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  1. i didn't think Red Storm were involved with the making of GRAW2 or are they porting [GR] MP maps??
  2. you can see blood fairly clearly in the last few official trailers : http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=4849 it ain't no gore-fest tho i think you might enjoy Soldier of Fortune
  3. just been checking this out, very impressive stuff regarding the previous posts i was remembering back to the system that Enemy Offline had running for GR @ battlecamp.com they were pulling stats from at least 5 servers and merging them in one database. The guys name eludes me, but someone will know who i mean from EO , it might be worth asking those guys to see how they did it, unless the format is completely different. (and if you were thinking of going down that route anyway).
  4. again your taking it too far, are you really gonna argue this one with every point? any monkey can make a trainer, and a lot of poor trainers are created like infinate ammo, these will always be made by dumb ass script kiddies. other trainers are made by guys who have to cheat to get kills. other hackers are in it for the money. other hackers are in it for the challenge / to show how bad coding is / to show how ineffective anti cheat is / to reveal spyware etc etc and often do not release their code. hackers deliberately target Punkbuster and other anti cheat - Fact, don't be ignorant about it.
  5. can't blame them, the weather is a lot hotter in Spain but that's great news if they are expanding, nice job Grinsters
  6. it sounds nice but anti cheats are a target, and ineffective. some hackers actually said they would not make any trainers for GRAW unless it had a proper anti-cheat. the bigger the challenge, the more likely it will be beaten hehe. if all data was server sided, then i think things would be better. replays and admin players would be a lot more effective
  7. and the big ass scope (useful for me anyway)
  8. good point, I take the .50 on pretty much all the maps in GRAW because 99% of the time it only takes one shot to take someone down (in view or behind a wall). the mp5 as backup is more accurate than the scar weapons anyway if things get within swinging distance hehe. hows about an M107, 10 .50 rounds semi automatic
  9. very nice vid, looks very impressive Grin
  10. i think the belief that GR lives on mods is slightly exaggerated. It's true that the last men supporting the game are usually modders but how many people who own the games actually anticipate mods or run only mods on their server? there is only a handful of active GRAW servers anyway, we had to drop modded maps because noone would join the server because they have to download the mod and restart the game, in the mean time the rounds have finished and they have to miss the next round downloading maps, then they give up and never come back because they never have a game. this week we have run stock only maps and the server is full every night. we had over 70 new maps on the server, 90% got deleted straight away because they are so buggy, or try to overpower you with 10,000 AI and 150 choppers. with the rest being so predictable there is little or no replayability. hardly prolonging the gamelife. i guess i have different priorities, but i tend to think that clan wars / ladders / matches can help push the game along quite nicely, with only 3 HH maps or seige maps it's pretty much impossible to have decent matches = no game promotion on any large mutigaming websites, i mean in [GR] you had 48 stock maps to choose from in multiplyer which lead to successful clan support for several years. lack of players/playability online = casual gamers get bored quickly and move on, then you get left with only modders in the community but with a small number of players to feed. GRAW 2 has a great opportunity escpeiclly as a lot of ppl actualy have a computer that enables them to run the game compaired to when GRAW1 came out thanks to Intel's cheap and powerful chips. GRAW was a great game when you could actually play it . we just need a stack of good quality stock maps to keep us occupied before anyone fries me for knocking modders - yes ive done modding before, and i much prefer playing the game so don't anymore. i don't mean to sound harsh but i'm being honest... i'd rather see 1 super map that is recognised comunity-wide and maybe suitable for matching on than 70 buggy ones that are unsuitable to play.
  11. some nice info there but (hehe there has to be one) i have to pick up on this point: Am i right in thinking that each gametype will not use each of the 9 maps? I reall hope all 9 maps are available for each mode, because lack of maps is the only single thing i have an issue with in GR:AW, i think the game is great, but playing 3 maps over and over seriously damages my sanity i'd say a huge variety of maps would be a figure like 48 feel free to add all the GRAW maps to, please don't treat us to a special addon pack in 3 months time with the added bonus of old GRAW maps, i think we would rather have them sooner rather than later thanks again for the info GRIN.
