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  1. If you think about it... an option as simple as waypoints could be extremely beneficial to the community.

    For instance: It possibly reduces the learning curve for noobs, making the game more accessible and strengthening the player base.

    It encourages the vets to talk to new players and help them find their feat in a game that is not noob-friendly. Gives the vet an easy way to get everyone on the same page while making new players feel like they’re helping out. Sometimes noobs complain about being lost and having everyone give them a hard time. Think of all the people who run the wrong way the first time they spawn on Pagoda… seriously.

    It’s a good way to get people looking at the map, and learning to talk to one another.

    So, ultimately, I can see it helping teamwork and communication... maybe not at first, but give the community a little time and we'll know this stuff inside and out. It’s pretty much just another tool (like the mic) at our disposal.

    I’m excited. I hope the waypoints are visible during gameplay through the HUD (and you don’t have to access the map) that would be helpful, I think.

  2. That right there... I think that changed my whole outlook on MP. If I was to list off some stuff that I wanted to see in MP... the addition of waypoints, and the ability to issue them to (human) teammates during a match.... man that was something on my wish list.

    Such an awesome addition for clan wars. And it kind of goes to show that RSE is putting a lot of thought into the community, and what real players want and need from a MP game mode.

    Couple that with how they opened up the server options, and you're seeing a real concerted effort on the part of the devs to deliver a long-lasting MP experience.

    So, in that regard, good job devs. Good job. That’s the kind of stuff we were looking for.

    And hopefully, those are the types of things we hope you guys are thinking about for the future. More of that stuff please.

  3. I'm in agreement.

    The game looks good. I’m going to stop b*tching about the animation and stuff... MP looks very fun and I'm sure I’m going to lose a big chunk of my free time absorbed in that.

    Good interview. Good job w/ the freedom of the game modes. Thanks for listening to everyone who had ideas or complaints - its evident you guys were paying attention.

    MP looks very enjoyable.

  4. I guess I'm just going to have to agree with myself.

    I still think the extra missions are a bonus.

    They are only a "bonus" if the game shipped w/ all the SP missions playable co-op. The jury is still out, you know? I'm getting over the fact that GRAW is so different in MP and SP.

    The newest GT interview was very positive. Game looks fun, and that’s what matters most in MP. I'll bite my tongue on the other stuff, for now.

    RSE look as if they worked really hard on all this, so it’s not fair to sit here and rip on their efforts (which are better than most devs out there). They are doing a great job, overall.

    But… just saying this one last time…

    Can the next GR please not have such a huge identity crisis?

  5. I haven’t really thought about it.

    Tell ya what though... I hope we can turn off the damned menu music. I got so sick of that. Every time being booted from a MP game back to the main menu, that music would kick in and I'd HAVE to listen to it. Was like adding insult to injury - rubbing salt in the wound. I actually cringe anytime I hear that soundtrack... the GR2 website makes me want to kill puppies.

    I complain a lot. Sometimes I wonder if I even like GR. heh.

  6. I think we should all be worried about single-player, rather than multi-player.

    I'd trust anything RedStorm does over Tiwak's efforts any day.

    Look at all the information and media we've received for multi-player.

    Where is the same for single-player?

    The release of GR:2 may not have been RedStorm's finest hour, but I have full faith that they are making a great, if not their best game yet.

    With the four bonus co-op missions(designed by RedStorm) included, we'll be able to see who makes the better missions.

    I know who I have my money on.

    I don’t know... RSE has proven that can't program AI. Friendly or enemy. In fact, imo, they shipped a broken game (GR2). I don't care how pretty your level design is... if you can’t fill it with worthwhile AI than you're missing the whole point. This is supposed to be a military sim, its pretty freakin sad when a game about Aliens and Master Chiefs has better squad AI than your “military simulationâ€. At least Tiwak is still an unknown... I don’t know if anyone could fill their game w/ crappier AI than RSE if they tried! So, at this point, the edge the goes to the unknown, just because there’s a chance they might not suck.

    And I think this whole "SP doesn’t translate well to co-op" is a bunch of drivel. Let’s see... I haven’t heard this complaint from the GR fans. Have you? I’ve heard lots of other complaints... but "SP translating badly to co-op" isn’t one of them. Spin, that’s all that is.

