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  1. you can activate and deactivate the mods under options - mods.
  2. If only the ingame graphics could look like that. I'd love a proper jungle mission - ambush the enemy patrol mission would be cool in a dense jungle (having the claymores also shred the surrounding vegetation). Maybe when we get our p6, 80Ghz processors eh?
  3. "- I love SP, but am dying to play multiplayer with a group of guys who take the game very seriously..planning..following orders, covering eachother...you know..just like all of SOTOMAC's famous stories...which version of teamspeak should I download..and from where?" Go to www.tacticalgamer.com and click on the Ghost Recon Link. DL the latest version of Team Speak (rcl2), DL the TG mod v2. Apply to TG. Prepare to play missions v.seriously. Follow orders, provide cover etc - it's all there waiting for you... Oh and don't forget to read the forums (under GR section) on SOP's, Communications etc. Hope to see you there soon - I play as Jex EF-UK
  4. try going here http://desktopvideo.miningco.com/cs/beginn...guide/index.htm gives you basics about how to transfer video to PC.
  5. then after he's paid give him a beating. Try out each weapon from the GR series to see what effect they have on him. Use his toes for target practice with one of the many sniper rifles. Assault you could take out his arms and legs, support for his torso and then finish him off with a gl or demo pack!
  6. also if ur still playing on UBI u should re arrange the columns that show the games as there is a column listing the mods that server is using. mp1 and mp2 is DS/IT You can set a filter on ubi also to just display compatible games. Play around with the settings and you'll be able to list only those games that you can actually join. Jex
  7. Personally I wanna see greater kit selection. Why can't a sniper carry an assault rifle? All weapons should be open to all soldier types so If I want my assault squad to take an SA80 rifle and frags I should be able to. Real SF can use a variety of weapons and this should be reflected in GR2. Radio detonators, c4, claymores (sensor and detonator types) laser designators, arty strikes, air strikes, bugging, camera placement, choice of cammo and body armour, etc (maybe I should just send this email off to santa (or is that satan??) himself lol) Maybe dead bodies could be dragged so as not to alert patrols that wander by.
  8. Yeah those mission sucked. I agree that more explosives and gadjets should've been added. Laser desigantors, c4, flash bangs etc. Grenades should destroy room contents to a certain degree to. So if you have to search a room for papers and throw a nade in there, you have a chance of destroying the papers/object (whereas a flashbang wouldn't) Bullets should go through doors/walls dependant on the penetrative power. Retreival mission where you say have to grab a laptop. It should a dropable item too so if you die carrying it it can be picked up. Imo helicopters are a big NO. Ghosts cannot piolt a complex gunship. They can drive cars though but even though, after giving it some thought I don't want to see vehicles in the game other than ones to blow up. I'd love to see more attention to detail in GR as far as accessability goes. It's annoying for me not to be able to walk under little bridges or in between to poles etc.
  9. Is this the one with 3 tanks going throught the streets? I could never save the 1st one and so after about the 10th try just let it get shot and guarded the other 2. Take your best soldiers in 1 squad and then you have to do a lot of running. Make sure 1 has AT. Go the routes the tanks take and watch for AT enemy in the rubble. Unfortunately I think these are some of the worst mission on GR (tank sitting). All the other missions require stealth and tactics and then suddenly you have to run fast, not giving you any opportunity to use the command map to move your other teams because you've got to get ahead of the tanks to protect them. On Elite it tests your patients to the max. IRL tanks would not advance down enemy occupied streets until they had been cleared out. They should have given you stop/go control over the tanks as I'm sure we're better placed to say if it's good to move down a street.
  10. That's actually an urban myth. Whilst there have been reported cases of it falling apart in its earlier versions the SA80A2 is an excellent rifle and used to have a x4 site on it which has now been upgraded (so I'm told) to a x6 (called SUSAT Sight Unit Small Arms Trilux). I myself never had any problems with it and found it to be a very accurate rifle.
  11. I think they got the whole sniper rifle recticle wrong in GR. The amount of time it takes to zero after you've been running is ridiculous. I understand the reasons though - RSE didn't want to make snipers that powerful and so have hindered them in the game. I would have prefered very limited ammo rather than time consuming recticle zero's. That way you couldn't just shoot willy nilly and would have to count every shot.
