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  1. Hi, What's TS and where do i get it? Also are there mods needed to play on TG's servers? if so which ones please. Hope to c u there soon Jex
  2. Hi, I've noticed that GR has and LOT of mods to it. On trying to join games that I don't have the mod too obviouslt means that I cannot. I understand that mods either come as skins, maps and/or missions. I have 2 questions I hope you can help me out with. 1) As there are a lot of mods does this mean that you find it hard to get players on your servers? This being of course if you have a lot of them installed that is. 2) Can the mods be disabled so to allow players in (i.e. say i just wanted to run a normal GR server - can the mods be turned off so anybody can get in it)? With so many mods out there it seems to me that you are limiting your audience the more you put on. Jex.
  3. Lets all cheat and beat em at there own game. If we all have an invunerability then nobody in the game can die and the game will become totally boring and no-one will play it!! Ok maybe not. Find out where they live and kick the f... Ok that's not plausible either. I try to look at it from the cheaters side, just to try and fathom their logic but each time I try I still cannot work it out. I've been playin online games for years and unfortunately it's always been a problem. One thing u can do is play on known servers with good hosts. Hosts: - Always use the same room name, that way your game will become a familiar sight and people will be able to recommend it. Possibly putting something like ACS somewhere in the title (indicating it's an Anti Cheat Server). Players keep an eye out for cheaters. If we keep hounding them then they're sure to get sick of having to recreate an account just to get in a room. After a while they'll learn which servers not to bother with and they'll stick to servers they can live out there fantasies of being a REAL man (lmao!!) cos in reality they're just kids that have huge inferiority complexes. I host from time to time (usually get bored of waiting for players though). My server name is EF~UK blah blah (it'll always start ef~uk but may have different text). My ubi name is ef_jex_uk. Say hi if you see me and come in if i'm hosting. I'm in the UK but usually have a pretty good conn. Hope 2 c u around sometime. Jex.
  4. Hi everyone. This is my 1st time here and my first post so hello. After joining some games I found that if it stayed on the 'connecting' screen i.e. it stayed there for ages and you have to cancel, when I tried to run ubi com again i'd get an illegal operation - invalid page fault in module lobbyplugin.dll. Uninstalling ubi is no good - you have to delete lobbyplugin.dll (will usually mean a restart too as the file is being held open in memory - run a search to find the file). Once you have deleted the file uninstall ubi and then re-install it. Once it's re-installed (and you've D/L the updates), back up lobbyplugin.dll as you should be able to just replace it if it screws up again. This happened on my PC running Win98. hope this helps. Jex.
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