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  1. Does the same thing happen on the Xbox 360? If not then its a bug but if it does, then its obviously part of the game added in for realism. So can someone who has tryed the 360 version tell us? To me it just sounds like a clipping thing.
  2. Oh i know that feeling brother, after playing on the Alphasquad server earlier on the polling map doin 110 FF even though there were 10 of us, i got cocky n swung around a corner only to b confronted with prob 10 tango's so i had to quickly swing back around which i did PHEW and yeah, GR1 really does immerse u, hopefully the add-on will even address that more.
  3. Definately not when it comes to shooters though, its such a pain the butt lining up the reticule for a highly accurate shot when u have 0.40 seconds to do it correct! I'm finding this very annoying in Soldiers of Fortune II on xbox, i mean it does have auto-aim but I don't want that, I'd much prefer to line the shot up myself.
  4. Mexico is not simply one type of enviroment. You have urban type areas. Run down areas Very exclusive type living areas. Industrial type areas. So it is very diverse type of enviroment, this feel is within the game. So you do not need to worry on this aspect. ← Thank god for that then, i was scared it might end up like all the urban us ranger army type shooters that are comin out at the moment like Close Combat: First To Fight type thing where all the maps feel the same. thanks alot Colin
  5. Will the maps and MP maps feel generic? Seeming how they will all probably be the same environment. For instance in GR1 you have Embassy and Red Square along with the River map (mission 5 i think), both all drasticly different and very unique and favourable, now the thing is certain maps were loved for great MP capabilities in Team vs Team, Siege and CO-OP. Now will we get this generic feeling with the urban maps? or will there be some unique MP maps totally different from the Mexican urban landscape? That is the question we really need answered in my opinion. Are we gonna get maps that are all DRASTICALLY different from each other, or generic urban maps that will make each one feel like the same? Like I said its my greatest fear about the game, after playing some online games on Red Square and facing its uniqueness from and fun, after all thats what its all about "fun", and I fear if we only get mexican urban MP maps, the fun will fall drastically as each match will feel the same as the one before. We need variety and uniqueness like facing MP Docks then Ghost Town to really have a GREAT MP game. Lets hope the GRAW team thought of that with the MP aspect. Thanks, Terry
  6. Not Hawai'i ... we've had solid rains for over a month. Flashfloods, etc. Thunderstorms outside right now. ← LOL gee wish I was able to complain about having to put up with a bit of rain in Hawaii
  7. Can u actually eneter buildings with rooms ala GR1? or is it just like bunker's n stuff like that? That's wat's really missing from the new GR series takin the war zone to a higher level.
  8. yeah thats in Aus dollars which is about US$0.75. another BIG negative about GRAW on xbox/ps2 is u can't go prone, only stand and crouch so it's pretty much like ur playing the console version of Rainbow Six.
  9. I was in a hurry when i made the thread and had to get off the pc as soon as i hit reply so i had planned to come back with my points.... *Campaign only took 6 HOURS to complete!!! *You can fully recharge your health and ammo from some supply vehicle! So u don't even limp like in GR1 u just lose health ala arcade shooters, so it's pretty much a health pack. *Even when ur AI buddy is set on so called "stealth" he'll still run out into the open nearly 20 or so metres away and fire at enemies, just not at will when on red, which is basically the same as stealth just that he fires maybe 10 shots more! *The early missions start out good but then the last half turns to crap, u actually have a mission where u go through arcade style chasms (forgot word). *It takes more than enough bullets to kill enemies *You don't get to choose what weapon u want, u get given it. I very much wanted to use the M8 but am always stuck with the MRC. *Like I said the squad AI is TERRIBLE, like a 5th rate Full Spectrum Warrior almost. *You can blow up armoured cars with a GL! *It just isn't viable on the xbox, the xbox clearly doesn't have enough power to run it, and so it plays like a beta version of GRAW on the 360, its like the beta version of 360 at 10% completion that's wat it feels like! *No quick mission modes, u can only replay missions ONLY, no fire fight, no recon, nothing just replay missions. *Chuck on GR2: Summit Strike seriously after playing GRAW on xbox and it seriously feels like GR1! GR2 is insanely hard after playing GRAW....oh yeah... *Hard to be killed unless at very close range *You'll find ur rifle set on either burst or auto for most of the game as the only way to even kill an enemy with one or two shots is a pop to the head! I don't really see it as that big point but about that point with xbox not bein powerful enough, the graphics are really really poor when compared to GR2! Is that constructive enough? I understand now y it has been getting 5/10's in xbox reviews. If your seriously seriously thinking about buying it RENT IT FIRST PLEASE because i know what us GR fans are like, i bought it as soon as i saw it because im such a GR addict, i couldn't rent though because the store was selling it 5 days before everyone else. And also it was $100 because that's how much new games cost here in Australia, most 3rd party 360 games are going for $120! Microsoft ones are around $90-100.
  10. I was praising it when i first got it because it starts out really well, but then GOD DAMN you'd think u were playing some new fangled delta force or some other mediocre arcade game! Nothing like Ghost Recon AT ALL! Save ur money for pc or 360 version, its not worth it, pfft u can fully recharge health! very bad. worst $100 i ever spent here i come ebay.
