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  1. got a 670m, there were 2 guys visible for some reason at that distance, they were not targeted/red circle, just stood on the side of a hill
  2. Go for it Nightcrawler, the more shots of this game the better, there are so many cool and unusual things in this game and amazing locations and everyone will not see them all. all the shots in here will help more people see what is in this game, go go go go.
  3. very rocky rocky, that ur char on the right?
  4. ive not played every game but there are very few that you can genuinely become hidden, move the camera away from my character in wildlands and it's usually impossible to find again because of the ghillie
  5. crop from a 360 shot, 3360 × 1440 same time and place but much narrower field of view, no crop 3440 x 1440
  6. on the one with the trees and the church i must have took some contrast out of it or just got rid some black to make it a little matte. wish there was a way to adjust the time, 20:30 is magic time for the screenshots big crop on this one because of the extreme wide angle of view
  7. think everyone is atm, mine did a sync and said my character was level 1. someone suggested i should disable sync in uplay, i guess that would use local save instead. i hope so!
  8. Link to it rather then attaching it. I use imgur.com just drag the image from your drive onto the webpage and it will upload. Worth creating an account so you can find your pics at a a later date.
  9. First line under the crosshair is 300m, 2nd one down is 500m
  10. seriously finding it hard to get my head around how big this game is, flew around for an hour just to circle the whole thing. had to stop to check this place out (as far north and east as you can get). click for 3440x1440
  11. my system struggles a bit with everything cranked up, so tough choice between screenshot mode and playing the game mode found some time for a couple of shots. click for 3440x1440
  12. Dam that's awesome! I think ur name in the trailer is better tho
  13. cropping a little to get rid of the bottom row of OPEN BETA text, Ansel takes a ton of pics and stitches them together (if you start adjusting stuff then these individual squares become very noticeable) but unfortunately the text appears in each smaller shot, wont be a problem in full version. there is a bunch of tweaks you an make to the images in Ansel before you capture but it's fairly limited, but some weird stuff like half-tone and sepia. you are also restricted on the editing front because the output file is a jpg, any adjustments start showing horrible banding. there is a HDR RAW box but i couldn't select it, but that would be great for some post processing i'm sure. /edit for this one, i must have party applied one of the Ansel filters (they are a bit over the top but some nice effects when turned almost off), but there was so many times playing the game when i was in the same area but the weather and sun position just made things feel like it was a different place, especially during sun up and down, with this shot i was getting god rays like crazy through the trees and then the low fog was over the fields, i couldn't help just stopping and looking around for a while:
  14. thought i'd deleted the post for a sec, cheers for moving it few more below, they tend to have multiple "open beta" watermarks, they can be removed if anyone is particularly bothered.
  15. Ansel is amazing, hope it appears in more games 3440x1440 3440x1440 spot the sniper :
  16. I'm with you NC. I really enjoyed taking down the camp or village with stealth, but so easy to miss that one shot because they just moved their head to the side haha, happened so many times, i'm a terrible shot, can't wait to get a better scope on the sniper rifle. best i could manage was 603m, seemed they disappeared much further than that. on the flip side it was cool to be able to follow someone around this close:
  17. ^ i think the player limit was set too low. steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ukpanic uplay: UK_PANIC
  18. sry guys had to leave last night cause of all the TK's i was doing i just wont bother throwing any nades next week
  19. only got on late but good games. like that new castle map
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