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  1. I believe the caseless ammo helps the gun achieve a high rate of fire, so a 3 round burst can be fired before recoil causes the gun to move. On the CRYE the placement of the magazine seems advantageous to me. With a traditional weapon clip like in a M-16, if you end up hitting the clip on the ground, this can result in a double feed. So with the Crye, if you dive to the ground or fire from a prone postion on the ground, you don't have to worry about the gun clip striking the ground as much and feeding two rounds.
  2. In the first developer chat, I think they mentioned they improved the network code for GRAW, so hopefully that will help the situation.
  3. Both the Team X-Box and 1UP previews mention up to 16 players for online co-op. Team X-Box GRAW preview link 1UP GRAW preview link It's awesome that you can have up to 16 player co-op. Is this for any map?
  4. They probably decided well in advance of the launch not to release it. You have to buy advertising space in print and T.V. well ahead of a games release. It wasn't some last minute decision. GRAW 360 is ambitious and getting development kits late certainly wouldn't have helped the situation. It's powered by a new engine on a new platform, so I'm sure the extra development time is going to result in a much more solid game overall.
  5. Well there is so much debate on the topic that I don't believe you can come to a final decision on what's "better". I'll say this though, I have played both native 720p and native 1080i on my crt. My CRT's native res is 540p & 1080i. I let my 360 do the converting from 720p to 1080i and both look amazing regardless of the native res. Really I just don't see much difference. That said I have never had the chance to test a native 720p set to my 1080i set. ← Just to clarify, when I mentioned CRT's in my post I was referring to direct view CRT's not rear projection. From an earlier post you did, I think you showed a 42 inch rear projection CRT, while releated to CRT's it's a slighty different technology. The best way to do a real comparison is like you've suggested and have two set's side by side displaying the same image.
  6. I would guess 1080i on the right type of display would be better than 720p. For example, the new Sony SXRD sets have a native 1080p resolution, so it will be able to handle 1080i at full resolution no problem. Now if you tried 1080i on a Cathode Ray Tube HDTV, the image quality would probably be very poor. Most CRT don't have a native resolution of 1920x1080, they do some hardware/software tricks to support it. It's critical to know what the native resolution of a TV is. TV's are covered in marketing bs. The same thing with a LCD, Plasma, or DLP that support 1080i but has a native resolution of 1280x720. Manufactures put the 1080i for HDTV to comply with broadbast HDTV standards, but the image might look odd because it's downconverting the image to fit into its native resolution. So, for a fair side by side comparison between 720p vs. 1080i, it would have to be done on a 1080p native resolution display. Probably either a newer Texas Instruments DLP like a Samsung or Sony SXRD. Even though 1080i is "interlaced" and only renders half of the horizontal lines every other refresh (this is where the 1920x540 resolution comes from), the resolution you percieve is really 1920x1080. The other 540 lines aren't being cut out of the final image, just the "even numbered lines" refreshed on one cycle, then then the "odd numbered" on the next. You still see 1920x1080 lines of resolution. A game with around 2 million pixels (1080i) vs 1 million pixels (720p)...hmm. The reality is 1080i has a much higher resolution than 720p, but it isn't digital like 720p. How smooth the image will be would be intresting to compare. 1080i I think would be sharper even though it's interlaced and I doubt 720p would be noticable smoother.
  7. Since GRAW is surpassing the minimal audio spec of 5.1 by having 7.1 sound support, I was wondering if GRAW XB360 will support a higher resolution than the minimum standard of 720p(1280x720)? XB360 resolution support is supposed to go all the way up 1080i (1920x1080). Anyone know if GRAW 360 will support 1080i?
  8. Why isn't the nation of Japan represented with the ranking system? It's one of the countries thats in the intial launch wave of Xbox 360 and people there have access to a great broadband infastructure. During the Tokyo game show for the XB360, Ghost Recon's trailer was a part of the intial unveiling. Not a good start to welcoming potential new customers in the land of the rising sun to the Ghost Recon franchise. I'm a bit suprised Australia isn't represented either.
  9. When you say arcade, what do you mean? Is a game arcade if it doesn't handicap those that think and react quickly?
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