    If I had to guess why they went in that direction... I'd say it’s more a manpower issue than anything else. Or maybe it’s a cost issue.

    Point is… this new co-op is a downgrade. You want to put money on something? I’d love to see both modes playable as co-op, SP and RSE’s 4 levels… and see who gets more play from the community.

    I’d bet my money the “SP doesn’t translate well†spin wouldn’t hold much water after everyone had a chance to play both.

    Not trying to be mean, but RSE’s games have very poor AI. Very poor.

  7. "So, you already know that the single player and multiplayer have been developed by completely different houses. Astute readers will immediately realize that this separation of development means that the each will have its own personality and not suffer from typical multi-to-single or vice-versa issues seen in other titles."

    this is crap, personally i think people dont like the seperation of dev houses.

    That’s called "spin". And I can’t believe these “journalists†are just freely regurgitating it with a smile. Sickening, really. Are they on Ubi’s payroll?

    I’m kidding, of course. Kind of.

    The spin is bad enough in politics; I don’t need it in my videogames. I can understand RSE guys saying that, but the media just eating it up parroting it to their readers is disturbing. This is not a good trend, and they should be riding their *** about it, not praising them for it.

  8. No, my understanding is that there are 4 co-op missions that take place after the single player...or something like that.

    Yeah, but those 4 missions are being done by RSE... and honestly, I'm not even remotely interested in their co-op stuff (and enemy AI).

    I was hoping the SP campaign would be playable with friends. I think I remember reading something about a dev saying that SP missions don’t work well for co-op (*yawn*), so they're doing them all from scratch. I can’t remember where I read that though...

  9. Brain, someone posted this link in the dev chat thread...

    Man, those are some awesome shots. Question... is RSE's stuff the only co-op gameplay available? Are we going to be able to go through the normal campaign w/ friends?

    I haven't really been paying attention to that stuff...

  10. I know I asked this before but I didnt get a response.  Is there any information on how the ranking system is going to work.  Also, is there going to be more stats above and beyond what GR2 provides?  If so, what?

    from the dev chat:

    <Alfie> Can you tell us more about how the ranking system in multiplayer will affect gameplay? Will each rank give the player more accuracy in shooting, for instance, and other skills? Will there be RPG like skills that each player can improve?

    [+rsePrince] The ranking system is the more for a quick way for you to tell how experienced players are. You won't recieve a performance boost by being a General as opposed to being a Private. However, if you're a higher rank than someone else, you SHOULD be better than them, because ranking up isn't the easiest thing to do.

    EDIT: Actually, I just reread that quote, and now I don’t think it very relevant to your question. Prince is talking more about rank affecting gameplay (who would even think that’s a good idea?) and not so much about the ranking system itself. So I guess its still up in the air at this point.

  11. I've never really like the "live chat" format for these Q&A sessions. But it’s better than nothing.

    I think prince did a good job answering stuff for the most part... his reasons for lack of cover mode in mp and why they don’t include OTS in splitscreen leave a lot to be desired... to put it nicely.

    Jammo will probably be thrilled to here the ranking system is pretty much nonexistent.

    I think this is the first GR game that I’m more interested in the SP portion. *shrugs*


    <Sefiros> How will be the IA of the game?

    [+rsePrince] The AI has been greatly improved. AI will now throw grenades at you to kill you, they will throw smoke grenades to try to confuse you, they will flank you. They will also take cover from explosions and retreat if necessary.

    Thats fantastic. But really doesnt address any of the AI problems from GR2.

  12. Jammo, I’m about ready to head home (work shift is finally over) and while I'd like to comment, in-depth, on your last reply, I don’t really have time atm.

    but... I will say one thing before I roll out.

    My comment about catering to noobs was more about the community being accessible, as opposed to the game being dumbed down for them. There're are a lot of jerks on line and people like that drive away new players who just don’t want to hear a bunch of people whining about how they got jipped on some irrelevant stat - a lot players that would otherwise be a welcome addition to the community are turned off by the bickering. And I’m of the opinion that ranking systems contribute to that type of angsty bickering.

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