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  1. Since you have asked specifically --- -- For all GR series games, across platforms, I would like atleast an optional first person weapon view. This is one feature, the lack of which will keep me from buying the X360 version and, judging by the many many threads on this topic in the past, I am not alone. There are many players who just love the first person weapon view. -- Generally --- better AI, larger non-linear maps, better editors and replayability in SP ---- is what I would like to see in the GR series ( x360 version included ).
  2. One solution that is possible, so that the SP players can enjoy added content given in [GR] co-op via patch 1.3, is ---- While playing [GR] co-op using the LAN option, we are allowed to play with all 3 computer-controlled team-mates and we can fix the number of 'spawn' options before the start of the game. As GRAW co-op has this option ( playing with friendly bots ), this should not be difficult to implement for Grin. Grin Wille, can you give this feature in the near future in '[GR] co-op'. As this is already out, I am sure you can comment on this. P.S - It is important that we can play with computer-controlled team-mates as GRAW is a team-based tactical shooter. Playing solo is not my and many others' cup of tea.
  3. Nice post Rbrad1. Your post has more or less mirrored the thoughts of the 'SP mainly' players. I too would like to -- Play firefight in SP using all the maps. -- Have an editor for SP. -- Use all the [GR] co-op maps in SP. -- Have an expansion pack. As the first 3 points have already been made for Co-op, it does not seem to be a difficult task for SP. I hope Grin is reading this thread and would have the enthusiasm to answer.
  4. Yes, [GR] Co-Op can be played solo via the LAN option quite easily but you will not have the option of Ghost AI, you will be on your own so load up, and be careful out there. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Not sure on lan but you can set it to internet and if you edit the server_shared you can add a console password so you can force it to start with a /login yourpass /start that will start it with just you in it. If you don't have the ports open on your firewall no one will join you or you can set it to private when you create the game under the internet pass by adding a join password. Hope that helps some if you can't do lan. Thanks a lot Roco, for the alternative solution. I hope somebody from Grin will answer about the Lan option. ( The original Graw co-op has the option to play solo with computer controllled Ghosts, using the Lan option.)
  6. I haven't had the time to download the patch 1.3 and play Graw using it. Can somebody, who knows for sure, tell me whether the newly included '[GR] co-op' can be played using the LAN option ? As in the original Graw -- can I play alone ( with computer teammates ) in this Lan co-op mode ? Thank you.
  7. My favourite weapon is SCAR-L + GL + Combat Sight or SCAR-L + Foregrip + Combat Sight 30 bullets for Scar-L makes it more effective than Scar-H, for my style of play which is suppressing the enemies before trying to take them out. The ability to pick up standard enemy magazines also make the Scar-L more useful to me. I just wish we had black colored Scars and a M4.
  8. I think, when this sudden death is happening, you have already been hit a few times previously and your health indicator is red. Try playing level 3 from the checkpoint previous to the one you are currently loading from -- and try to avoid being shot. You will not have instant deaths. p.s- I have played this game only on 'hard' and never seen the enemies having unnaturally good aims. If anything, they need to be slightly more alert to my presence and 'hear' better, to be realistic. p.p.s - Bo has come up with a better answer and if I had seen his reply, I need not have posted.
  9. SP is far from dead. It is perhaps the mode with the largest number of players compared to Co-op and TvT. We just need a ( mission + map ) editor for getting mods regularly and a firefight mode with random enemy placements and the enemy number adjustable by us. Then, we can go on playing till the mission pack comes out. Grin has given us an awesome SP campaign. Let the 'SP-mainly' players unite in this thread. ( Though, I guess, they are so busy playing the game that they are not visiting the forum )
  10. I would like to add SP to all of the above. Though, I guess, having these features in Co-op would automatically translate to having them in SP as well. - Random enemy placements in 'Firefight' and the ability to decide on the number of 'rebels' on the maps for firefight ( like the 'terrorist hunt' in the R6 series). I would really like this feature in SP and Co-op. - All the maps, for campaign or MP, should be available for 'firefight' like GR1. - All the future game modes, and features like re-spawn, that are planned for Co-op on the net are also included for LAN Co-op.
  11. Rugg, are you guys thinking about adding a Co-op and SP component ? Many of us here would like that.
  12. - I like both Grin and RSE, both have talent and are dedicated to their fanbase. - I think we will get GR4 on the pc. In the worst case we will get a slightly modified Graw and in the best case we will get a significant gameplay enhancement. It will depend on the time and budget allocated for GR4. - A new fanbase has been created by Graw. Among the old fanbase some just love Graw and some don't. But the (new fanbase + part of the old fanbase ) will most probably ensure that GR4 will come out. Also, after TDM, dedicated server files, [GR] co-op etc. are released, with a more complete editor, a lot of the dissatified players will perhaps like or even love Graw. - I would like Grin to make GR4. The reason behind this is --- Grin has invested a lot of time trying to understand the mentality of the pc fanbase and the base work for an awesome tactical shooter has already been done. The future releases will surely be more complete and please many more people. A new dev team for future GR pc titles will again have to invest a lot of time before they get full grip of the fan requirements. Let us not forget that the original team who made GR1, and knows the pc market, won't be working on GR4 pc even if RSE were to make it. - If RSE were to make GR4 pc then either we will have a second team making the pc version ( as the first team will surely be making the x360 version ) OR we will get a x360 port. In either case, I don't think the pc fans will be as happy as they would have been if the RSE first team were to make GR4 for pc.
