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  1. Well, I don't have access to the HD stuff (I could only stream at a crappy res) but I'll say that the game is looking awesome.

    AI was impressive... too bad the person playing sucks so much. He was barely using the team and when he did... the guy was kind of a knucklehead. I don't think was used to it, and was more focused on doing things himself. Just... he wasn't good with the squad.

    Looks like they changed the squad control up a bit... looks more like BiA now... where you direct your guys to a spot and they do their thing... or you highlight an enemy and can order them to fire and whatnot. Looks much improved.

    The radio (cross com) chatter is pretty good. And I didn’t even mind the CrossCom that much. It was actually cool how the system boots up and comes on-line as you exit the Blackhawk.

    Looks like battles erupt and escalate pretty quickly.

    The animation is top-notch, with all sorts of little things going on that make a huge impact on realism. The squad reacts to incoming fire and it’s cool to see the effect explosions have on them (and you and your HUD)!

    Game looks sick.

  2. I also was a bit worried by the speed of the game and thought maybe it was gonna be a run and gunnner.

    But serrelan seems to be right cause every runner ended wiping the concrete with his face as the stationary ones got the drop.

    So i guess you can move at quite a clip if you want but after a while and loads of times of it getting you killed players might slow the heck down.

    I still think they run a little too fast.

    Also, I've never liked how they always hold the gun up in the air while running full speed... he only lowers the gun when stationary.

    In GR2 it was like that... in SP there was a running animation where he held the gun waist level and seemed to run a bit quicker, and then when you slowed down he'd raise the gun again. But that animation was absent from MP. I wonder why that is.

    It was a pretty cool animation, and it was already in the game. Seeing the guys running (looked more like skipping) in MP when the enemy was nowhere around was kind of wonky. I imagine there’s some technical hurdle making it that way.

    I was kind of hoping that would’ve been addressed in the sequel. Guess its pretty low on the priority list, lol. Just a minor thing, but I always notice that while playing.

  3. By the way... that vid was really well done. Gametrailers is doing some great stuff lately. I loved how you could here the comments of people playing:

    "Aww right in the face!"

    I think they did a god job making it interesting and throwing in stuff people actually want to know about. Im not sure how much of that was RSE and how much was GT, but it was pretty cool. Good vid.

  4. Sometimes, I say mean things, but it's just a reaction to how I feel about all the idiots surrounding me!

    I kid.

    OT: Man I don't think I'll be able to find a 360 before release... they are really hard to get a hold of. I hope to be playing day1, but I dont know if thats going to work out. Bummer.

  5. Serellan, you're right, gamplay really has so much to do with how you set it all up. That's why I'm stoked you guys opened up the server options for us, really a great move.

    It's also about who you play with, too.

  6. I don't need gore. I wanted blood, but that’s more about getting feedback that you hit someone. Blood trails are ok too, imo... as they leave behind valuable information in the event that you hit a guy, but its not fatal... maybe you can track him.

    Not a huge issue for me either way.

  7. I wouldnt take a port.

    still looks a little run'n'gun but i never expect anything less from a console.

    still looks good thoe. I can only imagine what the PC tactics will be like now.

    I have to respond to that, because you're on the console forum and that crap won’t fly here.

    The hardware has nothing to do w/ the software. It’s a developer’s choice how they develop and how they perceive the market. And developers who think that there isn’t a market for strategic military sims on the consoles are just plain wrong.

    They suffer from a serious misconception, perpetuated by misleading sales figures (because there aren’t enough GR-like games on the platform to draw a convincing sample) and people like you, who happily post such drivel.

    I can’t understand people who claim to be gamers yet can call themselves "pc gamers". I'll never understand that, and you're doing everyone (like me) who wants military sims on their consoles a huge disservice by continuing to spout such horse****.


  8. So, I’m watching these MP videos and getting pretty excited, but there’s one thing I’m reminded of from GR2.

    The default International (player skin) guy and his gigantic freaking backpack! You know the one.... you could be prone behind a fallen tree or something, but your pack would still be visible! And people could shoot it!

    Oh man, that skin was so annoying and the game had a weird bug that would cause everyone to default to it for some reason.


    I always used to wonder why a skin like that was in the game. I mean, do you really need all that stuff? What could he possibly be carrying that would be so valuable, as to make it worth being a bigger, more noticeable target?

    And I’m watching these GRAW vids and thinking similar things... do you really need that much ammo? I’m guessing that the equipment your guy has is dependant on your player class.

    I hope there's a player class that has less stuff on around the waist. All the soldiers look too fat. I know, pretty cheesy complaint, but I'm serious. I haven’t seen a single model w/o all the junk on. That stuff bugs me...


    Weird thread… but that’s what I’m thinking about atm. Figured I might as well share. :P

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