  12. http://ghostrecon.uk.ubi.com/ Check out this developer Q&A on the upcoming Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 for PC: Answered by: Bo Andersson, CEO, GRIN (Sweden) Game developed (Single Player & Multi-Player) by GRIN. I heard GRAW2 X360 is already out, what are the differences with the PC version? Two different teams are working on the games. The entire PC version is being developed by GRIN, with the objective to create the tactical shooter reference on the platform. In terms of game design, technology & controls, the games go in different directions, but share the Ghost Recon background (high-tech gear, accuracy…) & the storyline. Regarding the Maps, Multiplayer modes & Single Player feel, it’s totally worth it to play both games, as each gets the most out of its respective platform. Think about reading two books relating to the same events: two different visions of the same scene. What’s the storyline behind GRAW2? The action in GRAW2 takes place shortly after the events in GRAW and revolves around the US border. Following the events in Mexico City, the Ghosts leave the country after saving the US and Mexican presidents. Soon after, while they are training in Fort Bliss in Texas, they are called back to Mexico. The remaining Mexican rebels have gathered their forces alongside the US border. Ciudad Juarez, which is one of the key strongholds of the rebels, is separated from El Paso Texas only by the newly constructed wall on the US / Mexican border,. Mexican rebels threaten to strike on US soil if the Americans interfere again on what they qualify as an internal conflict. I spend most of my playing time on PC on multiplayer games, what does GRAW2 offer? We tried to create with GRAW2 on PC an extensive Mutiplayer experience, with a huge variety of maps & modes. First of all, the Recon versus Assault mode is totally exclusive. The high tech Ghost team is fighting against heavily armed Mexican rebels. In this mode, the Ghosts need to clear the anti-air defence of the zone in order to launch air strikes. Thus the Rebels try to take the Ghosts down. This mode demonstrates the essence of the Ghost Recon games: stealth & technology, against brute force & firepower. Moreover, GRAW2 includes the classic Ghost Recon MP modes, like the cooperative campaign (up to 4 players can play the single player campaign together) & the [Ghost Recon] coop mode: short missions with a single objective in cooperation with up to 12 players. Finally, we wanted the PC players to find their favourite modes in the game: Death Match, Siege, Team Deathmatch & Hamburger Hill. This makes a comprehensive package, with 9 multiplayer maps to play on. Multiplayer functionalities Will the game have dedicated servers? Yes, the game will have dedicated servers at release. We’re currently testing them with the Closed Beta, and have European & US servers. Is there a standalone dedicated server application to create my own server? Yes, there is. You can install it on any PC (no need to have the CD in the drive, no powerful GPU needed). It includes admin tools & remote control. Will there be a multiplayer demo? Yes, this will be detailed in a separate announcement! Will there be an anti-cheat system? Yes, this is a GRIN developed tool. Will the game allow in game voice communication? Yes, through Teamspeak services. Will the game have online leaderboards? Yes, we will have ladders, including clan ladders, using Gamespy services. Bonus question I HATE checkpoints, will there be again automatic savepoints? Yes, there will. But you’ll also be able to save anywhere, as long as you’re not in a fight
  13. 274 MB download for a 28KB update, or am i missing something?
  14. currently using SteelSound 5H v2 USB did a quick review here: http://www.british-paras.com/forums/showth...23521#post23521
  15. Thanks for the compliment, but I see you didn't read the OP! just been playing it to and had the same problem but eventually found him. so it does eventually end. the map crashes GRAW when completed though
  16. you must've never played on a private server then? i doubt that... your comment comes off more along the lines of you not wanting to admit there was ever bullet lag in GR. ubi servers were _plagued_ with bullet lag, and still are. as far as dedicated ones, if you're connecting from overseas you'll feel it as well... as for the 6 people you mentioned, i guess it's time for them to go out and spend some dough, because i've never experienced actual bullet lag on my system with GRAW. slow trigger response - yes, sometimes, but once the shot animation kicks in and the sound is produced - the round travels across instantly. if it doesn't - look into a memory upgrade, or at least lower some graphics settings. GRAW PC has hit the streets about a year too early, so it's easy to blame the game, rather than your hardware, because everyone else is having similar problems, again, due to outdated hardware(which could've been purchased as the highest end product quite recently). tonight's the night i'll be setting up my FiOS server, and if any of you guys spot it in the browser, i encourage you to stress the living hell out of it, and post around here if anything laggy occurs... i'll probably call it th33f's NYC FiOS, so stop by. agree with all points made, i upgraded from an amd 2800+ / x800 xt pe... to intel 6600 / x1900xt, and the game is much better. i think from the original post, Example 1 and Example 2 are Mr Peace's experience but that is not the same for everyone else, i know that i dont have these issues. regarding Example 3 - i dont use the GL because of the nade bug hehehe someone said the sound in [GR] was better than GRAW?!
  17. same problem here, i think it's a common issue. i have the same problem in other games like the BF series, SWAT, The Regiment and some others i can't remember right now. iirc there is a fix in BF2 whereby you set the CPU affinity to just one core. but i was on a single core cpu then. Now i have dual core and a whole new system and i have this problem reoccur in GRAW. someone mentioned a few weeks ago that it seemed to be happeneing with people who have DSL, which is the only thing that hasn't changed in my setup. i'd say the issue happens 90% of map changes, but not all, which makes things stranger.
  18. hehehe yeah i got it from Joker i guess it's a Swedish 'R' lol
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