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  1. thanks for the comments i think one mistake i did was to do everything while using a white background, so i guess i perceived the gun to be darker than it actually was. after adding the wood b/g i did make things darker (the original was very very pale looking back). live and learn eh?
  2. hehe coolio i only have a photoshop licence not a gun licence
  3. thanks cell, iirc i just used the standard rock textures in PS. it was difficult to match the original. link to my source pic: http://stevieb.novahq.net/box/img/g23_o.jpg
  4. hiho been a bit bored waiting for my house move so i tried out doing something new in photoshop. i had a pic of a glock on my comp so i copied it. any comments welcome, or ways to improve it etc the wood was just a quick thing because it was just on a plain white background. thumb: >> Full Size Clicky here <<
  5. pity you couldn't afford the 18 pints you ordered
  6. Xtreme Quest is the guy who did / edited the video. I think it's part of an Intel promo vid :?
  7. so it's purely based on if your team wins or loses and not individual performance?
  8. i usually play scout or scrambler it makes the game a bit more interesting to IMHO, gives you more to do. helps a lot to if you want to rank up faster and get the better toys if you see how everyone focuses on the red diamonds, then a scrambler is invaluable, although a decoy is an option to, so maybe don't detag everyone (let them know first lol). ok the kits are not the best, and the power scaled down from the BETA :*( especially from the MP5, but they are definately adequate. i just make use of the smoke and frags to compensate. i'd say both classes are valuable as long as that player plays in the right way, it's no good being scrambler if you wont run over to assist your tagged mates, and no good being scout of your camping the back of the map. teamspeak is essential however. after saving all those players they then return the favour by covering with their firepower as you blow up the ADATs on Sunday there was 3 of our guys behind a building who were tagged, and as soon as i de tagged 'em they were lit up again. so i ran over to try and check were they were getting tagged from. the other team had a scout in the building we were all next to think we all died but i left with about 84 points from the very first round lol
  9. sry not exactly on topic, but related to diamond colour... anyone know why sometimes teamates have a mixed purple/blue diamond? i.e. they have both diamonds. i though it might have been to show a fellow scrambler has been tagged, but i'm not sure, maybe it's just a glitch. i think it would be nice for a split diamond, top 1/2 blue and the bottom 1/2 indicates what kit the player has, e.g. scrambler or sniper etc.
  10. xfire is nice and shows how much of your life you are wasting i wish they had implemented the 'join server' otpion tho. 'bprpanic' or click sig
  11. it might be a resource hog for the demo, because you have to actually run the game to host. the dedi tools will certainly not be a resource hog are you planning on getting the full game? hopefully the full game will be out in a few weeks, so it's probably gonna be a waste to get a dedi demo server arranged. our dual core server costs £600 per year, with full remote access, ftp, install what we want on it etc based in UK tho, so probably not what you're looking for
  12. hehehe, one above the ghost spawn: http://stevieb.novahq.net/box/img/graw2/ob01.jpg again, this has been fixed since the beta
  13. funny thread, good rant they aren't glitches tho getting above the sniper ledge @ Charlie is however http://stevieb.novahq.net/box/img/graw2/ob02.jpg *fixed since beta*
  14. hmm i managed to get a suicide with the mp5 in the Scramber kit. the server was lagging at the time but i was just unloading into someone and died with a suicide message also when the servers are lagging, quite often you throw a nade as far as possible and you see it go but you get a suicide. other players just see you drop the nade on the floor by your feet self pwnage sux :(
  15. i'm so happy GRIN tweaked the M99 so it can shoot through metal something that was pretty annoying IMO that we couldn't do in GRAW1 it's absolutely lethal in AvR, just shoot that red diamond no matter what is in the way and you might get lucky. definately shoots through whole buildings and metal fences some guy with assault was chasing me through the village and he knew he had me cornered, so he just waited behind a building for me to come out. raised scope, aimed at diamond and blasted the muppet away as mentioned the .50 cal mouted gun can shoot through the same things it would seem. it really is an effective weapon if oposite team players are being tagged.
  16. i htink someone was saying tonight that the F1 F2 F3 etc was changing weapons instead of 1 2 3 etc i use the F and scroll anyway
  17. /on topic the MP5 was a killer weapon in the BETA, now it mearly tickles the enemy :*( indeed a sad day for all Scramblers on the battlefield. rifles seem a bit more effective however .50 cal shoots through metal <3 <3 <3 <3 GRIN <3 <3 <3 <3
  18. t /vote kick 'playername' works a treat if everyone has a problem. /edit, i hope there is a server option to disable anyone setting up a vote kick apart from someone who is logged into the server.
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