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  1. Hi, was hoping one of you guys or girls could help. In the OFP Preferences utility, OFP indicates that it has found '1520' RAM. A quick check with Task Manager shows that OFP is using less than 500MB of memory. Does anybody know how I can get it to use a full GB, and whether or not this would improve performance? Thanks for the help - I promise I've looked through everything I can find with Google on the topic.
  2. Heard a guy quoted on the radio a few months ago, who'd phoned his wife up to ask if their oven was pre-heated or not.
  3. Hiya, I'm looking for friendly gamers to play [GR] with, and perhaps America's Army. I'm not looking for people who are LGBT, or of a minority goup or religion, or otherwise in a 'tough spot' themselves; although of course that's fine: I'm just looking for mature gamers to play with/against who are willing to play tight, organised tactical games and who won't 'freak out' about race, gender, sexuality, religion, or whatever. I've no other gamers who are interested at the moment, but I'm hoping for a good response. Those of you who've played against me know that I can, at worst, hold my own in PvP (9 vs 9, 1 leader each) GR. I'm only looking for players who understand GR tactics. I'm not thinking of forming a clan for competition right now, but I'd love to be able to form a respectable team for 'friendlies'. Some of you who are reading this know that you have potential value on this team as snipers. Amy
  4. Thought some of you might want to check this before the article vanishes. Link to BBC news on America's Army 'stars'. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4991306.stm
  5. Surely an A-Team [GR] mod would be even better? Especially if you could get voice samples in. How about, 'I love it when a plan comes together' instead of 'At destination'? The 'legit' GR voice clips have gone right out of my head, embarrassingly.
  6. I've scoured the forum and checked out the command line list, and was wondering if anyone had ever found a hunkmegs console command for GR1. Not quite sure how GR responds to a greater amount of RAM than it was designed to work within. Thanks for your help.
  7. The Dark Horse comic was great. Loved Broken Tusk. Was so disappointed that it wasn't used as a storyboard and script.
  8. I only went to uni because it was expected of me; but then I had a great time. It can be a great experience, of course. Sorry you're bummed out. You could always MSN me for some GR. Amy
  9. Most of the time I find myself playing with Eskwaad's Delta Force 1990, and Earl's Standard Upgrade, so I suppose that means I agree with the folks who don't see any need to change many mechanics of the game or to add a dizzying array of kits. Playing with these two mods tends to drag me even deeper into the game than running 'pure' GR simply because of the enhanced visuals, and I love being able to use them in the campaign modes without noticeably unbalancing the difficulty that was intended originally. The only gameplay adjustment I'd love to see would be weapon jams. Think of the moment of panic! Amy
  10. I've read pages and pages of text online concerning this question, and I'm no nearer an answer. When given a choice between DirectX and OpenGL, which should I be opting for, and why? Thanks, Amy
  11. It's Firefox's Tools menu at the top of the browser, options, dowloads; then choose the destination.
  12. Oops. To clarify, that's just to launch a game within GR. Amy
  13. Hiya, Some of the folks helped me with this last week - you're not the only one . You just need to create a game using the multiplayer option in the main menu, selecting 'Internet' in the tabs on the top left. Make sure that GR knows whether you're behind a firewall or not (it's in the 'multiplayer' tab in the main options screen, I think), and then dish out the IP address that it comes up with when you enter the game setup screen (the one with the choice of roster, map, spawn etc). I found the easiest way was to flip out of GR to the desktop (leaving GR running), and then MSN whoever you want to with the IP address. I think you also have to make sure that you're running the same mods. Hope that was a little help - bit vague, I know. Amy
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