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  1. damn i always make a copy of my files, but unlucky. ex *PR* TeKHousE?
  2. had to figure this out the other day. one of the folders in C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\RunTime is the problem. iirc it was C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\RunTime\70 (or 72) i just renamed the file and it was ok
  3. You must not have seen this yet then, this is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better IMO !! GR.NET BANNER ← hehe yeah very nice
  4. this has been brought up a couple of times. afaik noone has had much luck improving thei fps, most definately not the 20 fps claimed by the guy who brought that thread up.
  5. coolio, very nice. what is the prize you are going to win? the problem i have with a nice custom metalic design is getting everything the exact same colour / tone / contrast :*(
  6. hmm interesting: http://www.firingsquad.com/news/newsarticl...?searchid=10027 /edit, beaten by mr Spook
  7. weeeeeeeee very nice will fit very nicely into my aqua dock .... thanks
  8. what are you talking about.. it looks to me like the screen shot was resized and compressed.. nothing more.. your ubisoft "post-editing" looks a lot like jpeg artifacting to me. ← maybe i know more than you think hehe who knows? love this game though
  9. hehe for sure down at clanbase? we see you guys back in action?
  10. do you have any kind of budget? that will uiltimately decde what you gonna get or help people advise you. also just to check: PCI-Express?
  11. tbh it kind of looks like the edges of some of the edges have had some post-editing. maybe just how i'm viewing but look at the edges of the text boxes, especiallly the map one on the top right - seems blurred all the way round apart from the bottom right of the box, definate sharp jagged line. check out the top corner HUD lines, they are very blurred but the bottom right one especially is more clear. heh but there again UBI editded some screenshots / added HUD items so you cannot tell what is fact or fiction. i expect IGN received the screenshots for an exclusive rather than they took them with their own computers, but hey that pure speculation........
  12. the software development kit should be available soon after the release of the full game. this should enable modders to do anything thier warped minds can think up so yes expect all manner of skins/mods etc
  13. it only happens when you use Himachi? actually just out of interest do u have symantec firewall runing? see Nortons running. if it is blocking your demo exe it can cause it to crash like that
  14. the thing with the openal is not as bad as that thread makes out. new version: 6.14.357.13 old version: 6.14.442.30 the tweak doesnt appear to make any fps change for most users
  15. i'm not sure if this helps, but i have to double click the wheel to select.
  16. lol simple question mr Bravo smartass. fyi there are tournaments for demos, i was trying to find out the full story. if you have a problem with me dont bring it onto this forum.
  17. as ssona s you open he tool you can see the temps. did you install it?
  18. hmm a bit strange, could be something overheating. just as it starts beeping, restart and check temps in your BIOS. u can check you GPU temps witha proggy like Ati Tool: http://www.techpowerup.com/atitool/
  19. at first i'm thinking you're crazy but on 2nd thoughts i'd quite like to try it you certainly get a better view of your surroundings while aiming.
  20. addon for the demo?!... yep you're dreaming. damn aint that the problem with demo's, they dont have full game features or did i miss the point here
  21. my game play is not jerky, but even turning the whole "texture managed" section to false yields no FPS boost to me. <variable name="texture_managed_backdrop" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_buildings" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_buildings_low" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_characters" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_default" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_effects" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_ground" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_lightmaps" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_no_lod" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_plants" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_player_vehicles" value="true"/> <variable name="texture_managed_props" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_props_bump" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_props_high" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_silhouettes" value="false"/> <variable name="texture_managed_sky" value="false"/>
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