  12. If the game will be anything like gr1 then I doubt you'll be able to get in a humvee and just drive around gunning everything - i'd imagine you'd get blasted pretty much like you do in gr (tangos with rocket launchers - eek!!!). I like the idea of the airstrike (which could be disabled for MP). Perhaps a mission where you have to creep in somewhere and laser designate a target without alerting the guards. The trouble with moving vehicles is that the maps would have to be a lot bigger to make them effective. You can't really drive around a small map. On a large map it'd be fun to have a mission where you had to recon in a humvee and then have bad guys chasing you outta there in jeeps.
  13. DON'T REMEMBER!!!!??? I have nightmares over that mission. I lost some good men that day. Good men that had wives and children and now there dead godammit!! dead and nothing but worm food. And now I have to live with it (boo hoo). ...yeah you could say this was an involving game. Welcome to GR - the nightmares are waiting..... MUWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!
  14. hi wolf - welcome to the forums.
  15. It may be in the game but was never intended to be part of the game. Also "All the people whining about it being cheating would not hesitate for an instant to shoot you as soon as they saw you." This comment is completely unfounded. Of course they will shoot as thats the whole point of the game. But they can't shoot somebody they can't see (i.e. the glitch brought to light on this post) and they can't kill somebody crater glitching. It's only fair game to you because you lack any moral code or honour.
  16. "Do they need to be deployed against walls/trees/rocks or on the floor like sensors?" Place them on the floor like sensors with nothing in between it and your intended target. "Does the main blast angle away from the deploy point or towards" The blast will face the direction you are when setting it.
  17. This should be used whenever you go prone so you line yourself up in the direction you're facing. This way you keep your profile to a minimum. If a target comes to your left or right use it to line up before firing. Again this keeps your profile to a minimum and should (in thoery anyway) give you a more accurate shot as your firing in line with your body rather than having the recoil travel perpendicular to your position.
  18. Agreed in SP the AI was dumber than a dead slug but in MP it was a different story. My point here though is generally snipers would engage a target from a greater distance than those given in GR and hence don't really get to play the role they should do,.
  19. Perhaps on the weapon loadout they should have a weight limit. This would give you the ability to carry different weapons (eg, sniper, ingram, pistol and nades say), or maybe weapon slots like R6/RS. It'd be cool to be able to select a detailed loadout. I've never liked the way they restricted you in what you could take with you. These are meant to be SF and should have a variety of weapons and camo available to each character and should be able to take more. I'd also like to see a medic character. It'd be cool to be able to patch up your injured buddies.
  20. Isn't the Xbox just a pc without a KB and a HDD?
  21. I don't think GR really accomadates snipers at all. The distances are far too short (I think the farthest you can see is 200m). To compare - I used to play delta force 2 and was getting pretty good at sniping (my longest kill being just over 1300M) with guys getting kills out as far as 2500M (with the barret). This game also had bullet tradjectory to account for and wind. I prefer to play a sniper role but as a sniper I want to engage my targets at 1000M minimum - only because I stand a better chance of survival being shot at from 1000M than I do from 150M. Imo the sniper really isn't catered for in this game and is deliberately hindered (by the recticle zero time).
  22. The online gaming is excellent. You can either play it really seriously and tactically or just go and mix it up. I think this game probably caters the most for online gaming options. Make sure you get both expansion packs (Desert Seige and Island Thunder) oH AND HELLOOOOOOO
  23. "it aggravates the living ###### out of others at times, but it's there to use, so..." So don't use it unless your prepared to let everyone in the game know about it. Whichever way you look at this it is cheating as your getting an unfair advantage over people who don't know about it. "but it's there to use, so..." So why don't you use the crater and wall glitch as well then. I think most people who play online would agree that glitching is as good as cheating. All you have done here is admit that you use a glitch to gain an unfair advantage over your opponents. Does this not cross your mind everytime you use it? Jex.
  24. I was more worried that it would be something not so obvious. It's the not so obvious ones we all need to be aware of so we know not to do them. It seems as though there is just the wall and the crater glitch to worry about though.
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