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  1. ← You mean GR.net uses hitmen??? I just became a supporting member, just what EXACTLY am I supporting here?? And it's Christmas too! Blaaahhhh hehehe
  2. Shhhh!! Thats a supporters only secret, check the pinned post in the forum! ← Aaah ok I see now. Was expecting the quote option to open a new window lol. Thx guys.
  3. Oh i'm not too bothered about that - just supporting the community a little.
  4. Hey it's OK, I'm a super hero too (Ass Kicking Man). Oh and check out my L337 webskilz, if you guys want any advice - just let me know ok OK I donated but it looks like that's a one off payment. I was going to make this a monthly contribution - is it monthly? Thx, J.
  5. All we need now is Sarc, Dude, Le3zor, Fanatik, Killswitch, Honez, Gaz, Opus, Paradox, Ka Kui - Oh and they each have 3 brothers who play too!!
  6. LOL another TE member falls in. Our motto is, If you host it, we will come... Resistance is futile, we WILL assimilate YOU!!!! Ooooh I'm scared now, quick - give me a pillow!! hehehe
  7. Hi guys, Played a few missions last night on the server. Thanks to En4rcment, Ranger and Mac. Have any of you guys played CTI - Capture the Island? If not, here's an explanation to (hopefully) wet your appetite. This is going to be lengthy, but this game has so much that I can't really be short lol. Oh and just to make sure you read all the words, Microsoft will donate .50p for each word you read and then send you a cheque!! - not hehe CTI Capture the Island can be played either cooperatively, against the AI or TvT. Your side is randomly spawned somewhere on the island and you start out with the Mobile Command Unit (MCU), and a 5 tonne. One of the players is the Commander, and he controls the building of your base, and also controls the AI that are left if all the player slots are not taken. Once you spawn in, your first objective is to find a place to set up your base. Once you have selected your desired location, you must then get to it (avoiding towns that may have resistance fighters in it). Now from your base location the actions starts. Base Commander Typically at Team Element, we will assign a field command to plan the take over of towns whilst the base commander builds the base. So, at your base location, the base commander will begin to place the structures. Through the Build Menu, he has options including; Barracks - Buy troops and weapons here (Upgradeable) Control Centre - Allows upgrades of most buildings and radar Light vehicle factory - Buy trucks, jeeps, vulcans, etc (Upgradeable) Heavy vehicle factory - But Tanks, Bradleys, etc (Upgradeable) Aircraft factory - Helo's and A10's Ammo depot Repair depot Various base defences. Some planning and logic is required to build a good, defendable base. As you can see, there's a fair amount for the base commander to do (and he also needs to command any AI commanders). So whilst he's busy doing all this, the other players don't get to loaf around and drink tea and munch cucumber sandwhiches, No - they get to go out and kick ass. So field command will choose the strategy and make sure everyone gets what they need to assault the towns. Usually you'll load a 5 tonne up with law's and extra ammo. You'll buy AI from the barracks, and if they have been upgraded, you can then get different units (like snipers, spec ops, AA and AT). Each player (including base commander) can assign 11 AI to himself, commandable in the usual way (F2 - F12, etc). Once you have taken your first town, you may wish to fortify it. Since you are limited in the amount of AI, you need to be choosy on where you deploy. Usually this will be a natural choke point, or a heavily contested town. Wherever it is, you need to have two things available to you - the Ammo truck and the Repair truck. The repair truck allows you to build defences anywhere on the map, as long as you're in its radius, or zone. This means you need to bring the repair truck up quite close to where you wish to deploy. From here you can put up MG emplacements and other things. It really depends on what CTI you're running as to what you can deploy. The repair truck can also be used to repair damaged vehicles. The ammo truck simply allows all vehicles to rearm, and gun emplacements too. Also the players can re-arm here as well. You start off taking towns defended by the resistance, but eventually a time will come when you meet the Opfor. Sometimes they find your base quickly, and then send waves of tanks your way, other times you seem to battle over one town. The objective of the game is to find the enemy base and destroy it. By taking towns, you gain resources (money) with which you can buy vehicles and soldiers. Use your AI to defend the towns, and send out scouts to locate the enemy base. Once you have it located, call in a mortar strike, or assault en mass with tanks. However you do it, your first priority is the enemy MCU - take this out and they can no longer spawn workers to rebuild the base, they also cannot build anymore structures. From there you then need to destroy all the buildings and you've won. OK, well that's the basic premise of the game, though it hardly does it justice as an explanation. Games typically last between 2-4 hours, so it really needs to be a scheduled event. If anyone here would like to participate, I notice that there are 2 CTI's on the server, maybe we can get a game going this weekend? Due to very limited documentation, the Base Commander's role is a little complicated. I've only really got to grips with it these last few weeks we've been playing over at TG. If anyone wants a heads-up, I'll be happy to go through it with anyone that is interested. If we can get a few seasoned base commanders, we could then try out a TvT - 9v9 which could be great fun. This really is a great mod. If I was to say what was the best mod for OFP, it would have to be this one. You get to span the entire island, plan your moves, defend your base - it really does have so much in it. So get your rear in gear and sign up now! Thanks, J.
  8. I'll be home around 18:30, and will start DL'ing as soon as I'm home.
  9. Hi Guys, You might want to try these, I found them over at the BI forums. Please see the link below and follow the discussion about it. http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-b...=ST;f=2;t=41785 Thx, J.
  10. Oops thx, didn't see the website forum down the bottom.
  11. Does this site rely on donations from members or is it funded by a handsome multi-millionaire who dresses up in spandex and fights crime at night? So where does one go to sign up? Thx
  12. Hi guys, I'm using mozilla, and with other sites, I notice the quote feature doesn't work. Anyone else have this prob? Oh and I can't upload my Avvy either. Why am I using mozilla? Because IE goes through websense, but mozilla gets passed it (LMAO - yeah our systems guys are really good lol) Thx
  13. Hey En4 - 'Bout time you guys were subjected to MY timezone LOL
  14. Quick call out a SAR - hey we should make an OFP mission where we are on a boat and have to wrestle each other and the winner gets to steer!
  15. Add me too - ME ME ME ME ME!!!! lol Oh and we have Paradox, Sarc, Riyker, Dudeman, Le3z0r to add as well. Can we afford a ship - or do we need to take another town so we can secure more resources. OR get an independant salvager out to clean up those tank husks
  16. What time you thinking of starting? And what are you going to be playing (I'd rather not play any GoA games yet, is all) Oh and what's the TS ip for this? Thx,
  17. I'll check it out tonight and see if I can DL from your server. I'll post my findings later. But... For other servers it's an invaluable tool for joining games, etc. Definitely worth a look. It shows who's playing, will notify you when a game has ended, can also auto-join you at this point, allows you to configure which mods you wish to use, etc J.
  18. What about OFP watch? I can dl all the mods that the server runs, can't I?
  19. Thx - Are these missions hosted on the server, is it possible to get a group together to start from the beginning?
  20. Are you guys using this App? Basically you can add servers (like GR.net), and join games via this. You can also DL the mods the server is using via OFPwatch too, which makes it less hassle. Get it from http://www.binarybone.com/ofpwatch/
  21. Nice! I've been goofing off playing some of the missions sitting on the server the past few nights, can't wait to play a new one with other peeps. ←
  22. Is this GoA mission campaign too late to join into? I can't believe I've let this go by - arrgghhhh. Ok where did I put my bullets....
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