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  1. That is a good point. In the demo mission, most of the enemies are probably in a defense mode, with only a few floaters who are allowed to leave an area completely. This is perhaps because of the nature of the mission, where we are the attackers. The only time the enemies attack all out is -- when we are required to defend the area around the limo. There are very few rebels, so we don't get the full feeling but they surely were awesome in that short period. I would love to see the aggressive state of this Graw AI, with more flanking maneuvers.
  2. Till now, my favourite weapon is the Scar-L with combat sight and foregrip. It is quite accurate. I can pick uo extra ammo while using it. I normally use single-shots and the single shot sounds of MR-C and M8 are too weak for my liking. The Scar-L 's single shot sound is good. The disadvantage is -- the viewable area of the sight is too small. I wish that I could fit it with a different optical sight with greater FOV.
  3. The AI in Graw has taken a big step in the right direction and this is the best I have ever seen. Atlast, we have found an AI which is suitable for tactical combat. The military expert and the programmers, who have worked on this AI, have done a great job in including lots of realistics traits and that is not easy to do. PLUSES -- As promised, they are actually self preserving, lean and shoot, move from cover to cover, and can be suppressed. -- They have realistic aim, reaction times, movement speeds and also realistic senses. If I shoot an enemy and miss. it is highly entertaining to watch the NPC looking around and not knowing exactly where I am. This is so realistic. -- During a firefight, they try not to pop out from the same spot all the time and sometimes, try to sneak away to a different cover, if possible. I have encountered an enemy behind a tree and -- he first leaned on the left side while crouching, popped a shot and went back. Then he did the same , while leaning on the right side. Then he emerged on the right again, but this time he was standing. I was expecting him in a crouched position. -- They use suppressive fire a lot and I really like it. Attimes, they try to flank. -- Some enemies, especially after we have killed the majority in a group, just hide and do not shoot. When the player moves up, thinking he has killed everyone, he gets shot. -- They are unpredictable in the way they operate and change their actions based on my action. They react differently everytime you replay. -- The added movements, like diving and sliding for cover, and other small and partial movements, are also very welcome. -- Sometimes, they peek and check out an area, before doing someting. This looks so realistic. I just wish that they did this all the time. Enemies signalling to their mates, using hand signals, also look cool. Again, I wish they did it more frequently. -- The enemies, when in a group, spread out and don't huddle together. -- I have rushed enemies, and often, they have been suitable indecisive as they should be when surprised. REQUESTS The following are minor problems that I have noticed in this wonderful AI. I know that small weaknesses are bound to be present. I guess my expectation has been raised after seeing the Graw AI. -- It would have been even better if the enemies flanked in a wider arc, where possible. More frequent flanking maneuvers would also be welcome. Also, when flanking, they do not always move from cover to cover, and are sometimes caught out in the open. -- They react to covering fire, but an improvement in this area would be great. When low obstacles are involved, like a car, they take cover behind that and fire back even though they are being fired upon. If they had just kept their head down, it would be even more realistic. -- Occasionally, the enemies lose track of the player and the direction of their threat, even though I have not moved. -- At-times, the Ghosts die by walking into suppressive fire and also come infront of the player and get shot. I hope that is looked into. -- Occasionally, a Ghost does not follow a cover order and starts engaging other enemies, even though they were not firing on him. -- I would like the enemies to use grenades occasionally. Maybe, that is in the final version. -- I hope to see the enemies to retreat to a safer spot when outnumbered. -- I also hope to see the enemies establish diagonal fire lanes. -- A general improvement of all the wonderful qualities already included. These adjustments would make the AI near perfect for tactical combat. As it is, they are so good. The Co-op and SP players are in for a great time, for quite some time to come, especially after the modding tools come out. Thank you Grin.
  4. Bo, Desmond and other Grin-ers, Enjoy a very well deserved holiday. This game is wonderful. Thanks again for that.
  5. Very true bro. This game is actually as good as I was hoping it would be. Grin is definitely moving in the right direction. They have done it.
  6. Thanks for the reply, Rocky. I guess I was too overwhelmed by the gameplay to notice this.
  7. A RARE GEM Just played the demo for a couple of hours and this game is simply wonderful as far as gameplay is concerned. It is actually an enjoyable simulation. I am loving every minute of it. AI - Both enemy as well as friendly AI are excellent. It is the best AI I have ever seen and that too by a distance. Gameplay- Very good and smooth. Almost everything are as they should be. Atlast, we have got a game where the true emphasis is on gameplay. Sound- Again the answer is very predictable --- it is excellent. The only problem I am having is -- I am not liking the music in the middle of some firefights, but there seems to be no option to turn off the music. Squad Command- Again, very good. I am loving the quick orders by using the cross-com. I have to cultivate the tac-map a bit more but it seems very good. Graphics- I can't form a clear idea from my rather low-end rig. But the lack of AA is bothering me. Also, the lighting seems a bit odd. Scalability- Rather limited. I was expecting the game to be more scalable, with lots of things that can be adjusted, like AA, vertical sync etc. Map and level design- The level design is very good. The demo map seems a bit more linear than I expected. I am sure, the full version will be much more non-linear. Bugs and major problems- Nothing serious so far. The framerate is quite ok and I am not having any mouse lag. I will write about any problems, if and when they arise later. Effects and physics- Very good. Thank you Grin for a job well done. This game is a rare gem.
