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  1. I believe most of us here think it is ONE game. As for it being an RTS, that's something I was thinking myself because of the World War 3 setting. Sounds to big and epic to be a simple FPS, and I don't see any other way you get to play different military units from Ghost Recon to Rainbow Six. I don't think ubi is aiming for a WW3 style RTS. World in Conflict already has a plot in which the US in under attack and is an RTS. Plus, the US under attack theme in RTS has been overplayed, can anyone say Red Alert 2?
  2. Why didn't you just ask me? I was an 11B10 then retrained for 11M10. 20 level is for non commissioned officers then so on. Sorry man, just didn't know. By the way, noticed your from New Carrolton. I'm over at Upper Marlboro dude. Good to see some fellow Prince Georgians on this board. A post I found on the jsf28555833-80604722 forum. Credit goes to Katt01 Posted Fri April 06 2007 20:25 For anyone who's interested - Italics = links to mind movies. ________________________________________________ JSF28555833-80604722 HGT: 1.9 METERS /// WGT: 101 KILOS -------------------------------------------------------------- EKS: MINDMAP <STATUS> RHD ANTIGEN STATUS: O- <ZERO> ANTIBODY SCREENING/CROSS-MATCHING: NO COMPATIBILITY FOUND MARROW INDICATION: DOB 22-02-91 -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------08------------------------ ENL: 02-07-09 BCT: 14-11-09 // Fort Benning, GA AIT: Fort Huachuca, AZ -------------------------------------------------------------- ABSORPTION ADMINISTERED. HORMONES SECRETED. ADRENAL GLAND FILLING. BLOOD PRESSURE STEADY: RISE EXPECTED; HEART RATE INCREASING; NEUROTRANSMISSION FREE. EPINEPHRINE 82%; KIDNEYS, NORMAL; MEDULLA AND CORTEX FUNCTIONING / ANTICIPATED RESPONSE NORMAL. METABOLISM RATE FLUCTUATING; IMMUNE RESPONSE INDICATIONS NORMAL; ADRENOCORTICOSTEROID PREPPED; READY, SHOULD RELAPSE OCCUR. -------------------------------------------------------- 229 ------**1 > 0185400 CLASSIFIED **RVL-6 > 8151819 CLASSIFIED **VS-34 ----------------------------9012578----------------------- MOS: 97B (35L) // 18A TRAINING: AIRBORNE, RANGER, SPECIAL FORCES, OCS LANGUAGES: FRENCH 3, RUSSIAN 2, SPANISH 2 --------------------------------08-------------------------- -------- TONUS: CONTRACTED STATE AWAITING DECLINE. MUSCLE SPACITY, HYPER-SENSITIVE; HYPERTONIA SUSPECTED NERVE IMPULSES: 76.31; PARANOIA 41.20; HYPOCHONDRIASIS 37.18; [sic] MASCUINITY 72.94 FEMININITY 6.07; OBSESSION: 62.03 PSYCHOTIC BREAK THRESHOLD: 88%. -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------2406--- USAFRICOM: PEACEKEEPING ERITREA <SSM> USNORTHCOM: BREVET COMMAND <4TH> USCENTCOM: PRE-NUCLEAR FOP USJFCOM INAGURAL OFF: JSF TASK FORCE IIX -------------38---------------------------------------------- ---- DOUBT SENSED, RADICALLY DISTINCT FROM NORMAL NOTIONS OF RISK AND FEARLESSNESS. NO DECLARATION OF INTENTION TO INFLICT FURTHER PUNISHMENT OR HARM BUT SUBMISSION CONDITIONAL UPON A PARTICULAR COURSE OF PEACEFUL ACTION. SUBJECT DETERMINED UNCERTAIN OF THE POSSIBILITY FOR EMOTIONAL SEPARATION, ALTHOUGH ESSENTIAL QUANTITY SUSCEPTIBLE TO MEASUREMENT BEYOND CHARACTER TYPE. PHENOMENA FAR-REACHING . MAJOR DIFFICULTIES DETECTED DISCERNING CRUCIAL DIFFERENCES IN BEARINGS BETWEEN PRESENT STATE AND PAST OPERATIONS. FINAL ANALYSIS IMMEASURABLE WITHOUT PROLONGED CONSCIOUSNESS OR TERMS COMPLIANCE. -------------------------------------------------------------- -------89------------ >0139100 CLASSIFIED **LO 19.20 ------------------------------- /77 -------------------------- ------------- COMMAND CLASS CROSS-COM: INTACT SYS HARD DRIVE: [EST 54% RETRIEVABLE] INTERNAL EMP DISABLED LOC: ILE-DE-FRANCE ---------------------------------03--------------------------- ------- INJ: PENETRATING WOUND, 4CM, 8CM, 11 CM MEDIAL TO ACHROMIO-CLAVICULAR JOINT // RT SCAPULA; SIMPLE FRACTURE // RT CLAVICAL; COMPOUND COMMINUTED FRACTURE REC: RECOMMEND OPEN REDUCTION, INTERNAL FIXATION // PROCEDURE POSTPONED // ANTICIPATED RECOVERY 62% INFLAMMATORY, PROLIFERATIVE, MATURATION PHASES COMPLETE; HIGHLY LIMITED USE OF RT ARM. TMP: INT/99.4 EXT/106.8 ------------------------------------------4886-------------- ----------- POST-MIND PROBE ENGAGEMENT: TRACE OF LOSS: NEGATIVE. PESSIMISM: NEGATIVE. DESPONDENCY: NEGATIVE. FATALIST, DEFEATIST, PACIFIST TENDENCIES: NEGATIVE. REMORSE: ABSENT. REGRET: ABSENT. RECALL: HIGHLY LIMITED, HIGH DISTORTION AND DISSOCIATION LEVELS. MEMORY OF EVENTS BEYOND CAPTURE: NEGATIVE. POSITIVE AWARENESS OF CURRENT LOCATION OR CONDITION: HIGHLY LIMITED. <PPD> ---------------------------------------+233---------------- ------------------- E-X COMBAT JUMPS: 21 >AVG: KIA 2.30%, WIA: 10.25%, POW: .07% O-X COMBAT JUMPS: 1 <!!ZONE: L'AXE HISTORIQUE> >AVG: KIA 16.9%, WIA: 43.57%, POW: 23.06% ----------------55------------------------------------------ --------- INDICATES REACTION IN HARMONY WITH EMOTIONS FROM FELLOW CAPTIVES. COMMONALITIES INCLUDE: STATES OF MIND, MODES OF THOUGHT AND MOOD. BREAKS TENDENCY OF PREVIOUS NEGATIVE DIAGNOSIS WITH EXCEPTION TO BATTALION. BLOOD PRESSURE: AVG 160/110 ANXIETY, TENSION, HYDRATION: STRICTLY MONITORED. OUTLOOK: CYCLIC EMOTIONAL RESONANCE. ----------------------------------45------------------------- OPP: CAPE OFFENSIVE DETECT: 580 EMBARKED, 100 UNKNOWN PROJ IMPACT: <37> STRIKE WINDOW ILLUMINANCE: 15% PROJ TARGETS: PATRICK AFB, CCAFS ----------------37------------------------------------------- ----------- INTENSE REVULSION DETECTED; DISTASTE, ENMITY, ANTIPATHY FOR DIALECTS OF SLAVIC [sic] DECENT. FIGHT RESPONSE HIGHLY ELEVATED. PERSISTENT PHENOMENON, LEARNED-INSTINCTUAL, AND ATTRIBUTED TO RESTRICTING, REMOVING, DESTROYING EMOTIONS ATTRIBUTED TO DEFINED SOURCES OF PAIN OR ABHORRENCE. ---------------------------------------36-------------------- ------------ >0285500 CLASSIFIED **LO-46 >0283321 CLASSIFIED **JD-22 >0583300 CLASSIFIED **CA 16.5 >0806000 CLASSIFIED **CA 14.5.19 >0803617 CLASSIFIED **BR-76 >0472200 CLASSIFIED **BMP08 >0803617 CLASSIFIED **F3-12 -----------------------------------------------------------YV ---------- LOC: <39> CRITICAL RTS: <I-71/I-75> POP: 47.2 M // 52.8 F ... MED AGE: 32.1 ... RISK ASSESSMENT: CANINE 43.1 REG ARMS 3.3 UNREG ARMS 8.9 FAM: <VAC> ----------------------------010584------------------------- -----UA---------------- FUNDAMENTAL ATTRIBUTION ERROR ... PERSONAL, PERVASIVE, PERMANENT; STAGE UNDEFINED. PANIC RESPONSE: CRITICAL, VERGING ON CATATONIA. PSYCHE INDICATING LACK OF CONTROL OVER UNPLEASANT, HARMFUL, DAMAGING CIRCUMSTANCE. COMMON: UNCONTROLLABLE PAST NEGATIVE EVENTS. -----------------------------------AL------------------------ --------------- >0391414 CLASSIFIED **WO 13.14 >0125250 CLASSIFIED **CH 12.4 -------------------------------------------------------------- 7549----------- ATLANTA DEFENSE SERVICE MEDAL HELD // X: 33.756154, Y: -84.388433 22 HRS OPFOR REINFORCEMENTS EAST <VIA> INSUFFICIENT ANTI-ARMOR SUPPORT ... POSITION OVERWHELMED: <12> REAR ADVANCEMENT: SUCCESSFUL [O-4 PROMOTION RECOMMENDED] ------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- RECALL: INDICATIONS OF INTENSE ENERGY. SPEECH: INDECIPHERABLE. EEG: