the impression that RSE was handling everything X360, while another studio was developing the pc version.

    Is this new info?

  12. This is good news. I was seriously beginning to lose hope there for a bit... especially after GRAW's last showing. *shudders*

    I only have one question (it might take a minute to spit it out though):

    The original GRAW videos (E3) showed a very dynamic camera system. It was OTS and FPWV... but it was a very "active" camera - most apparent when in OTS. The view pulls in and behind the player when leaning against cover… effectively eliminating the possibility for the “cheating†so many folks complained about w/ GR2 OTS.

    It’s really like the best of both worlds. You get the great peripheral vision of the OTS, w/o any of the negatives.

    The X05 vids didn’t feature the view… especially in MP… that pretty much looked like GR2 with better textures and higher res. I won’t even comment on what I saw of the SP portion of GRAW. *shudders, again*

    SO, just want to know if they’ve implemented the dynamic camera featured in the early GRAW vids… because that is really an awesome compromise and a huge step forward…

    It would be sad to see that was just a tease…

    That would be cruel.

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