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    SOCOM 3

    I played SOCOM2 a few times at my brother's crib. I loved the game. Its deep in gameplay and for some reason i cant recall, the game felt authentic.
  2. Will we be able to see our guns on screen during FPV? It doesnt matter to me but, im just curious.
  3. Good interview. But i was hoping for an explanation of the cover system. Will it hinder you when you are suddenly attacked? Will it be easy to get out of cover? Is there a button to press? Those sre the things i want to know.
  4. It think its the halth status of your teammates or Rate of fire mode.
  5. I cant get video here at work, but i heard the audio....NICE! I thought it was a clip from black hawk down. I like it.
  6. Wait a minute. Didnt we have an option to play an "ARCADE" version in GR1 and GRIT? Why dont they do that for 3?
  7. Thanks, I remember seeing this view also in a GRIT trailer,I think( im problaly wrong) it was a special features option in Splinter Cell one.
  8. I understand completly what you are saying. I also like the choice. But prefer one if it was up to me. I still think that the devs can touch on this a little more and try to accomodate for everyone. Anyways this is what i was trying to explain earlier about OTS aproaching a obstacle: http://www.1up.com/media?id=2295164 KInda small tho.
  9. I didnt mind the transition from FPS to 3rd person. I loved it and because of it i was waiting impatiently for GR2. BUT, it wasnt the same feeling I got when i played GR1 and GR:IT. It became a " I gotta find a corner or rock quick!" I would run to a rock or corner the instance we picked our weapons. I felt like a robot on every board that i played. Doing the same ole tactics. I dont even walk anymore in GR. I used to walk alot,use my head, plan a path of attack or look for a nice cover spot to buy me some time, and gather my thoughts on my current situation, whether i was attacking, defending or covering. I couldnt even play [GR] drunk! I cannot play [GR] drunk. I couldnt think well and my reaction time suffered badly. Now thats what i call realism. But in GR2 since, IMO got socomed/halofied. I can play drunk with the best of them...crazy. I just sit behind a rock all game, or just run and gun it. Spraying like some fool yelling " ###### YA'LL!!!" Anyways i think RSE can fix the OTS issue. Here is a suggestion..Mind you im not a game developer, im just a security guard. But look: Why dont RSE make it so if youre in OTS, and a person happens to approach a obstacle (Wall,rock,etc...) the camera pans in and down where the player cannot see over the obstacle. All the player can see is his/her head and shoulders. I think i seen it in done in a pick i recently seen. Ill find it then try to explain better.
  10. Same here. I wished the game would also give us the option on usin the SOCOM M4.
  11. Whussup!?(first post) Anyway, i was real upset that the game got delayed. GRAW was the main reason that i was getting a 360. But then again if the devs are gonna use the extra time to develop a great game,then i guess its cool. The delay also helped me out because, i was trying to figure out how i was gonna buy a 360+ a game, along with the deposit money for an a apt. Now i guess ill just wait till february.
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