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  1. ok so i'm not seeing much info (if any is out) but you guys in the loop might , will we end up getting a graw for psx3 or will it be a different game. jungle storm might be my favorite gr game or the mac version but gr2 on the psx2 just flat out sucked. well hope someone knows alot more than me.
  2. so i been looking for a high res or clean image of the graw skull i can use but have not had any luck , can anyone point me in the right direction. just need a clean image i can work in photoshop and thanks if you can help.
  3. i hate you.....like reallly hate you!
  4. is that so you can whine when you are killed by someone in ots view?
  5. this sucks everyone is looking foward to the demo , if it is coming out in feb jan should be the time for a demo. give us the demo!
  6. thanks guys i can get all my friends together for some gr! ,i am sure i will be bugging you guys again.
  7. can i host a ghostrecon server for people on both mac and pc platforms? anything i need to get that set up? please forgive the simple question thanks
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