  8. I would actually like to see the Summit Strike maps as they are non-linear. The GR2 maps were said to be linear and not really suitable for classic GR. The Far Cry maps can also be ideal for GRAW. They are so large and non-linear.
  9. Thanks Spike, you have been most helpful. One more question, I think mine is a 865p which supports DDR333 and not DDR400. If that is the case, if I buy DDR400, can I still run it ? I know I would only get the performance of 333, but would it work ? ( It is difficult to get 333s these days ).
  10. I want to install 1GB of ram ( and throw away my old ones ). Should it be 2 sticks of 512 mb each or 1 stick of 1 gb ? My motherboard has an Intel 865 chipset and I have lost the manual. p.s - Spike answered a broader sense question from me but now I have narrowed it down to these 2 options.
  11. I have always liked Colin's positive attitude about the GR series, even when things were looking bleak a year ago. Credit also goes to Rocky and the rest of the admins for an excellent forum. :g_cheers: Now Colin and Rocky, do one final thing. Bring back Bo and the other Grin-ers to GR.net.
  12. Hi Ben, I am planning to upgrade after I have played the demo, so that I know exactly what I require. Could you please tell me how the game looks, with everything low, at 800x600. I know that you have posted a screen but screens in GRAW are extremely deceptive graphicswise, as we have seen in the past. Also, what was the specs of the weakest pc, that was playing it decently with everything low. Thank you.
  13. Very nice post Hack. A lot of members here, including me, have been very appreciative of Bo and Grin, even before playing the game. Now why is that ? 1) At a time when GR2 was cancelled and no information was forthcoming from UBI about GRAW pc, it was Bo who kept our hopes up and reinstated our faith in the GR pc series, by interacting with us. 2) Even later on, when information started to trickle and later on flow, he and other Grin-ers, explained the various features and removed our doubts whenever any arose. Rarely was there any question left unanswered, 3) When Bo could not answer questions on a few topics, he had the decency to state the topics in a separate post, though he did not have any obligation to answer the questions. 4) Grin is listening to what we are saying and very often making changes according to that. The HUD has been toned down, the diamonds can be turned off, the draw distances have increased, the HRD light has been toned down etc. etc. -- all based on fan feedback, even before we have played. 5) Most importantly, Grin is trying to bring back the classic Ghost Recon with lots of improved features. If we watch the recently released videos it becomes quite clear that they have succeeded in this. The GR.net representatives, who played the game recently, also vouch for this. So, it is clear, that this appreciation is not unfounded. Bo and Grin deserve every bit of the appreciation that they are getting. That does not mean that we have not pointed out weaknesses that we have observed in the game, from the information/screens/videos that have been released. We have also stated what we want in the future releases. Those that have been to the point and polite, have very often been answered. Bo, please come back to this forum. Most of us here truely appreciate your vision and efforts. The interaction with you and your team is not only unique but also helps us to get a developers' angle to issues. It makes us accept the new features better. Thank you.
  14. When I first started this thread, in early March, people said that there were not sufficient material available to promote Graw. Now, there are plenty. So let us, as a community, try to take an active part in Graw sales and see to it that Graw is a commercial success. I have clearly explained the reasons in my first post. Some of the ideas in the above posts are very good. I especially like the idea of giving Graw as a gift on suitable occasions. There will surely be other good ideas. Please reply to this thread and share your ideas. Best of luck, Grin and Bo on this mega venture. :g_cheers:
  15. Bo has clearly stated his logic behind the insertions and, as usual, cleared all doubts. Grin has had limited time to incorporate various features and they have done their best. We also respect Hatchetforce's opinion. This issue has been clearly resolved and nothing much is left to debate about. I request the Admins to lock this thread because this one may give rise to some serious misunderstanding. GR.net has been the most wonderful place to be in with all the admins and developers playing their part well. Let us all maintain that. Thank you.
  16. I think it is very difficult for the developers to answer if everybody asks if their pcs will run Graw or not. Many have asked before. Fear is one of the most taxing games out there which most of us have played ( many of us have not yet played Oblivion ). A comparison with Fear, stating whether Graw is more/equally/less taxing on the pc than Fear, will perhaps give an idea to most people out here, how well they can run Graw.
  17. Hey Snow fella, your weapon models are wonderful. Please make a few when Graw releases, especially a M4.
  18. I would just like to modify my statement on Enemy AI. Most of the enemies were intelligently seeking out cover but then unnecessarily coming out of cover completely and dieing, even though they were being fired upon. The reason for this slight hitch, in this otherwise perfect picture, is probably because IGN was playing the game on easy. I am sure that Grin is aware of this problem also and has taken the requisite steps to finetune this aspect of the AI in the harder settings. ← Hard allows no slip ups. ← I thought so.
  19. I would just like to modify my statement on Enemy AI. Most of the enemies were intelligently seeking out cover but then unnecessarily coming out of cover completely and dieing, even though they were being fired upon. The reason for this slight hitch, in this otherwise perfect picture, is probably because IGN was playing the game on easy. I am sure that Grin is aware of this problem also and has taken the requisite steps to finetune this aspect of the AI in the harder settings.
  20. It either means that ... the ghosts are automatically covering different directions and watching the flanks and rear or ... the Ghosts have unnatural sensing abilities. I hope it is the first option.
  21. You're forgetting the most important thing GAMEPLAY, but ofcause that must wait to release. ← I am not forgetting gameplay but, just based on these videos, it is not possible to form a clearcut opinion. We have to play it ourselves.
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