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  1. So you don't think America's most elite soldiers in the world could take out 96 enemies that are obviously sloppier, and less well-trained than their counterparts? Especially considering the times when you hit wave after wave you're usually in an area that provides cover. It's not hard to wipe out enemies when you have cover and they're out in the open.
  2. The game is extremely well done, I'm not understanding where all of the "arcade" gameplay is coming from.
  3. I know you are fairly new around here (welcome by the way), but have you missed the [GRNET] tags? *Damn, it is hard typing one handed while eating pizza. I had to correct 5 typos in the above response, all before posting it. * ← Well I've been here a while actually, but yeah, I haven't really paid attention to what goes on. My bad, I guess....
  4. Well it isn't active on GR2 for Xbox...?
  5. Anyone interested? I can create and invite members if you guys want one. I've got the time. If we have enough interest... I think this would be pretty cool. If you want to do it, we need to come up with a name... maybe just GR.net, and post your gamertags.
  6. I have ben a big fan of socom sicne it first came out. I love that game. To me, it is the godfather of any shooting game. I will always play it to the very end of my life. I would love to see what would happen if you put socom in the same room with gr2? That would definitley be very interesting to see. Anyways, i just im just trying to say that(IMO), i would kill any gr2 player with a socom player(if that makes sense??)lol GR@ is still an awesome, tubular, radical, knarley, terrific, cowabunga game!!! But socom owns all. ← For the... well I'd say kids, but I guess being almost 17 makes me a kid. For the ones that aren't as concerned with realism in a war game... then yeah SOCOM is pretty cool. But I own both consoles, and so I own both Socom's, and every Ghost Recon, and I'd have to say that Ghost Recon 2 blows Socom 2 out of the water. No question about it. And Socom 2, which is built for multiplayer, cannot stand up to Ghost Recon 2. Ghost Recon 2's sheer number of multiplayer games kills Socom 2 in every facet. This is clear... and only a blind man would miss it. Ghost Recon 2 is simply put, the best tactical military game to ever hit the shelves. I wouldn't miss it for the world.
  7. Friday night. Ahhh.... gonna be a long night, I can tell. Haha. Ghost Recon 2 here I come.
  8. Yeah, I think everyone is having the problem with the friends list. All the others I have no idea.
  9. Well I didn't pre-order, because my EB Games has never sold out of any game in the history of mankind and the human race. They had about 3 trillion Halo copies left, seriously. So I assume they will be available tomorrow at my EB, at least that is what the man told me, and tomorrow after school I will be picking up the best military game on the market. Well, I hope I will be anyways. See you on the virtual battlefield.
  10. My dad served in the 10th Mountain Division. I'm not old enough to serve, and him serving has stemmed my interest to ask a lot of questions about what it's like. While he's been reluctant to tell me some of the stuff, over the past few years he's told me a lot more about it. And I'm glad he has. Then with September 11th came the real bang. I completely came to Earth. I was only in 8th grade, and this made me realize who our true heroes are. The ones fighting for our freedoms, and to keep me safe in my house. And for that, I share a deep love for our soldiers, and for the men and women fighting for us today... that is why I love the military, and everything they do for me.
  11. Can you give us some impressions? I wanted to come, but got tied down.
  12. What's wrong with the future? I doubt you're going to fight a war against korea in real life either. ← The fact that it's set hundreds of years into the future and I'm fighting aliens with weird weapons. GR2 is future, yeah, but it's just a couple of years, something that could one day really happen. I tend to like the modern war games more so than the futuristic ones, because I enjoy fighting against other people in situations I could see in my lifetime. Not some space fighting that may be going on thousands of years from my death. This is just me though, I've always liked the modern games more.
  13. Zatol I don't have it pre-ordered, but I hardly doubt my town will rush out to buy it. My EB still has one billion copies of Halo, which apparently sold 2.5M copies, and I've never seen a game sold out there. So no worries, I'll go look for it the 16th, but probably have it by the 17th.
  14. The Xbox™ AND Playstation®2 versions of Ghost Recon™ 2 have gone gold! http://www.ghostrecon.com/us/newspost.php?id=9017 So does this mean they will both be coming out next week then? Hmm.
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