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  1. Hi I am one of those OGR PC players, and I just wanted to say how I enjoy playing GRAW 2 Multiplayer. I think they did a great job with this. I was shocked to hear Future soldier is going to third person view, and a console port. That is to me a one eighty from the basics of what one would like to see in a new title of Ghost Recon. Bill.
  2. Well said. With RSE in the driving seat, there can be no reason why Ubisoft cannot deliver a successor true to its roots; squad based, tactical, and moddable. There has never been a time for Ghost Recon fans to be more excited. I have been away from this whole GR turn about for awhile hoping that i would get back to see some ground roots info for us PC players. However i just read about the psp the Wi and just all other aspects of this platform. I comend any [GR] PC players for hanging in there if there still around with a ray of hope for a PC version. I just had to chime in and say that if there any of you [GR] PC players still hanging in there, you are for sure a determined individual. BILL.
  3. I just have figured out what is going on with the GR series. HALO, I am almost positive that this is what has happened. HALO has trumped in sales, so there you have it money prevails. The only thing is they are not going to compete with that, they are going to try though. In this process have totally gotten away from RECON, stealth, and real military tactics. Sux gettin older, I just hate kiddie console games that you shelf in a day or so.
  4. In certain aspects of gaming, such as in multiplayer, competing in TDM or coop. I feel that this game could be fun, as long as the sci fi stuff is obsolete. Being that you just have your rifle and are going at it so to speak. The graphics and realism must be top notch in character. The funny part about all this partaining to the GR series is that this game just failed to follow it's roots and that the more we ask for the ole GR pc game we really fell in love with, it just gets more off the charts with the scifi series of games. We probably should have asked for drones and robotics years ago and might of wound up with a gem of a game by now, being that we have just just been ignored considerably along the way. I think GRIN was forced to do the future soldier bit, but did a really decent job with realism and game play for multiplayer, graphics are pretty cool as well. My point being if Future soldier can give us something stunning with some nice gameplay, we could make this game our own again for the community. I really for see a console port and just really can't believe what [GR] pc did to me, It just turned me into a military sim junky, and here I am just wishful thinking being that this is a GR title being created by RSI, just hoping that there might be something there that we can enjoy and build a community around. I think we know how easy this could be for these developers to create a really bitchin realistic game on the basis of [GR].
  5. My Main concern for this title is that it not be a console port and that there be a specific team to make this for the pc. Such as in Graw 2 turned out nicely imo, as far as multiplayer TDM and the like. Least that is what I am into. I just feel it will be a waist of time for all us pc players to get all worked up about what will or won't be in this next title. My belief is that we all must lobby for a game made specifically for each individual platform. I saw this let down in [OFP: DR], a port that just was for the kiddies. We all know what we should expect from the ole GR pc days. Just the kick ass graphics we want. The game play was there. We have to put time and effort into our rigs, not to mention dollars too. I am really not a whinner, I just want peeps to realize that maybe we have been pushed out of the market. If so let us know so we don't waist our time and effort on getting our hopes up AGAIN. Can anyone relate. Respectfully Bill.
  6. If and when this game gets developed, I would think that it would be a great mistake to develope this game for crossplatform use. I personally think out of all the FPS i have played, and as much whinning and complaining i have read over that, still Graw 2 has produced a better game for the PC mind you. For myself I stummbled over Ghost Recon PC and that is what my experience with FPS has lead me, to compare every FPS to Ghost Recon series of games. I personally am very impressed with Graw 2 functionability, in the multiplayer aspect of this game, TDM, SEIGE although i think seige is a little off from Ghost Recon version I have had and still do have lots of fun playing GRAW 2 online. I would like to point out the graphics and function of this game outstand many newer titles, I don't even half to mention cause i know most of you have compared and see the difference in gameplay and quality of graphics and eye candy in this title. I say this confidiently cause it is so obvious to me. I have always stated that if UBI would have just funded one more title to GRIN to produce GR3 this would have been a jewel, such as Ghost Recon. To me they where getting it, and where right on track. For me if they would have produced the first Ghost Recon maps with the direction they where coming off of with GRAW 2, we would be in such good shape and would be playing this title with in a strong community that we all wished for in the later days of playing Ghost Recon. That being said, I am just confirming the importance of this next title to be produced specifically for PC, or vice versa, console. Two seperate titles. Of course bringing some guys on from GRIN to help produce this next title would be a major plus in my opinion. Respectfully Bill. I also would like to bring out the fact that the sound in Graw 2 was really great. Thanks.
  7. Well said. With RSE in the driving seat, there can be no reason why Ubisoft cannot deliver a successor true to its roots; squad based, tactical, and moddable. There has never been a time for Ghost Recon fans to be more excited. I too am looking forward to GR produced by RSE, this should be exciting. I just hope that this is not going to be a console port. If so then i just don't see this game turning out the way we want it. I think if we get a game specifically made for the PC, then there is reason to anticipate a really good title of GR 4. Nothing against console players, it is just that these are two seprate monsters. Does anyone know if we are going to get a game made just for the PC? Respectfully Bill.
