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  1. I played graw2 demo............. so I think I should expected the next graw3......... u know what I mean ????
  2. Great news for all GRAW2 PC fans! The highly anticipated demo is confirmed for : June 7th at 5PM
  3. The demo will include the new Calavera map, as well as two modes: team deathmatch and the new recon versus assault, where the elite Ghost squad must storm a rebel encampment.
  4. about graw2 pc demo , when it come out on thursday , its ONLY playable for reserve fileplanet players OR non-reserval free all public ? [Merged into the existing Demo thread (where that was already answered)]
  5. Can I trust this demo really come out ??? not delay ? hmmmmmm curious thing
  6. when will that be ? June ? Try this http://northernstriketraining.ea.com/
  7. GRAW2 pc delayed as expected ! http://www.gamestop.com/product.asp?product_id=646867 Gee... [Edit: Merged into existing thread - Please check before posting]
  8. ok this time ............ U should make a graw2 pc demo............. why ? for more sales enlargement ..............., as U know its hard to wait for more 2 months to release ...... Do it plz its just right time for pc demo
  9. hmmmm ok I have money,and I want to play graw2 pc in the future... I got 2 choice in options.. Would I buy physx card or high quality graghic card ?? my spec: dell 2.8ghz dual core, 2g ram,7300gt 256mb physx card : http://www.ageia.com/physx/graw.html
  10. about day to night fx in graw2 pc it means when we during the game, the screen is slowly changing dark in every missions ???
  11. amazon http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw/103-7...=12&Go.y=10
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