HIGH FREQUENCY, PER REGULAR SLEEP/REM CYCLES. <DEGREE> -------------------------------------------------------------- DR/---------------- PREP: <FINAL> -------------------W2**------------------------------------ ------------------- HEART RT: <65> BREATH RT: <3> **ANTIBODY SCREENING/CROSS-MATCHING ... ... ... NO COMPATIBILITY FOUND ------------------------------X12-------------------------- --------- AGONAL RESPIRATION ... ABNORMALLY SHALLOW, SLOW, IRREGULAR INSPIRATIONS FOLLOWED BY IRREGULAR PAUSES. GASPING, LABORED BREATHING, MURMURED VOCALIZATIONS AND MYOCLONUS. INDICATIONS PRESENT OF CEREBRAL ISCHEMIA; PERHAPS FROM ANOXIA. <COMPLETE> -------------------------------------------------------------- 8080------------ SAT <413> ID: MERCURY ... TRUMPET ... ORION ... MISTY-2 ... LACROSSE-4 ... TITANIV // ---------------------------------NDAT----------------------- -------------- PASSIVE-AGGRESSION: <INT> FRUSTRATION EVOLVING FROM PRESUMED PERSONAL DEFICIENCIES; LOSS OF PRIDE, GOALS UNATTAINED. WITH GENERAL POPULATION RECOMMENDED. CONTINUED ISOLATION: OBSESSION LIKELY. -------------------------------------------------------------- ------6:4-----
  3. Every party needs a pooper, that's why we invited you. Party pooper...... Party pooper Sorry, my wife sings me that when I start to complain about anything. I don't think the excitement is over the game, but it's more about trying to solve the mystery. After that is solved then we can bash on UBI. Yeah I agree. I am enjoying trying to figure all this stuff out. I mean regardless of whether or not UBI botches this new game, its still pretty cool to speculate about this brave new world in the Clancyverse.
  4. Sounds great. I live near DC (Fairfax, VA) and this stuff sounds awesome. Considering the DC stuff, I'm surprised I didn't think of L'Enfant Plaza earlier. Firehawk seems weird, if the abbreviation for this game is TCX_C like someone else said earlier, a likely title seems to be Tom Clancy's Crossfire. Yeah I would agree. Plus the word Crossfire captures what UBI is trying to do. Combine all SC, R6, and GRAW in one storyline. And if the game is being developed for PS3, they could probably combine different gaming styles. SC style sneaking, and since R6 and GRAW controls are relatively the same their won't be much modification there.
  5. Okay I have a quick theory. When you click on the FT. Huachucha link, one of the military commanders says they must retake the plaza. Now, the news snippets say that there is a counter attack on Washington D.C. I bet you the plaza reference could apply to L'Enfant Plaza, which is in DC. Now thinking that US relocated the capital to Boston, someone must have taken control of DC. So the US is probably mounting a counter attack to retake DC, at L'Enfant Plaza. I could be way off, but hey, just a thought.
  6. I really think UBI will step up for this game. And believe me, they're gamers like us. Of course the game won't please every1, but personally, I've been quite satisfied with the UBI Tom Clancy franchise. Of course realism is a must, but if you want realism play OFP.
  7. Yeah, it would have to be 22 years after GRAW and GRAW2, which means that we would not be playing Captain Mitchell. Mitchell would be too old to fight if its 22 years after GRAW2. That would mean the game could take place 2034, which is 22 years after the events of GRAW or year 2012. Mitchell was born in 1976 (check the Ghost Recon 2 website for character bios), which would make him 58, if this game would take place 22 years after GRAW2. So yes people, no more Mitchell.