  8. I would just like to point out that Graw2 IMO is really a great functioning game. I have purchase Arma2 and whata flop that is. To be able to go back to Graw2 is really nice to have. All the other FPS, i feel just don't have what Graw2 has either. I always thought Grin did a great job with Graw2. I wish they would be givin a chance on GR4 actually. I play alot of multiplayer TDM, seige. I just am pleased that i can still play somewhat like the old days like with GR pc. To me this is the closest thing to an upgrade to GR pc is Graw2. I am hesitant to purchase [OFP: DR] but probably will. I just would like to let folks know that, don't be surprized if that is a flop too, and you find yourself coming back to Graw2. I hate to bash a game or be negitive, I just think GRIN needs to be apperiated. I feel they do have a very good functioning game with some really top notch graphics and sound is excellent. The problem with cheaters is a problem though. Respectfully Bill
  9. This i think would really be great, to see the ghost back in Georgia. I think an extensive upgrade with nice graphics and we be good to go, of course game play is a must.
  10. I'm just thinking here that for some strange reason, UBI just does not know how to get this GR sequel out of house. Whether it be managment pulling this game in different directions trying to make this a console kid game to make mega bucks or RSI isn't around to and given sole direction and works to pull off another GR with and extensive upgrade for us. Obviously the greed factor has taken control over this game. The short end of the stick is what we got. With lots of wishful thinking along the way. By them giving this game over to GRIN says it all. I would almost like to see GRIN have another shot at it scince they put GRAW 2 out, I really think they are on the right track as far as multiplayer TDM and seige I like to play. I am thinking give them a go with the Ghost back in Georgia, i would put my bucks there. Respectfully Bill.
  11. I like GRAW 2, I think i got a little off track with replying to the previous post there. I was really hoping GRIN/UBI could continue with the GR series.
  12. My question is why did they use this platform to begin with if that is the case. I feel these developers are just not using the platform that started this series to begin with. I realize that times change and there are the youngsters out there wanting to run and gun i suppose. It just seems to me that the focus for creating a game for a younger crowd is just an exploitation of the classic GR game. I feel that the younger audience, teen rating would enjoy the core basics of the GR original series. I actually think GRAW 2 was a success in many aspects of the GR game. I just feel that they where on the right track and then they just dropped the ball on this series. Graphics are decent and weapons and sound are really nice IMO. I am a multi player so the coop is a little out of whack in many aspects, I can see lots of gripping in that area, sorta glitchy and all sorts of issues. I have a strong feeling the Grin learned alot about development in this series and i would like to see them come out with a up to snuff recompilation or the Ghosts back in Georgia fending off Russians trying to obscure missile defense plans in the region. I just think that Grin was on the right track with GRAW 2 and that idea of a new series with those old maps redone would be a great game. Bill
  13. My question is, why not an expansion pac, i'm a multiplayer, and im thinking if Grin/Ubi could come out with the old GR maps for us.....Man i think they could make some serious bucks right there. It just seems they would have no problems doing this, and that it would be profitable for them. I honestly think peeps would even pay full price for this software. I just always wanted a decent upgrade from the first title...GR pc that is, and i think giving us those old maps with the current platform would be suffient. After playing online for awhile and reading the disscussions about why this title has not taken off, or the lack of support, i strongly believe that this request for the Original GR maps would just be enough to launch this game, and im thinking coming really close to giving us what we wanted as a GR community from the start. Knowing there are alot of opinions and wants, that i know have been left behind now in the arcives, man we where really wanting more of the same and pleading for it I know. Just i think Graw2 gives us alot of what we want. I actually like the weapon action Alot, and graphics are decent IMO, I feel that if those maps where givin to us.......wow would that be fun. Respectfully Bill.
  14. I just think it's a shame we couldn't get the old GR maps remade for us PC players. That would be so nice, i think that would just launch this game.
  15. Now this would explode this community into entire bliss, if UBI would come out with an expansion pack with all the old [GR] maps remade, all multiplayer capable, and it gets you to think almost ....why haven't they already have done this for us ....man that would rock.
  16. I think Grin did a really good job on this game as far as and upgrade in characters, weapons, explosions and graphics in general with Graw 2. I think peeps can tolerate this aspect of the game. It's pretty darn fun shooting these weapons and they sound great too. I feel they could have made this a mature rating but .....that didn't happen. My point being I think they just missed the boat on just keeping this a realistic tact sim obviously, people are disapointed. That also being said is that IMO they just missed, but not by much. If they only would have just stuck to [GR] essence of play, they would have hit there target. It is almost as if they dumbed it down a bit for the youngsters out there.....this type of game is not about that at ALL. Lots of peeps have stated they think this game was rushed and not done for the [GR] sequel, this seems to be true in many aspects, however i feel that Grin has the capbability to pull this game off the right way IMO. It just seems that the attention for this type of game is over looked for profits, or something, it needs to be mature gritty, heavy, a serious tact sim.
