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  1. nice compilation (ther could be some weapons pics there)
  2. What kind of bandwidth for internet are you using?
  3. Afghanistan, Iraq and Colombia should be the theater of war (for sp and mp). Maps must be big and approach of attack more versatile. Cross com 2.0 is excellent and should be expanded (regarding giving orders to your team). HUD should not include that in.screen footage of people talking to you and should be more basic, millitary-like. Planning of operation needs to be encouraged. A pointing cursor should be abolished and replaced with red laser dot for aming and with target aim for precise sniping. A camera behind the soldier and movement of the solider must be more synergetic, connected (watch Full metal jacket for camera flow). A console version needs to drop that fear of being seriours millitary game. More and better graphics design and animation.
  4. If you are refering on giving specific individual commands through crosscom, that is in on 360 version.
  5. Yes, i thought they would made it slower this time than the first. Actually it should be slower than the first. Serrelan please rescue this situation because game is almost perfect.
  6. I guess this could be solved with a patch, just make them slower.
  7. You just needed to add this, right. You could not live without such remark. the news article said leave feedback. it didn't say leave only positive feedback. I am quite sure you never had intention to give any positive feedback.
  8. and another one in the desert; i assume that ai is on easy http://xboxyde.com/news_4047_en.html
  9. You just needed to add this, right. You could not live without such remark.
  10. I must agree on this. Oh, and i would still prefer some sort of a cover. Other than that great job Red storm. Fantastic lighting.
  11. some new cool single player videos (not from gametreilers) http://xboxyde.com/news_4044_en.html
  12. http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/gra...amp;mode=recent Short and sweet. Check the video footage.
  13. These are Paris studios doing 360 single player, i believe. I would prefer some military experts sitting there.
  14. So much kissing from ign. Do i sense deep psychological scares, there? Btw, they wrote the same for the first one. It is interesting that pc version will have "soul change" and "crosscom rts" gameplay while 360 will have only crosscom rts fo leading your team.
  15. Anyone got a link on how to achieve k/b and m on a 360? http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/12316/Connec...-Your-Xbox-360/
  16. They are not procesors but single threaded synergetic elements, they can not tap main memory and are dependable on main ppe. 360 has 3 dual threaded ppe procesors (each cpu on its own), which can see main memory and each is fully autonomous with added 128bit vmx. Also they can be optimized better. And yes it has blu ray, but lesser gpu video ram blueprint (256mb) versus 360 512mb video memory, therefore ######ier textures. As for using keyboard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNFUJFK9EDo As mentioned 360gpu is better that rsx, with some dx10 functions added.
  17. I would agree with you one week ago, now not any more. They are adding complex gameplay on sp graw1 (not subctracting it). Here is a good idea. In classic GR and Graw pc you have "soul" changes between team members; player can take on roles of different soldiers. That is cool, but it is not real, is it? In graw2 you have indirect control of soldiers through camera on them (think Aliens). You cant shot instead of that soldiers but you can give them concise orders. It is much like Full spectrum warrior interface, an interesting "useful" crosscom evolution.
  18. Now as i am watching it would be really great if Ubi could give an option in the game to toogle off those faces which talk with you on screen. They dont look real and destroy imersion. Those people should be recognized only trough data on a screen (tags, insignia) and with an audio conversation. Btw, i am talking about faces like this.This should not be on the cross com.
  19. Over crosscom you have access to camera of each teammate, a drone or a helicopter and it can be controled (check appache shadow in second pic)
  20. No it is not dead. Here is the link to the same page. http://xboxyde.com/news_3995_en.html It is a really good preview of graw2 sp. It has interview with Dauba and other designers and it shows some very impressive gfx in terms of smoke and explosions. Also gameplay looks much more complex than graw1. Apparently you can lead 2 teams!
  21. Well, sounds like the mission 2 is what you see in the demo. No spoilers really.
  22. frame buffer grabs from mp http://www.xbox-360.fr/news/visunews-xbox3...-screens__.html
  23. Sorry, but no way. Nothing from xbox game is useful anymore for 360. There is so much more parameteres they must include with hi.def graphics. Even the basic territory must be rebuild with high geometry vertex shaders.
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