  13. Hi Angel, my experience has been this -- once the fixed machine gunners become aware of the player or Ghosts, they just point the gun at their last seen position and, at the slightest pretext, send down a hail of bullets. They are not extra accurate but seem so because they fire many bullets and are continuously pointing the gun at the last seen position ( as they cannot move and take cover ). Very often, we get hit because we move into a stream of bullets. What I personally do is --- use another route and try to flank the gunner using a Ghost. If he is unsuccessful in killing the gunner then I make him withdraw a bit. Now the machinegunner will point his gun at the last seen position of the Ghost who tried to flank him. I now peek out of my original position and kill the gunner. Hope this helps. I also like AI that is aggressive but use cover, and at-times stealth, while doing so. I just love ultra-long firefights and am eagerly waiting for the next AI upgrade which might improve the already-good self preservation aspect and hence lengthen the firefight time even further.( and also improve the stealthy aggression of the enemies. )
  14. Call sign : buddhiraja Age: 32 Game: Graw and GR1.
  15. I agree with you on a lot of things but not on this.. environment sounds in GRAW are so far the best I've ever heard... Hi Digitaly -TC, I guess a little more clarification is needed on this. The sounds of us kicking cans, aircrafts flying, helicoptors landing and sound reflecting off buildings etc. are indeed awesome. Desmond has done a wonderful job on these sounds and weapon/bullet hit sounds as well. What I meant by environment sounds is -- in the park map and bunker map ( missions 5 and 4 ), some more insect sounds would have better. Also, when we step in the water in mission 4, that sound is very toned down. In daytime city, a sharp bird-call breaking the silence etc. -- I was talking about this aspect. Obviously, in GR1, the rural maps provided more scope for these sounds and we have to keep that in mind as well.
  16. Hi Deosl, if you read the list of negatives, the first point is about a single team of Ghosts and '4 man only' co-op, which I dislike ( So, we agree on that point ). I would personally like to control multiple teams but not switch charecters and I have explained the reasons why I prefer that, in my initial post. Regarding the point that you raised about using different weapons, I would much rather have an option of switching the primary weapon between me and another ghost, say the Sniper, by going near him and pressing a key. I personally don't like multiple lives as it reduces the tension.
  17. Thanks Bo. Good to see you back in the forum. Most of us here missed your participation.
  18. I will give my comparison between Graw and GR1 ( some gameplay and some SP/Co-op specific points as I don't play much TvT ). As the multiplayer part of the game is not finished yet, I think it would be better to compare that aspect after a couple of months if we want a fair comparison. I have found quite a few similarities, some improvements and some negatives. With so many negative comparisons being made between GR1 and Graw, I found it necessary to enumerate the points and make a balanced comparison. SIMILARITIES - Both these games have a certain tension about them. You don't know when the enemies are going to attack as they are quite sneaky and there are periods of tension-filled non-action. This is a very important gameplay aspect which makes this series so different from a COD or even a Lockdown. - We can sneak up in both games and the enemies do not have super senses and do not know where we are automatically. The stealth element is present in both. - The movement speeds and movement types are very similarly realistic in both games and this is a very important gameplay aspect even in PvP. This has been well done. - The overhead tactical map gives a rare quality to both these games and makes both of them a "thinking man's shooter". Graw has succeeded in keeping this aspect true to GR1. - The enemies can be killed with one shot. - The maps are large and non-linear in both games. - The sound is good in both games. I would say the weapon and bullet_ hit sounds are better in Graw and the environment sounds were better in GR1. IMPROVEMENTS - Effects and physics - Introduction of effects ( mainly bullet effects ) and physics has added a lot of realism and immersion to the firefights and explosions. This is perhaps one of the biggest factors that has created a difference of 'feel' between the two games and this difference is definitely for the better. This is one of the reasons why we will never have another GR1 again even if an exact remake is made using moden technology. The 'feel' will vary and the game will become more messy compared to GR1. - The AI can be actually suppressed and they are self preserving. This is a quality that is very essential for a true tactical shooter and was something that GR1 lacked. - Quick commands using cross-com - This is another feature that is very essential if we want a true tactical shooter and GR1 did not have. - Firefights - They are much more realistic and immersive than GR1 and last longer, as they should. - AI - GR1 had a good AI compared to other games at that time, but it was not the best. Graw has the best AI I have seen compared to its contemporary games -- so it is an improvement over GR1. - Aiming using optical/iron sights, first person weapon view and body awareness - According to me this aspect is a huge improvement over GR1 and have been wonderfully done. - Weapons customization - We really wanted this feature in GR1. How are we ignoring this feature, now that we have got it ? - The animations are better in Graw and the added movements like diving/sliding for cover are realistic and helpful. - We cannot switch charecters - I know that many GR1 fans will strongly disagree with me on this but my thinking is - in real life we cannot change from one person to another, so it is more realistic. Also, as we cannot do everything ourselves by switching charecters, so we have to actually make more tactical decisions and issue orders to our team. It has increased the tactical element. - Graphics - The visual in Graw are