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  1. I hope the M14 is better in GRAW. That's my gun, but it sucked in GR2. Two level zoom! Arrgh~!
  2. OP6, thanks for the info, man... and good luck w/ your grandmother.
  3. this is painfully slow. thanks for posting them though.
  4. I'm sure jchung will be around soon to answer this question... *taps wristwatch* EDIT: Holy crap, you posted that right before me... lol... too funny.
  5. Well, I don't have access to the HD stuff (I could only stream at a crappy res) but I'll say that the game is looking awesome. AI was impressive... too bad the person playing sucks so much. He was barely using the team and when he did... the guy was kind of a knucklehead. I don't think was used to it, and was more focused on doing things himself. Just... he wasn't good with the squad. Looks like they changed the squad control up a bit... looks more like BiA now... where you direct your guys to a spot and they do their thing... or you highlight an enemy and can order them to fire and whatnot. Looks much improved. The radio (cross com) chatter is pretty good. And I didn’t even mind the CrossCom that much. It was actually cool how the system boots up and comes on-line as you exit the Blackhawk. Looks like battles erupt and escalate pretty quickly. The animation is top-notch, with all sorts of little things going on that make a huge impact on realism. The squad reacts to incoming fire and it’s cool to see the effect explosions have on them (and you and your HUD)! Game looks sick.
  6. They are sick. I'm shocked no one is talking about them. This game looks wicked!
  7. Holy crap. GAMESPOT has about 5 new SP vids and they're sick! new vids are here *wow*
  8. If its a SP preview... why mention RedStorm? Aren't they focusing on MP?
  9. Did this guy just rip off the Socom music? Holy crap... thats so close I think he might get himself in trouble. wow.
  10. That'd be a pretty cool effect, jammo. I'm not big on the thermal stuff at all though. I mean, whats the point of cammo w/ that vision mode? Still, its a good idea having the run-n-gunners light up like xmas trees. Heh.
  11. I don't like the thermal vision thing you guys have going in MP, and will be turning that off. It would really suck if there wasn't an option for the classic green nightvision. I mean, really.
  12. Yikes! That is sooooooo slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. I'll wait for a mirror.
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