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  1. wow..warhawk..i actually sat here and read all of this at first i wasnt,,but as i read on..i was intruiged those are some deep thoughts..bug up to you man..good job.
  2. hey i might be outtaline here..but if you guys do run this game..one of ya shoud record it..would be nice to watch ;].u can have a "ref" whos only watchin the game record it so u can get different views of each player in action...sorry if i was out of line to mention this idea but im sure i dont speak fr my self when i say you guys should record it
  3. gr is an incredible game..i try and not pay to much mind to the "not enough enemies" whiners..if you dont like it which is actually the begginers that dont..go..and make your self a game see how that goes..instead of complaining why dont they mention all the great facts about gr ss?? fools..i love this game..
  4. hey wasssup ladies and gents..im in search of a clan..a serious clan..a clan i can be in for a while not a few weeks you know..a serious group of veteran players im a good player with good tactics on gr summitt strike so anyone with a clan or in a clan hit me up..im more then willing to join..tired of these childish clans..ty
  5. hey sup man..i play all the time..nights..mornings..weeekends..u name it im there..heres ma gamertag:(eazycash) send me friend request
  6. ive also heard dat....dat since shes smaller shes a harder target...but i think thats true cuz it seems reasonable..but maybe someone can tell us for sure
  7. damn you guys are good..umm anyone would like to build my site free of charge? haha i had to try dat one
  8. i kinda figured dat but thanks anyways man..im looking for a clan..im a very decent player..anyone? let me kno. ty im always on all differnt kinds of the day..hit me up or hit my gamer tag:"eazycash"
  9. hey well..from what ive been told if you use a female in the game she moves faster and looks around corners faster...first of all i would like to know is this true...and if so..how do i change my appearance to a female? help id appreciate it gametag: "eazycash"
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