  11. yeah well i clocked it today after playing it all up over the past few days for 6 hrs!! it started out really good but went very very bad near the end because it went almost completely arcade like! I thought all the negative talk about the xbox version was just GR1 vet's being narrow minded but they're not it really is a bad game! im taking it back and exchanging it for somethine else.
  12. I bought the xbox version because the 360 is a lonnggg way away from me cost wise, its currently $650 here and im hoping to wait until christmas or a year and half (pfft a new GR will b prob b out by then heh) til i get it, so i was wondering.... ...are the maps and missions exactly the same? or is the xbox version completly different from the 360 version mission n etc wise? I like the xbox version but from wat i've read about the 360 n pc version it seems like a demo with how its missing alot of features due to the xbox's limited power i suppose, and if the 360 version is COMPLETLY different then it'll make me feel alot better when i buy it n not feel like im buying the same game twice . also in the 360 version does it have those supply units that recharge ur health fullly? because it makes the xbox version seem real arcade like, but im guessing it was done because of limited power to make it to the full GRAW potential on xbox. and if any of u have played both versions how much bigger are the 360 maps compared to the xbox's in single player? heh like i said by the time i eventually get the 360 and GRAW (y i want it just for graw n future GR) i reckon a new one will b out with how GR has become so popular now, its a hell of alot popular when GR1 came out, so i guess the GR franchise is cemented for future generations YAY .
  13. im suprised they didn't choose Andy McNabb for the supervising role, lol.
  14. *joy instead of job if any mod can fix that thanks Wow it really does relieve ur stress and all day after i've had a buzz in me after completing a 110 Fire Fight on the Alpa Squad server with the reg's, but the thing that made me even feel more complete n happier was the fact that all i had was a m16 +GL, a weapon most disregard in terms of mods nowadays and in GR generally as being a (forgot the word) lower quality weapon in the game yet.... ...i was able to outlast everyone including the elite Cruusher who i have played with alot over my GR years, not only that but i took most kills! WITH A M16! whilst everyone else has SD M4's or wat not, which made it even more incredible! The map was Swamp, a very exciting FF map especially when u attack the islands straight up the middle which i was doin and being surrounded by many a tango. Ah the joys of winning and surviving one of the great rushes Ghost Recon will give u, if u earn it! *EDIT* oh yeah here are my stats for that mission by the way just for those that might have wanted to see em Shot Kills: 16 Shots Fired: 119 Shot Accuracy: 14.3% Explosion Kills: 15 I Also single handedly attacked the 2 storey house with the M16 well mostly with the M203, but boy it was fun, i had tango's creeping up on me from both sides of outside the house (was firing from front near front door). Also had 3 Tango's charge at me on one island but was able to take each out with a m203 nade, very very addrenalin pumping fun GR is .
  15. its cool dude , all thats on the BC site is that server program, pity, it was so much fun to play on, and where i started in my early days of GR multiplayer. Im only into coop now, but if it ever did come back, i would surely come out of TvT retirement.
  16. sorry i meant i want to PLAY on the Battalion Command server, but its dissappeared and u still have it listed on the main page, where can i find the server to play on?
  17. It was really enjoyable to play on with how the site kept stat's of how u were going, and it was so much fun always just playing Search & Rescue but what happened to it? the ip on the main gr.net page doesn't work for me.
  18. On average and it's kinda weird, im finding that it takes me nearly exactly 30 minutes on the dot to complete missions on Elite. (In GR2 some take just on average 15 mins) Any1 else the same? I like it when u come across missions where u can take ur time n take nearly an hr to finish missions (did this once with a GR Summit Strike mission). Also wat r some good missions downloads for just GR (including IT + DS)? I play with mods all the time online so i like to play without them offline to add some freshness (yeah i know its weird lol). So what missions should i download that use all of GR (with expansion packs) where the missions are light on tanks, i don't a few, but i prefer infantry fire fights. thanks
  19. Mine is 2-2-2: Alpha (Assault) - 2 Riflemen, one with frags other with grenade launcher Bravo (Defence) - 1 specialist Support + support or rifleman Charlie (Sniper) - 1 specialist sniper + support or rifleman or another sniper This is my most favourite formation as i can really use it well with tactics, although i kinda made my Assault team scout to far on the stronghold (desert siege map) to far, past the hospital and just near the village just to be cut down by swarming enemy coming from over the hill, was my greatest Ghost Recon moment in the 3 years that i've been playing, it was a really intense fire fight where i lost 3 men.
  20. LOL get ready for the posts about Barbie Horse Adventure being backwards compatible but not so and so else lol.
  21. If its the mission from the PC version that im thinking of the reason for being shot is that your driving speed was to high when u arrived at the checkpoint, im pretty sure u have to arrive at a slow speed so nothing looks suspicious. Awesome game, its sounds like there is ALOT of new missions in the campaign when compared to the PC version, the only major thing u guys are missing out on are the ADD-ONS! Go to this site and check out just wat u can download for the PC version, you'll feel like ur in heaven! http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?special=a...les/addons.html They're re-releasing OFP on pc as Armoured Assault as you all know of course, so all those mods will b back but better.
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