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  1. My guess is that there will be a third chapter, in fact I would guess that it is probably pretty far in developement already. I'd also guess that just before the third chapter is released that the second chapter will either come down heavily in price or will be made available for free. This would then allow all those who have decided not to shell out the extra dosh to 'catch up' and get rehooked just before a new chapter is brought out. I would have thought the pricing of the third chapter would depend on its content more than anything else. I don't really see any problem in paying out for extra content, it costs companys money to make new maps etc and I would rather pay out than see no new content. And if they did make the second chapter free eventually I wouldn't feel bitter that I had paid for it as it was my choice (Bungie did it with Halo 2 if memory serves me correctly)
  2. All reviews are just a matter of opinion so the quality of a game should be judged on reviews as a whole rather than simply take one sources word for it, good or bad. Personally I didn't think much of Halo 2 and had I reviewed it in a magazine I would have given it quite a low score, that doesn't make it a bad game or me wrong, its just an opinion. Likewise not everyone will like GRAW.
  3. The thing is gDaddy is that you are feeling the frustration that many Xbox gamers felt when Ghost Recon 2 came out as it completely changed the Ghost Recon format. Many fans of the original games of the series, Operation Ghost Recon and its expension packs, felt severly let down by Ghost Recon 2 and Summit strike. So to answer your question as to whether a series has ever completely changed the answer is yes... the ghost recon series completely changed between the first and second game and it sounds like they have now gone back to the original for inspiration for GR3. I really enjoyed GR1 and GR2 and all its expansion packs as it has some of the best online play ever. I haven't bought GRAW for the Xbox as I have just bought a 360 in order that I could play it on that instead. Personally I would never buy a game without first looking into it at least a little bit
  4. The previews I have read suggested that the Co-Op campaign was an entierly new campaign not related to the offline campaign and that the 4 missions avaiable from the start should be thought of as 'Chapter 1' suggesting that further 'chapters' of the Co-op campaign will be available for download as time goes on. I hope this is correct as I, like many others, feel that the Co-op campaign of the previous games is the strongest element and the one that keeps me coming back for more.
  5. Well I did as described and the problem has now thankfully gone... Thanks guys!
  6. I'm having problems with my Summit Strike and Ghost Recon 2 games in that they are both failing to load correctly on my Xbox. Until recently I have been able to play both these games without any trouble at all but over the last three days whenever I put in either disc the 'Ubisoft' sign comes up, then the Red Storm bit and then I get the Red X error... on both games. If I try to interrupt the beginning by tapping a button either nothing happens or I get the noise of the button press but the beginning contiues unabated and I still end up with the Red X error! I have tried about 10 other games on my system since discovering this problem (including the original two Ghost Recon games) and they are all working absolutely fine so it would appear completely confined to the two Ghost Recon 2 games. Has anybody else experienced this? Does anybody have any suggestions on what may be causing it/ how I can solve the problem? Or should I just start using the discs as very shiny coffee cup mats?!
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