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  1. Wow it's been a while since I been here and I remembered my login! Reading the BI forums lead me here and specifically this post and I had to add something because a) I was an avid fan of GR over at Tactical Gamer (of which I can thank the GR.net gang for pointing me that way). I played GR there religiously for 2+ years - it was the heroine of video games (I even remember it got on the news and the screen shots looked awesome). God was it adictive and weren't all the +SD and alpha tourney's the best? GR stand as my no.1 game of all time and I doubt anything will ever top it. Oh and b) yeah what was that again (lol nostalgia lane led me away from my point). Of screw it anyway what I wanted to say is that since TG I met a lot of good people and we gamed regularly together on GR that we eventually formed our own group Team Element (www.teamelement.org) and to be honest, we specifically play arma for GR type missions (and still occasionally play GR). We even make our own missions along those lines and I gotta say it plays out pretty well. It'll never top GR I don't think but then it is a different game and offers different things but it is still pretty damn good. Oh and anyone that wants to come play with us GR style, hop on our TS channel sometime - link on the home page and welcome anytime (hey and we might come drop by to see you guys too). Good to be back here after so long and don't let the consoles win - PC GAMERS UNIT!! All the best GR.net! Jex =TE=
  2. Hey guys, Good luck in the SD tourney. Team Element are in as well and between us and TG(sta), let the best team win Hey if they record the missions, perhaps we can make a vid of our best and worst moments and put them up for the community to grab. J.
  3. Any timescale when the campaign will be finished and available to us? Also checked out the lean mod featured on the news page here. Works great in SP but seems to crash our server for MP. I'm part way through the bi forums looking for a cure and will post if I find anything.
  4. Jex

    Falcon 4.0

    Oh and I'm normally flying over at Freebirdswing.org. They have a great set up, and lot's of really helpful guys. It's easy to get a game going and just jump inti a campaign or TE. They do play pretty realistically though. Expect thorough briefings, use of Brevity codes, etc. The good thing about FBW is that they have instructors that'll go through and teach you the game, and it is really worth doing that
  5. Jex

    Falcon 4.0

    <deleted> Oh and whoever is selling it for $200 is an ######. You can pick it up on ebay for £10 here ($20US) <text deleted by Rocky, PM me if you wish>
  6. Like the T man sez, when it's done. Of course we still have to refine it and make sure it is utterly bugless, and maybe remove some of the addons used (useless ones like the animal pack). ← Does the animal pack not work?
  7. Hi Guys, Do you have an idea when (if) you'll be releasing this to the public domain? Thanks.
  8. Why don't they just put a big massive picture that says "pong dilpo (whatever?) is a big gaylord who blows donkeys"
  9. Personally I think the original game kicks ass over ghost recon any day. OK the graphics aren't so good (but were for there time so not really fair to compare), but so what? It's what you can do with the game that beats it hands down over anything out there today. Now that the mod packs have increased the skins, you now have descent character/vehicle models/weapon models. Add to that just about every thing can be modded (for instance, someone added in a mod that required goggles on the helmet that you can raise and lower because the dust thrown up from the helo would blind you). Show me a game where you can do something as simple as that - a simple effect suddenly adds 10 times immersion factor. One thing that is probably a let down is actually the amount of mods for this game. When you make a mission, if it doesn't inlclude any mods, then they won't work for you. This tends to end up with you DL'ing a mission that requires 10 mods you don't own, or not being able to find many missions for the mods you do own. But then you can always make your own missions based around your favourite mods
  10. I basically copied all the info from the txt readme's and put them all in one big readme (called readme addons). The read me file I created gives thanks to the modding community. Some mods had a pdf file that I didn't add in as I can't copy the text out of them but it's only one mod I think. This is really just for the communities that are going to use this (Eg Gr.net, tactical gamer and gamer planet), It's not designed to br distributed amongst all and sundry. I've called in the gulf of aden campaign mod installer (something like that), with links to gr.net. I tried to cover all posts as I know it's people's work so they have been credited but this is also public domain and the playing community make the majority. I don't think too many people would be annoyed at all these going in one installer - I mean it is for the good of the community right? Who would be upset by that PS when I get my site up and running (my other 2gb site, 5gb dl bandwidth a day, not my crappy 50 mb webspace I have now lol), I will be able to put up a link. not sure if this will be public or not though, but for the 3 communities I listed it will be available to those members. I think some of you guys here should check the installer before I make it available and you can let me know of any changes you want. thanks
  11. OK I've finished the installer. All the relevant files are in one, 280 meg file that is an executable. Running this will install it into your ofp\res\addons folder. I need to host this file somewhere. Can GR.net do it? The installer has been written with the GAC and gr.net in it's description fields.
  12. Hey why don't you make the original post link to my site?
  13. yeah I could but i'd need to learn how to make cutscenes first lol - but anyway, I want a TE vid with TE members
  14. Hmm pity there isn't an easier way. I was hoping to make a Flashpoint movie using fraps but don't want the on screen clutter
  15. Hey how are you grabbing those screenies? How do u turn off the text stuff, x-hairs etc? Oh and the =TE= logo that goes on the vehicles is easily done through OFP. I think you just have to host the image somewhere online and it will display on any vehicle you get into. Pretty cool huh?
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