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  1. Nice shot, I think the draw distance is about 680m on PC, I use a drone to spot so I don't have to back up so much with the scope up. Any further than 680ish I would need to keep the scope up to keep the enemy visible. I'm a bad shot tho so after I fire one shot they usually run off
  2. Haha I snorted on my coffee when I read that part in the original post.
  3. some snaps from tonight, mostly character shots, switched back to the ghillie
  4. Running from a 970 until 2 weeks ago, not had any framerate issues until I put GRW on ultra... which became an issue because it's one of the only games that I've ever wanted to play with max visuals. I always have this fight in my head... don't buy a bigger monitor because I can't afford the card to run it.... 10 mins later bought a bigger monitor.... Btw would love to try a 144Hz monitor Keeping eye out for when they start making 144hz 3440x1440 screens
  5. steam says 151 hrs, uplay says 132 hrs, just started a second character and see if i can pay attention to the story this time
  6. @Lightspeed if you have them in your scope, you can just keep backing up as far as you want and they will still stay visible. they will vanish is you reload tho, so you have to be pretty good with the range. some youtubers have been getting their mates to grab a hostage and guiding the hostage to where the bullet drops. did wonder if they patched that because when i had a hostage last night my team mate could not kill the hostage (at point blank range).
  7. ^ yup if you have nvidia then it pairs up with gsync. i can't recommend superwide enough, i use a 34" 3440x1440 21:9 display, wouldn't swap it for anything else. no need for 2 screen either
  8. Nice one for mentioning positive experience. As someone who works in support, positive feedback is very much appreciated. You should hit ubi on Twitter if you have an account.
  9. since you bound the key to your mouse, did you have an issue with moving the camera position? i have to wait up to 10 seconds sometimes before i can move the camera. seems to be a known issue, it's just odd. i'll raise the other issue on the Ansel board about the image quality. seems some effects like AO get disabled when using ansel, but not sure if it's game dependent, will look into it. also you can change the key binding using C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel\Tools NvCameraConfiguration.exe and also you can switch to lossless and some other options which could be useful for ya.
  10. i think this is by far my fav pic, Ghost boogyman coming for you ok no more bird pics after this one one of the best spots for the sunset not 100% sure why these guys aren't shooting the out of each other
  11. also i'll probably need to post some examples but there is definitely some lighting or shadow (or both) effect that does work with the super resolution images. using a standard screenshot seems to produce the better looking image.
  12. hope you guys dont mind some more. probably my fave from today: cool how things work out sometimes, mid way through a take down, someone shoots the gas canister next to us:
  13. 1st person med packs instead of regen class system w/ ability to switch player in single player (maybe too frustrating in coop tho)
  14. never seen a llama on the salt flats before so was pretty curious when i spotted this one walking towards us, i hung around for a while to see what it was doing, then it just started spitting at me haha. this is why Alpacas are better than llamas! never noticed these were all different colours i'm not even sorry for another landscape shot images edited to my taste.
  15. had a few glitches with ansel recently. biggest issue was since patch 2 where the game takes ages to start running again sometimes after using screenshot feature. but in the last week or 2: exits out of ansel mode by itself sometimes no mouse cursor to use the menu on the left "error starting ansel session at this time" saved image folder has changed from C:\Users\x\Videos\Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands to C:\Users\x\Videos\GRW anyone else?
  16. felt a little like that myself lightspeed, but i found myself enjoying it more later on, some of the areas and missions are different enough to not get that same feeling. nice to mix up the approach to the missions also, i think we pretty much approached each mission in the exact same way for the first few provinces. it's a nice change to use the LMGs for example or land in the middle of the unidad base in a helo and fight your way out rather than in even did an assault with 3 of the large yellow diggers, just used what was round for a change rather than sneaking in from 300m. now i have a problem that ive finished the story, but looking at another play through or selecting certain missions and using more tactics. my current favorite thing is using the CQB takedown , 50 hours ago it was sniping silently heh.
  17. just finished the story last night, stats have barely changed, been a ranger from day one but feel like my play style has changed. does anyone think that favorite weapon on this screen doesn't reflect what you used most or had most kills with?
  18. Saw the fish in one of those little man made collectors, pretty cool when you notice them jumping about 😁
  19. funny you should say that NC, ive just played for a few hours and didn't notice anything. I forgot to look but did all the usual stuff, noticed the DLC stuff was available but noting really to indicate the challenges for me.
  20. The world does need more golden llama stickers for sure. I hope the screenshot feature hangs around for a while, would be interesting to get a theme sometimes because there is so much creativity around here, it's cool to see what ppl come up with. Maybe even non Ansel sometimes
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