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  1. I installed the lovely HX5 mod last night, only to find this morning that some weapons remain invisible or only partially drawn in menus and during gameplay. I'm not running any other mods at the same time. I've tried reinstalling, to no avail. Anybody got any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks. Amy
  2. Hi, everyone. Not exactly a 'best kill', but it'll be the one I remember for a while. I was playing on The Village level using a mod - I think the DTD Team Mod - and in the building with the petrol/gasoline tanks outside I found a tango (tango, right?) in the back room. I was using a kit with a Glock Tactical, and began plugging away at this guy. I was firing in a hurry, so not all the bullets may have hit him, but he was still standing after the first clip ran out. I un-leant back around the shelves, reloaded and emptied a second clip into him, and he still didn't go down. I was getting a bit nervous by this point. He only gave up the ghost after I switched to my rifle and put three rounds into him from it. My best kill was a good grenade throw that took out a group of five, but I would guess that everyone's done that. Amy
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