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  1. It died because everyone went on to COD 4 Hardcore DM which is in all reality the real Ghost Recon 2 with the way it plays: *You can hide in the grass in ur ghillie suite *u can kill with 1-2 hits *You can actually hide in the bushes *Shoot through walls *u use ur actual weapon sights not some crappy reticule that when something bright goes behind it cannot be seen *has true innovation *can go inside buildings (all rooms acessible) *Furthermore has SPECTACULAR camoflauge Now looking back at that list what does it remind u of? thats right the Ghost Recon 2 wishlist! Thats why GRA
  2. How long has the game been out? and how many patches have come out for GRAW2 on the 360 that still don't fix the microphone bug? yeah exactly! It's a major bug in the game as u have to exit to the main menu of GRAW2 to fix it, yet RSE or UBI have done NOTHING to fix it! So many matches have been ruined as ur mates have to leave and come back later because of it, its very very frustrating and it just amazes me that oOoO we're working on a map pack, oOoO we brought out patches but NEVER has this one single major bug been fixed! It happens when ever u get disconnected from a match or l
  3. i deleted it after playing both co op and deathmatch, and im a HARDCORE [GR] fan. -i hate that when u select a different item it centers the screen -i hate the glitch that when u reload the hud gets stuck and u can't change weapons or anything for about 10 seconds -i hate that u can only down the other team n not kill them, pretty sad for a official army game as death is apart of the army in a big way so i don't know why they would hide it. -the aiming is crap -i did have fun but 10 minutes is so limited for a co op demo, i just don't know y they don't atleast give us 30 minutes, then w
  4. if i could have one single questions answered by RSE it would simply be...... ....why have all the cool buildings featured in the Embassy map and this new map pack from the orig GR and IT all been closed up? The bank and hotel were main parts of the Embassy map with how you could enter them, so i'd really like to know why these integral features were removed. If its the issue of not being able to open doors, couldn't they have simply been removed? or a new command coded in for the Y button?
  5. youtube video has been removed, why is that?
  6. there is a mode in COD4 that wasn't in the BETA where u can basically play it like Ghost Recon with a 2 hit kill i think, its realistic mode. fantastic game, i love it more than GRAW2, would be awesome if Ghost Recon became like COD4 in the graphics department. And if it went back to FPS like COD4, but i guess our true Ghost Recon sequel is the America's Army game coming out on the 360.
  7. Haven't played it for about a year as my pc isn't good enough for the new ones and i have a 360 so i've been playing GRAW 1 & 2 on them. I own GRAW2 online and find it a tad boring now. Any woo i reinstalled GR1 last night on the pc and my sister setup surround sound for her pc AND OMG! GR1 sounds SO AWESOME! on surround sound! I grabbed out my old mod discs and re-installed WoW3 (my all time fav GR1 mod) and am currently upto the 3rd mission, and of course im playing the campaign on Elite the way it should be played . God GRAW2 is nowhere near as good as this hot piece of a
  8. how awesome would it be if the next Ghost Recon game played like Ghost Recon 1 but with Call of Duty 4 graphics! It would seriously be a bigger seller than the GRAW franchise that feels more like it is aimed at 13 yr olds. How much fun was it ay! When you would load up GR1 on the net and play with actual soldiers, the game was that great that we'd find ourselfs playing with real life soldiers! real life police officers! We need something like COD4 that plays exactly like GR1 with not 3 hit kills like in GRAW but 1 hit kills like GR1. And with a whole squad where u control any member like
  9. One game..............CALL OF DUTY 4! Everytime i played the demo i couldn't stop thinking of Ghost Recon Orig and thinking to myself "man why weren't the sequels to GR like this?". Hopefully the next GR game is like GR where your a unit and not a hero. We don't want hero's we want tactics as a proper team, a proper fire team, a proper special forces team, a proper ranger team. We want 1st person so we're led to believe that, thats us in the game fighting for our own lives. Like when we first played Ghost Recon Orig and everytime we came close to a firefight we felt that cold drip of
  10. On the back of the aussie version of GRAW 2 on the PS3 it says it has 40 maps all up after both map packs but i think its a typo, but no to above we have the same maps now as the PS3
  11. LOL reminds me of when my favourite weapon mod of ALL TIME Weapons of War or Weapons of Infamy or something like WOW or WoW got cancelled after 2 entries because of a crash! I was so hyped about number 3 as 2 was THE best GR weapons mod i had EVER EVER EVER EVER played.
  12. The first mission, with the helicopter intro on easy will give you all your quick missions achievements. Just remember for some achievements to take it slow so u start all firefights etc
  13. Im not after the military rank, but i have all the achievements so im going for my rank on the actual leaderboard as a sniper and as such dont go care what military rank the people are that I play against, e.g. just before i was Level 5 happily playin against people going form 1 to 3 and enjoying myself alot as everyone was having fun.
  14. We as a Ghost Recon community have asked for alot in the past about what we wanted in the next generation of GR games, whilst some of it has been put in and others have not. One major essence of the whole game has been lined up in front of a concrete wall and shot to tatters with a M240B! Why? Why have Ubisoft sullied the Ghost Recon name with a rankings system that has turned players into ego-maniacs and not ones who just want to enjoy the game. For those unaware, in GRAW 2 in rankings you get a number placed beside your name which equals a military rank e.g. 1 = private 5 = sergeant etc.
  15. My room feels so much sexier with a Xbox 360 instead of the orig xbox, which was big black n clunky, now i got a white sex box.
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