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  1. Hi Colin i found out you can run the game without the DVD in your drive. Just install and run graw2.exe
  2. Defend means you were mexican. Are you saying as a mexican soldier, you saw red diamonds? is this the nature of the bug you are trying ot report? Sorry im not sure what i was playing it was late, what i'm trying to say is that i killed with the mounted gun and the kill notification showing a weaponkill. This is not a bug. This is how it is supposed to be. when you walk slowly forward (W only), you hold your gun up and see it. when you run (W+Shift), you put your gun down and run. As soon as you stop or slow to a walk, you can re lift your gun. This makes "running and gunning" (considered very unrealistic) impossible. This only happend once to me and i need to play more to see if it's realy there. That round i spawned with no weapon in hands.
  3. Last night playing some RvsA on UK graw2 demo servers. This round i was playing defend and was on the .50 mounted gun located next to ADAT:b i made two kills shooting red tags far across the map. The kill notification was showing me i made two weapon kills. On RvsA i was playing assault the second the round started i pushed w+shift to move and there is no first person weapon visible just empty hands. Then when you stop running the weapon becomes visible again.
  4. He's talking about what looks like a wireframe WK, look closely at the 1st screeny, you can easily see lines that shouldn't be there on the rock. Yes after the explosion, the rock wire frame model becomes visible with the nade burn marks. It only shows on every rock sections on the map. Nade burns on building walls and ground areas are looking fine. I tried some different settings and resolutions high and low but its still the same in both LAN and MP. I need to find out if its something on my end and this evening i will try some other sets of video drivers (im running nvidia on xp). Other then that the demo build works and plays real good and smooth for me. No flaws or any crashes happend real solid. The only thing more that is happening to me is the 10 sec freeze in game where you cant move for 10 sec and your screen freezes. I saw this in both the play modes and happend in both LAN and MP.
  5. Frag and GL explosions leaving wire marks on rock area's. Peek true fence is still there. Change in Options Audio doesn't save when restart game.
  6. I see there is a small patch out already for graw2pc mp demo. I hope its not hurt really bad.
  7. Agent Smith's Effects Mod: FEAR edition read about it: here download here.
  8. Nice preview. This is how i want to play my graw. Cant wait.
  9. Ubi ghost recon sites showing "Download the Multiplayer Demo on June 7th! New info + mp demo screen over at ubi fr. http://ghostrecon.fr.ubi.com/newspost.php?news_id=5637
  10. Another GRAW2 preview at ToTheGame. http://www.tothegame.com/game.asp?id=6166
  11. Found the same screens on NoFrag. http://www.nofrag.com/2007/jan/16/24232/
  12. C8.DOOM-YZR the Most Dedicated Gamer of GRAW i know from day one!
  13. Got the same and only happened once so far except i got stuck in overview mode don't remember what server anymore.
  14. Actually i would prefer to be unable to shoot away doors and wheels with 3 pistol bullets. This feature is very unrealistic. Dude we are over this already for quite some time now.... Anyway i love the looks of a map like Warehouse after some 20 or 30 mins domination on it. Can we have some more stuff to blow up?!
  15. Some links about novodex. codercorner.com megagames.com ghostrecon.com So why would my settings be set to "Hardware" when I do not have a PPU ? PhysX/Novodex effects http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=34543
  16. Happy birthday Colin. Enjoy your cake tonight.
  17. Thanks GRIN and UBI keep up the good work.
  18. Congrats GRIN & Ubisoft and thanks for making GRAW PC a great computer game.
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