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  1. Yep...I'd like to 2nd that (and third and fourth that)...I used to lurk a lot, checking out Dyna when it was first announced. Don, you know due to Attention deficit, not a lot of people are going to post here, encouraging you on this, but I speak for at least three long time forum lurker / GR players who are realy wishing you much pizza and cafine.
  2. I wanted to add my long-time lurker three cents worth and say a huge THANKYOU to the modding community...almost all of you (and some that are no longer around but did great things anyway) have helped bring the community a heck of a lot of entertainment and longevity to this great game. Also a thankyou goes to all the GR vets who posted honestly and repeatedly about GRAW...I am glad I waited and watched and read the forums before wasting my money...and yes tried it on a neighbor's machine (what a disapointing game, but par for the course for pc crapola in the last few years). Some of the modders that have been around here for years know it, but it bears repeating...there are a lot more people who appreciate all the mods than is known by the responses in the forums or the silly kiddie crap posted in the votes/comments in the downloads. My online ex-Army buddies and I are realy looking forward to see the ROUNDUP mods come to fruition
  3. I just wanted to add my great appreciation for this mod! Obviously, I am not much of a poster, but this mod is worth a thousand and one posts...challenging, authentic, captures the mood, superb scripting...I know that a lot of others have made a lot of great mods (I am a Trenchsoldier fan among others) but this one deserves mod of the year hands down. The time involved, the commitment of El Oso and all those involved to the community over the last few years (again not to short others who have been here almost from the start like Jack, et al and of course Rocky who has kept a lotttt of life in GR)...well, I wont't ramble..I would have paid good money for this total conversion, it's star quality compared to the majority of arcade trash that's being passed for computer games these days. Thanks YOTM Team!!!!! EDIT: yep, I was at work and didn't read very carefully...Rocky - can you move my post to the feedback thread?
  4. Wanted to add my thanks...Ronin and Rocky and others...y'all are awesome, and certainly can't forget to thank Amanda M., a good job on the voiceover. Merry Christmas
  5. Just to concur...I am not much of a forum poster, but I have been gleaning and downloading from GR.net almost since the first mod from jack57...probably to the tune of 150 + downloads and no virus/warez etc.. Since I left the Army (almost 10 years ago), I have made a good bit of my living on the computer and agree with others here... AVG and Adaware is the way to go (I personally don't like spybot or any of the "big" antivir apps as they are very invasive and full of hassle. Also, I would be highly suspect of Woody2000 even if the webmaster is unaware...there are some strange bits of html in their page coding. And DA49, yeh....I personally got rid of that as fast as I downloaded it years ago. Also, when in doubt about a mod, you can PM or e-mail the author and ask where they would recommend you get it from.
  6. Rocky has been kind enough to place some hotfixes on the download page for SADF, unfortunately, the files can't be downloaded...the host has not made them available (for over a week now).. Ingleloop...could you post these hot fixes over at ghostaholic or better yet, put them in the mod folder. I know several players that are wanting to download this one but are holding back because of the reported bugs. Thanks...and thanks for giving your time to the modding community. -MorgTzu
  7. I just wanted to say THANKYOU to all who contributed to the tribute... Long time reader of the .net but an ol-fogie who doesn't usually post...well I registered just so I could offer a warm appreciation for what's been done here... Every year about this time me and my Army buddy Bear remember some friends that were lost in Panama and Mogadishu (I was in 82d, he was in 10th MTN)... this site and the friendly bunch that run it have always been soldier appreciative whatever their politics or nationality... Thanks again, -Morgan (SAPPER A/307)
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