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  1. I've been playing OGR since 2003 or 2004, and since that time it's been a favorite of mine (along with Rainbow Six: Raven Shield)... and so far with all the superb work of this site (thanks Rocky, ApexMods and everybody else in these great community) and of course tons and tons of excellent mods I hope we all keep playing it for many years to come!! Ever since I played RS and OGR, started to dislike all the "run and gun" games (except for LAN parties.... yes, I'm THAT old hahahaha), so tha has kept me a fan of the series from day one, but, as many of the members in the community, I believe the real vale of the game it's in the really good quality of the modders, that put their heart, soul, blood, tears and sweat to bring us amazing new things... those are the (not so) little things that "forces" me to revisit OGR on a yearly basis (at least) to play all my favorite (old and new) mods.... One other thnig, I'm married for a few years now, so the money for a new gaming PC it's out of the question (hahaha), so it really helps that OGR runs smoothly on almost any PC or notebook) Keep up the good work, and as Apex Mods put it.... LONG LIVE GHOST RECON!!!
  2. Challenge accepted... I've played FPS for as long as there has been a PC (never been a total fan of consoles, especially in a FPS)... Loved Return to Castle Wolfenstein "3D", DOOM (I and II), and quite a few clones that came up around those days. Later on, I discovered Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear... and ever since I've loved tactical FPS above every other game (I stil love RS, but that's a another story). Now, when OGR was released (in my country) I absolutely loved it (and the oficial expansions), but it was this web that turned into an adiction... the quality of the modders, new maps, guns, missions, campaigns, total conversions and a very long etc... It has made it impossible for me to stay away from the game for more than just six months... At least once a year I re-install the game, download my favorite mods and replay them (over and over again)... Rigth now I'm playing some of these mods but with HU (with Cloak and Dagger) and a few others with CENTCOM (with Violence of Action), and it just hasn't aged a bit (except the graphics of course). Sooooo.... even though it isn't something that I specially need (a revamped OGR with new graphics or different story line, etc), it would still be a MUST buy!!! But, it absolutely needs to keep all the tactical elements (and the simplicity and the fan made mods), of the OGR without all the futuristic gadgets of later games. Cheers!!! PD: I've always been a SP kind of guy... si I've never been much of a MP fan, which in turn has made me hate (sort of) all these new games that focus entirely on open worlds or very simple objectives (yes... I mean Breakpoint, almost all of the COD series and most of the FPS nowadays). PD2: I still like and play from time to time COD (WWII and MW), GRAW (but only with the mods found on GR.net) and a few other FPS (like Operation Flashpoint or ArmA), but I've always been at heart an OGR lover... (English is not my first language so forgive all the grammar and spelling mistakes xD )
  3. First of all... Darn!!! Probably the best mod out there!! Love the kits, the rides, the intro movies, everything!!! (well... always hated the ACU hehehehehe)... Since I've never liked the ACU pattern (even when it was first deployed) the skin pack by Jack Wachter (Tertia Optio) simply saved the day!! Until this moment my absolute favorite skin was the OD one from Blood Oil and the 1990 Black Hawk Down... now I've got a new one heheheheh... I did have one issue with the polling center mission... all the characters were glued to the ground once they were out of the little bird, so after 6 or 7 tries I gave up and "autowin" the mission The rest of the mod was really cool... in fact I'm re-installing all the campaigns mods in the site so I can play them again with HU (and Tertia Optio of course). One more thing... GO BLACK SABBATH!!! hehehehhe (Sorry for the english... it's not my mother tongue) Thanks Apex for all the work!!!!!
  4. woahhhh!!!!! I've been playing with your MOD for over 3 weeks now, and i`ts without a doubt one of the best i've seen this far............ You even manage to overthrown Sixpence with their breathtaking mods, so LOTS and LOTS of spoilers to U m8. Can't wait till you get the time to release a full mod. PD: Will you do some winter skins to use them with the winter maps or with Frostbite?, 'cause that would be awesome since I really love playing GR on winter maps. (I know you based the mod on the movie, but it would still be cool)
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