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  1. all i can say from last night is thank god i can mute a certain player on TS!!!! nice to see ya online for a bit Watchy.
  2. ggs as usual. really wish there is a way to remove the bomb sign. with that number of people it's difficult to hold the bomb for more than 10 seconds without an RPG in your azz or someone drilling you through the wall with an M60
  3. it's a corrupt gfx texture, nothing more
  4. faulty RAM on your gfx card probably that aint no hax
  5. ah bum i missed last night, all on tonight??
  6. haha yeah apart fom running and flaming everyone gg's tonight indeed
  7. haha yeah thanks for letting me kill all of you so many many times Krambo even said 'Nice Shot' <faints>
  8. it is but the i think the ip/port has been changed so many times, thi sis the latest one (think only from part way thought last night) http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  9. i remember a lot of discussion about multi skins / punkbuster / server admins in a other forums, not sure i'd risk it, but they look great.
  10. #TOP TIP# plant with the right click, switch back to your gun anytime you want, and hit 'F' to detonate C4 (so no waiting with the trigger in your hand).
  11. do you play in mostly non-hardcore servers? you have a lot of assists! i had a lot more deaths when i had that many kills ^ learned quickly after that tho
  12. excellent zeno!!! 1000% better tonight with the server settings IMHO. even though there was a lot of players, it never got spammy or crowded, great job actually my team killing is down 5000% beacuse the are no airstrikes i'm so accurate on my own team with airstrike it's not even funny ave it
  13. hmm depends on the price tbh. it's basically a cut down 8800gt, which in itself is not an amazing card, but it all boils down to what resolution you're gonna be using
  14. fantastic news! sry to say but on friday night the server seemed no different than any other server... airstrike after airstrike, nadespamfest, peeps running and jumping think there was just too many in there IMHO. most annoying thing was the random spawns when the base was captured, because there was so many ppl, no matter where you spawned, you always seemed to get shot instantly. guess it was just the number of players. which is a shame becasue it's just that the server is so damn popular
  15. anyone else think there is more TK's in this server setup than in a regular server? i got wound up from killing too many of my own team so left last night. i usually get a couple of TK's a night on a normal server, especially if you have for example BPR Solar on your team, and you throw a frag into the pipe right in front of him and he still runs in after it hahaha but in this server it seems crazy, one game i only got 3 kills and 2 deaths (pretty low allround there right?) because i'd literally spent more than 1/2 of the time dead because i kept getting killed by my own team. or is it just me? :*(
  16. Nice find metal jacket haha only thing i can say to this is that it's complete BS atm, because the current modded maps are complete tosh. (no disrespect to metal Jacket as it's quoting the other person). ooo the mod tools got released lets be the first person to have modded maps released.... 1 hour after mod tools released.... o luk i pwn i relsd teh 1st marps for duty 4.. yep but they are **** thanks
  18. oooh nice see the related vido with a guy playing on 2 monitors! that's just stupid lol.
  19. yeah Luggage was confusing/educating us with places like aljazeera towers etc haha will ask him on teamspeak later for the pics, i can host them and post back here btw was there any discussion about playing any other gametype on the server? not a complaint, TDM suits me down to the ground, it's just makes me want to camp more because i'm too scared to crouch+move accross an open street becasue it's instant death when u cant run.
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