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  1. That is why I made it like that. Do you still have the problems? I have tested it now on my desktop and it does seems to work flawlessly here. I don't have issues with demo charges in either single- or multiplayer. Maybe you can tell me more about the specific setup you are using? Does it give the missing demo charges message? Does it show the messageboxes upon a charge set? Thanks.
  2. Strange, the demo worked for me in single player and player platoon SHOULD be invisible till you hit the first "enemy" guy.. I'll look into that.
  3. Tell me what you think when you get around to try it..
  4. Years back, I had fun making missions for Ghost Recon. The other day I opened up Igor again to see how much I had forgotten. This is just a small thing. I haven't really had time to test it thoroughly, all the people I knew left and it's booooooooooooooring to test alone. I have no idea how hard it is, but I guess hard is .. hard! But anyways .. here we go! Download: http://downloads.vossnetworks.com/file/v00_cover-up.mis
  5. I will try! If I can get hold of the map...
  6. Can only agree! This would be nice for a mission scripter, like me!
  7. It looks awsome to me! Now make a map for it! Nice done, Hammer!
  8. Wooot! This looks good! Planned a DF mod a year or two ago but, quit GR when i deleted my first mod by accident. Finally my home country has found its way to GR! Looks good keep it comming!
  9. The messenge is: Crash in application version: grpcrc1.10 Script: not found! I have no clue whats wrong..? I downloaded Retail version. - Vossen [EDIT] Reinstalled and installed patch again, it works.
  10. Callsign: Vossen Game: GRAW Age: 16
  11. Long time ago... But let us kill 'em! I'm in!
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