  8. Did some snooping and here what MOS stands for U.S. Army MOS MOS stands for Military Occupational Specialty The MOS code (MOSC), consisting of nine characters, provides more defined information than a soldier's MOS. It is used in automated management systems and reports. The MOSC is used in active and reserve records, reports, authorization documents, and other personnel management systems. The elements of the MOSC are as follows: * First three characters: The MOS. The first two characters are always a number, the third character is always a letter. The two-digit number is usually (but not always) synonymous with the Career Management Field (CMF). For example, CMF 11 covers infantry, so MOS 11B is "Rifle Infantryman". Among the letters, 'Z' is reserved for "Senior Sergeant" (E-8), such that 11Z is "Infantry Senior Sergeant". * The fourth character of the MOSC represents skill level (commensurate with rank and grade): o 0 is used to identify personnel undergoing training for award of a primary MOS (PMOS). o 1 identifies a Private (PV1) through Specialist (SPC) or Corporal (CPL) (also includes Specialist-4 [sP4] for older ranks) o 2 identifies a Sergeant (SGT) (or SP5 for older ranks) o 3 identifies a Staff Sergeant (SSG) (or SP6 for older ranks) o 4 identifies a Sergeant First Class (SFC) o 5 identifies a Master Sergeant (MSG), First Sergeant (1SG), Sergeant Major (SGM) or Command Sergeant Major (CSM). (see MOSC for E-8 and above, below). * Fifth character: A letter or number and a special Qualification identifier (SQI). It may be associated with any MOS unless otherwise specified. Soldiers without any special SQI are assigned the SQI "O" (oscar), often confused as a zero. * Sixth and seventh characters: An additional skill identifier (ASI). They are an alphanumeric combination and may only be associated with specified MOSs, although in practice some ASIs are available to every MOS (i.e. ASI P5 for "master fitness trainer"). Soldiers without any ASIs are assigned the default ASI "YY" (yankee-yankee). * Eighth and ninth characters: Two-letter requirements and qualifications which are a language skill identifier (LSI). Soldiers without a language skill are assigned the default LSI "ZZ" (zulu-zulu). LSI codes can be found in AR 611-6. (source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_Occu...onal_Specialty) MOS 97B stands for: MOS - 97B Counterintelligence Agent (97B) *My edit: Unsure of what the 35L in parenthesis means Having access to the correct information is absolutely necessary to plan for our national defense. Intelligence specialists, such as the Counterintelligence Agent, are integral to providing Army personnel with information about enemy forces and potential battle areas. Intelligence specialists use aerial photographs, electronic monitoring and human observation in order to gather and study information that's required to design defense plans and tactics. The Counterintelligence Agent is primarily responsible for supervising and conducting counterintelligence surveys and investigations of individuals, organizations, installations and activities in order to detect, assess and counter threats to national security. Some of your duties as a Counterintelligence Agent may include: # Studying aerial photographs of foreign ships, bases and missile sites # Studying foreign troop movements and codes # Operating sensitive radios to intercept foreign military communications # Conducting security investigations # Processing counterintelligence evidence # Preparing and distributing counterintelligence reports of Force Protection information to all relevant parties # Performing counterintelligence support to anti-terrorism operations # Consolidating intelligence data # Conducting liaison operations # Maintaining counterintelligence files and databases (source http://www.army.com/resources/item/701) Okay folks, I just figured out what the 18A stands for. Its an Army Spec Forces designation for a Special Forces officer and can usually be a Captain, a la, Captain Mitchell. HE'S ALIVE! BWAHAHAHAHA! But anyways check the link below for more info http://www.goarmy.com/JobDetail.do?id=310 Sorry for the lengthy post, but I have to post this. I just put 2 and 2 together and I'm guessing someone either captured Mitchell or someone very close to him sold his information to the Russians. I'm guessing MOS: 97B (35L) / 18A is directly referring to Captain Mitchell. Mitchell is a Captain and he leads the ghosts (18A). He speaks more than one language and is skilled in counter intelligence operations (97B (35L)). And below that it lists Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces and OCS (Officer's Candidates School) schools which Mitchell has obviously been to during his Army career. So my question now is, what exactly happened to Mitchell after GRAW 2?