better than GR1 when compared to the standard graphics at the time of release of each game. ( I am not making a straight comparison here as graphics are bound to improve with time ). NEGATIVES - 4 man co-op and only one team in SP - This is most probably an UBI decision and Grin perhaps has little to do with this but I don't like this aspect. Multiple teams and more players in Co-op make the game more tactical. - TvT was more complete when GR1 came out and I feel for the 'TvT mainly' players who have to wait 3 months for their favourite game. - GR1 also had more game modes at the time of release -- which adds to replability. I miss the 'firefight' mode. - Linear mission structure- The objectives are given one by one and the missions feel linear - with too many triggering events. This cuts down on replayability and I was expecting an improvement in this department. The wonderful maps are underutilized as a result of this. - Lack of rural maps - Rural maps gave a certain 'feel' to GR1 and I believe we would have heard less complaints about 'Graw is not GR1' if we had a nice mix of urban and rural maps. - GR1 had better atmosphere and weather effects than Graw. This element is missing and Graw is not always very atmospheric. I hope this aspect improves. UNDECIDED - No limping/ affected aim - the reason why I don't know whether this is worse or not is because limping/ affected aim are not the only injury induced behavior. So, having only these two are perhaps as unrealistic as no injury. When someone is shot in the foot he may limp or maybe he will be unable to walk at all but still can shoot. Maybe he will be in pain and will just shout and call for his teammates ar call for backup. Similarly, someone shot in the arm might have a bad aim or he might not be able to shoot at all. Maybe he will be able to lift only a pistol r maybe he will just run away if he can. Unless we can have a completely realistic injury related behavior, just limping is also unrealistic and we might as well have no injury at all. - The cross-com chatter - I don't know whether it is good or bad compared to GR1 but it definitely creates a difference in 'feel' between Graw and GR1. - The Player/Ghosts do not die with one bullet. As this is a result of a better suit to be used in the future, I can't call it unrealistic and can't say whether it is good or bad. I will add other points if I find any more. Please add your observations on this topic.
  19. It feels very nice to see a development team that really cares for gamers and are providing so much after-release support and interaction. It makes me happy.
  20. AGREED... I buy games mainly for SP as well. There are lots of 'SP mainly' players and it is quite apparent from the numerous 'high quality SP' games that have come out recently. It might seem otherwise because the SP players are not always active on the net.
  21. I am talking mainly about the cross-com orders in Graw because in tough situations you very often do not have time to go to the tac-map. Thanks Wille.
  22. Thanks for the reply Wille. It is much appreciated. I really love the Graw pc AI ( both enemies and friendlies ) and the logical way they operate. The way they gauge the environment, scan the area for enemies, utilize cover, provide covering fire etc. is really incredible. Its the best AI I have seen till date. Being a gamer yourself I know you would understand the following point. You must have come across some situations in the campaign which are so hard or because you would like to attack stealthily, that you feel that it is necessary to control the Ghosts completely. It is only for these situations that I would like them to follow my orders exactly. Maybe an addtional mode for 'exact order compliance' is the solution. ( Though I don't know whether it is easy to implement this and I might be asking for something impractical ).
  23. I had posted this in another thread and am repeating this so as to keep all the discussions about the AI in the same place. There are a few players who think that the friendly AI is bad but, in my experience, they are very good. The probable reason why some players have this misconception is because -- the Ghosts follow the player quite a distance away and are not always there to cover his rear or flank. When given the 'follow' order, if the Ghost/Ghosts could move in a close formation, covering different sectors as they move, I think most people would have appreciated this excellent AI more. Ideally, I would like the friendly AI to - follow my orders exactly and move to the exact point / cover the exact area that I ordered. - be defensive, i.e protect my rear and flank when I am attacked and not take too many initiatives of their own to attack the enemy ( unless I order them to go into an assault mode ) Different people have different playing styles and hence different 'states' or 'modes' for the Ghosts, like 'recon', 'assault', ' defensive' etc. are required. I hope Grin would consider these points for future add-ons so that the awesome SP experience gets enriched even further.
  24. I agree wholeheartedly. The SP experience is awesome. There are a few players, like the OP, who think that the friendly AI is bad but, in my experience, they are very good. The probable reason why some players have this misconception is because -- the Ghosts follow the player quite a distance away and are not always there to cover his rear or flank. When given the 'follow' order, if the Ghost/Ghosts could move in a close formation, covering different sectors as they move, I think most people would have appreciated this excellent AI more and the learning curve would have been less steeper. Ideally, I would like the friendly AI to - follow my orders exactly - be defensive, i.e protect my rear and flank when I am attacked and not take too many initiatives of their own to attack the enemy ( unless I order them to go into an assault mode ) Different people have different playing styles and hence different 'states' or 'modes' for the Ghosts, like 'recon', 'assault', ' defensive' etc. are required. I hope you would consider these points for future add-ons so that this awesome SP experience gets enriched even further.
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