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  1. thanks element. maybe i can finish my map. working on just one simple map for now. nothing real detailed for now till i learn more.
  2. ok sleeper soory bout that. well would u mind helping me? i would like to make some steps and a few other things but have no clue how. but lets start with stairs
  3. hey man i have the game. and i didn't know there was a weapons modding part on this forums. by the way sleeper what is up with u. y u always dissin ppl. in almost every post u have posted u r dissin ppl what up with that?
  4. how do i get a map of my map to show up that tells where u r on the map. if u know what i am talking bout which i hope u do
  5. thanks for ur help on that part just got one more question for ya. how do i get the pic of the weapon to show up in the lil box when u are picking ur weapon
  6. ok sorry bout last post. i do know the .kil file . so do i add just my weapons to the no restrictions file or all weapons that r availibe
  7. .kil???? do u mean .kit? cause if not don't think i know how to do that. i have them in a .kit file. they work on quick missions but MP. so plz let me know what to do
  8. hey yall i need help with my wepons they won't show up in multiplayer games. they show up in quick mission though. i got my maps working and i thought my wepaons would work to but they don't will any plz help me with so that i can get my mod together thanks
  9. thanks for the help yeah i got my maps working like 20 minutes after i posted that. but the weapons i still have not got working i will try the weapons modding part of the forum like u said. thanks to all yall for ur help. keep checking back plz i may need more help
  10. How to i get my mod playable in a multiplayer game. my maps or weapons will not appear when i create a multiplayer game. but when i play a quick mission i am able to use em. what do i need to do to fix this?
  11. Ok i have made a map and a gun and a kit which has the gun i made in it. when i create a game they do not show up, but when i do a quick mission they show up. How do i get them to show up when i create a multiplayer game?
  12. ok i need to know which plugins of the ghost recon desert seige cd go where in the 3ds max 5. please tell me which ones i need and where they go. thanks
  13. ok well i thought i would try to mod a couple of guns now then go to map making since i can use igor for this. ok once i create a gun do i save it into the folder i have made for my mod. ok well i have tryed this a few times and once i do get the weapon to show up in the game when the mission go to load ghost recon shuts down. y is this. what am i doin wrong?
  14. tinker is that site i can get a free demo of it?
  15. SAN i have looked for 3ds max 4 and 5 and have not found it any where. where can i find it at?
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