  9. Intelligence Planted with political attaché successful >>JSF<< // ENL: 02-07-09 BCT: 14-11-09 … Fort Benning, Ga Memory Beyond Capture: Negative Awareness: Limited This replied on the banner on the Splinter Cell forums. The Russian writing reads the same as the message. Currently collecting intelligence for modification and Dissemination… >>JSF<< // MOS: 97B (35L) \ 18A AIRBORNE, RANGER, SPECIAL FORCES, OCS This appeared on the Rainbow Six Vegas forums banner. Apparently all these places are at Ft. Benning, GA. I'll speculate as to what this means. AND DAMN YOU UBISOFT. You're making me neglect my sociology paper!
  10. Well if Europe is attacking the US, how will team rainbow be affected? If team rainbow falls apart, then what? NOOOOOOO!!!!
  11. It also shows the word "RD HORS" in the transmition ???? the plot thickens and with ref to "RED" have you noticed the Russian type writing in the header were the transmision is ??? Yeah I noticed that and unfortunately the only Russian I know is Da and Spasiba. LOL. But anyways I just thought of something. Notice how one of the sound transmissions speaks about massive EMP explosions. Well remember the ending to GRAW2 when they use an EMP weapon to destroy something. What if that was the spark to the whole mess the US seems to be in, in this new game. It may be a stretch, but I think it definitely has something to do with this.
  12. Hey, I heard somebody mentioned something about a Red Horse. I don't know if any1 noticed this but at the bottom of the transmission it reads Rev 6:4. I went online and looked for the bible verse from the book of Revelations and here is what it says: REV 6:4 And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword. Notice in the beginning it mentions a red horse. Don't know if the bible verse has any relation to the transmission. But its sure worth checking out.
  13. DOes any1 happen to know the name of that rock song in the trailer?
  14. Okay, I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but I have. When I play certain MODs like Frostbite or the new CENTCOM (A GIFT FROM GOD BY THE WAY LOL) everything works fine until I take a look at the helicopters. In other words, whenever the cutscenes play, showing your team being inserted via helicopter, the frame rate drops DRAMATICALLY, like it takes 5 minutes for the helicopter to land, when it would ordinarily take like 30 seconds. I'm a Mac Ghost Reconner and my system has the following stats Powerbook G4 RAM: 1.25GB AGP Graphics Card: GeForce FX Go5200 64MB VRAM Hope someone has a way to alleviate my problem. Thanx fellas.
  15. Okay the MOD (Mac Version) is great, but I just have one problem. I completed Mission 1, then I'm at mission accomplished screen with # of kills, medals earned, and the like. But when I clicked continue my Mac just blanks and CTD. I was searching the thread and saw a file called Mission 1 Fix. Is this the one I need to download to fix the CTD? Sorry to annoy folks here. But thanx anyway guys
  16. Does any1 here have SOCOM 2. If so, does anyone know the name of the band that does that rock song, sung in Portuguese? I think the band's Brazilian, but I'm not sure. If anyone knows the song I'm talking about please tell me the band, b/c I really wanna see what kind of other stuff they got. Thanx.
  17. I should have a Mac compatible version ready in a day or two. I'll post the link here and on Mac Gaming Mods. Thanx a lot man, now I'll get to see what every1s raving about.
  18. I happen to have the unfortunate case of being a Mac Ghost Reconner, lol. Anyways, i was wondering if you guys would be willing to make a mac compatible version of your mod. If not, oh well. I'll just mope around my house b/c i can't play the bestest MOD ever. WAHHHHHHHHH!!! Okay, now I'm calm. Later fellas.
  19. Has any1 made a Mac version of this Mod yet? If so, can some1 please post a link. Thanx
  20. Hey guys, I figured this is one of the only sites I could find with guys that play military games. Now the question I'm asking is whether or not anyone has Jane's AH-64D Longbow, the first game, not Longbow 2 or Flashpoint Korea. The reason I ask is because I always liked to hear the rock song that played in the background of the main menu. I was wondering if anyone has this game and if so, the capability to rip the song from the game. If anyone can help me in my quest for this particular I'd greatly appreciate it. Please if you have the file or a link to where I could possibly find it, anything will do. Thanx for the help people Hangtime8705
  21. Oh I got all of Jimi Hendrix, I was just wondering if this rendition was on the web anywhere. Thanx for the help tho.
  22. Hey, any1 know if this song can be found via P2P software. I mean I don't if the song was made specifically for this game. If not, then I wanna know where it is. NOW! Okay. I'm calm. LOL
  23. Head over to gametrailers.com for the new trailer.
  24. Which one is it gonna be, quimosabe? ← Definately take the newest one man. U can scrap the first two I did. I think they suck.
  25. Here is my second submission people. Enjoy.
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