  17. I feel that GRAW 2 has alot of potential. That being said, obviously this issue of lack of support for this game is coming to a head. My first thoughts are, is GRIN going to continue on with support of any kind, are they going to give us a map pack of any sorts, these are questions that need to be addressed to the community. In my mind I feel that we should be let know what there intentions are! That only seems right. It is as if GRIN fell off the map, or just has moved on. I have stated negitives about this development in the past, but that didn't stop them for producing GRAW 2, so the back lashing couldn't be the reason for not communicating with us, it just seems the monies are just not being put back into this title. This i just can't seem to figure cause this game rocks in many aspects, and just some more content and maps would just be a great start for even something better as time goes on If the focus was there, IMO. I just don't see them dropping the ball with all that was put into this game. On the multiplayer side i just think GRIN sold them selves short by not implementing all there maps for us to utilize. It is all most obvious to me that the only reason this would be done is to come back at a later date and say look here is some more maps and content, but get your wallet out. However we don't even here from GRIN. They must have some sort of gag order or something. You got me. I just feel it would be responsible to inform us what if any thing is going to be coming out in the near future. Bill
  18. I agree here, this game is really much better with the looks, and gameplay is decent. Comparing it to [GR]. I have gone back to play [GR] and it just does not have the appeal that GRAW 2 has, i just love the intense action, gernade explositions and the firing of weapons is quite wicked....this i love about graw. I strongly feel that if we get some beautiful maps and some surprises with a map package, that i feel most of us would purchase, that would include multiplayer, THEN we'd be off and running BIG TIME. I think that this would be a shame .....and waste if there where not something coming down the pike. Bill
  19. I feel that GRAW 2 is pretty good game. I am a Multiplayer and feel that this is lots of fun online. I really think this game could take off if Grin would come out with a map pack of course. I was looking at the 360 version of the co-op maps of [GR] made up for Graw 2, and they look sweet. If we could get some verity in this game with a map pack, i just don't see how peeps could be discouraged about that. Hope to here from Grin. This would be really great.
  20. I would have to agree, if there is and opportunity for GRIN to give us and expansion pack for Multiplayer use as well, then i think this game is off and running. Maybe add some weapons and some tweaks here and there and man this game is not bad at all.
  21. Well I don't know what I'm doing. I have downloaded dusk maps and then i went and downloaded winzip, and then i think i unzipped the file.... and then i think i copied it but i start graw with just putting the cd in the drive and the F drive runs it so i am not sure how to paste the custom level file deal so i am just lost. Can any one shed some light on this for me. Thanks Bill [post split from unrelated thread & merged with your original thread on this]
  22. I think that some of the complaints and neccessary changes to be made are obvious to what a person who plays Ghost Recon should be. I for one thought that the one shot one kill was a very big topic going into this sequel. Knowing that these are advanced war fighters give you much protection in the field is now very obvious for it takes nearly a whole clip or a particularly good, or maybe should i say lucky shot to bring someone down, particularly in MP. For some reason i have not experience much lag at all with GRAW compared to [GR], by shooting a barrel or such that seems to tell me that the time line from squeezing the trigger and the impact of the bullet is really quite accruate in timing IMO. It just frustrates me to work so hard in tactics to just bounce some bullets off some guys armor, and then there is the possiblity ole boys got that sniper rifle on him, so this just creates problems that are clear and annoying. It makes for more frag use as well for the fact that you see a tango and your primary weapon is not getting the job done, well this leaves you with the option of using your frag way to much IMO. I think that if the OICW futuristic approach for weapondry would be a more of a balance that would provide for better game play IMO. In MP the limitations of maps is really a bummer. I just don't understand that at all. I think the weapon use is pretty cool though, but I do understand what your complaint is on the limited view when scoping with a weapon. It is a toss up on what to pick, I end up getting frustrated with that as well. I think that has alot to do with trying to pick a weapon that is going to bring your enemy down as quick as possible. The gore aspect of this game is missing........what can you do. I feel that the HUD for your friendlies could be toned down considerably, i feel the name above the player reduced in size would be sufficent, also when your team mate is traveling through the map there is no need to see his location through large mountains and buildings and such. When getting killed i feel that hearing the impact of a bullet is really cool like in [GR], and you don't get that in GRAW I feel that in the most arcade aspect of GRAW, and then the screen turns red and I don't like that. That could be simplified. I feel the upgrade in visuals is pretty cool, and the firing of weapons and the in game sounds are very impressive. Just some opinons. Thanks
  23. I was hoping to get some help on installing these mp maps, i have downloaded Vhladd Fog Dusk Maps, they are in a folder, then i click on that it brings me to downloads and i see that Fog Dusk Maps are downloaded, but i don't have a clue what to do next, or if im going in the right direction with this, all i know is that they are downloaded i just need some direction on emplimenting these into the game of course. I am not much on mods and such and feeling embarrassed to ask for help but im enjoying GRAW and wish to expand this map variety. pls to help, much apperciated. Bill
  24. Yes i was wondering, I have a core 2 1.86 ghz processer, the game seems to be running fine, is this a big difference in performance? i really was unaware of this 2.0 requirment. Thanks. Bill
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