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  1. I hope it's a FP (no OTS) military tac-sim that is actually realistic and has good multiplayer. A game with these qualities does not exist.
  2. Just got my 360 back from the repair center & downloaded the demo. What a sorry excuse for a tac shooter. -Camera bounces like a tramp making me sick to my stomach. Personally, when I walk, trot, or run, my head does not shake that much. -100% linear gameplay. -OTS view; I don't like it, but if it must exist, don't give me this crap. The character takes up 30% of the screen! Go back to the OTS view from Ghost Recon 2 if you must. -Environment was not impressive at all. I don't get the feeling that my character is actually IN the environment. Rather, it feels as if he is floating through it in an imaginary bubble. Oh lord, Red Storm please make the MP good.
  3. This only reaffirms the desires of GR Classic proponents. UBI got too caught up in the high tech, futuristic combat day dreams with GRAW and failed to deliver on gameplay. My only hope is that multiplayer is solid for GRAW2, but if they truely did eliminate spawn camping....it's dead. There is a large following that plays Sharpshooter, no invincibility. Taking over the other team's spawns IS the objective.
  4. Yeah the French, just who we want designing our tac-sim games.
  5. Hey, I have to admit the graphics look great. Clutter hell, gadget hell, but I don't play SP. MP info please!
  6. What usually causes connection timeouts is latency. Latency is sporadic, but you can get a general idea of how latent your connection is by running a traceroute out to an internet destination. Typically, cable connections are much less latent than DSL connections. T1 and DS3 connections (business class) are the most stable. I currently have DSL, but will be switching to cable internet in the near future because I like to game online and my DSL line incurs 50ms latency to the first hop on my provider's network.
  7. gears is 4v4 where graw & vegas are 8v8 max. have to dumb down the graphics to avoid lag issues. and that's a bandwitdth issue. not to mention graw maps are huge. GOW and vegas are probably gonna be the blueprint for next gen shooters(cover system). halo 3 w/ a cover system? who knows? customizable weapons would be great in graw2 but not the realism like vegas. i hate the recoil. keep graw2 similar to graw with a minor few tweaks and ubi can't go wrong. maybe add a halo 2-like lobby system. a cover system in graw2 mp would be ok if areas of cover were placed in battle areas and not all over that map. that would alleaviate camping. GOW is fun and fast paced even w/ a cover system. but then again maps are smaller. a dash feature in graw2 would be nice too. Ha ha. Graphics have nothing to do with lag. The only data that needs to be transferred across you internet connection is position, orientation, orientation at the time of shot, and miscellaneous other things. Graphics are driven locally by your console. I could care less how good the graphics look. I just want [GR] gameplay back.
  8. I LOVED the hand signals.
  9. Having the ability to pull the left trigger and get a bird's eye view of the field from 10 feet above your head is not realistic in the least bit. You should not be able to view the field in front of an obstacle without exposing yourself...unless you are using a weapon with a camera attached. Where have you been? We already gave it a chance...twice. And it sucks. Hey let's all run up to a wall, or a jeep, hold the left trigger, and sit there for the duration of a match. Don't dare move away from that wall or jeep, because if you do, you'll probably be shot by someone else doing the same thing. That sounds like exciting gameplay that will keep fans coming in waves! Welcome to the new Ghost Recon.
  10. OTS and the cover system make camping the smart tactic. Camping = no fun.
  11. The cover system will officially mark the death of Ghost Recon. I'm not buying it if it has the cover system. End of story.
  12. Because no one is playing GRAW. <queue stat boy trying to spin this around> No one that I used to play GR, GRIT, or GR2 with plays GRAW.
  13. THE HOST MUST HAVE THE ABILITY TO SELECT EXACTLY WHICH WEAPONS ARE AVIALABLE IN A MATCH. In Ghost Recon 2, my preferred gametype was Sharpshooter with no silenced weapons or explosives. After the auto-update, it was no longer possible to play a game of this nature. You were forced to either have the silenced MP5 available, or have frags avaialable. This same dilema was present in GRAW. If you want to maximize the playability / lifespan of GRAW2, please allow the host to toggle (on/off) all weapons for a match. In addition to allowing the host to select individual weapons available for a match, please also create category toggles; example: Standard Rifles (on/off) Silenced (on/off) Support (on/off) Anti-armor (on/off) Frags (on/off) Secondary note: Just to re-iterate this for the billionth time - spawn camping is not a problem. If a squad takes over a spawn, it is the other squad's duty to take back their own spawn. This is the point of a Sharpshooter.
  14. Cover system ----> campfest ----> no fun. In real life, you cannot get a bird's eye view over obstacles you are taking cover under, no matter what innovative camera system you are using. So, why include such a feature in a tactical simulation shooter? I will say this; if they include the cover system in multiplayer, they had better fix the glitches present with the system in RS Vegas.
  15. Lobby was ok. Still room for improvement. The host needs to have the ability to select exactly which weapons will be allowed in a match.
  16. 24 players, huge beautiful maps, and no lag problems. It's fun, but a little too arcady to keep my attention for very long. Please, find out how they implemented their network code and make it happen on GRAW2.
  17. Yes, I do. I have played all those games and they are not fun. The video game industry is stale and lacking creative talent. All developers do anymore is throw together ho-hum games with tons of bugs and ghey cut scenes and promote the hell out of it. I don't blame them either, it makes financial sense to do so.
  18. I had been eagerly anticipating the release of GRAW since March 05. I bought it as soon as it came out. I have not played it in several months. -The graphics are not what I expected. The colors and lighting do not look natural. -The players move across the maps way too fast. Even faster than GR2. They don't move with a natural feel either. It just feels like you're floating across the map (yes, I'm talking about multiplayer, not the campaign mode glitch) -If you're going to have OTS view, do it right. The character takes up too much of the screen. -Annoying background music. -Map layouts lead to boring multiplayer games. (Get back to maps like Bunkers, Pagoda, Ghost Village, Mountain Falls) -There is no way I would pay for DLC for this game, and from what I've read, the DLC is teh suk. As a final point, I will say that GRAW is not the only game for 360 that sucks. They all do. There are no good games available for the system yet.
  19. I am interested to see the resulting percentages for the following question for Xbox 360 owners: Have you had an Xbox 360 die? Poll added.
  20. My 360 died yesterday, coincidentally while playing GRAW (I don't play any other games). But here's the thing. Up until yesterday I had only played my 360 on a standard-def television. I hooked it up to an HDTV and started playing GRAW and then if froze. And now I have 3 pretty red lights blinking at me. I can only come to the logical conclusion that the processing power that is required to pump out HD graphics either overheated some ICs or was just not tested thoroughly pre-release of the system.
  21. Agreed. I like having the compass in the lower right that not only dispalys North, but also shows your team mates positions in relation to yours. Another thing: -Is there any way to check the score during a match like in previous Ghost Recons?
  22. Server option? "One big key to the fun has to do with unmanned surveillance robots that hover above the battlefield. These cameras work for each team, pointing out the position of enemy soldiers and highlighting them in real-time. This data coincides with data on the map as well. What the bot sees can be seen in the Cross-com view. The bot’s flight path can also be adjusted by painting an area of the map (by placing your reticle in a specific direction) then giving the command to seek out set waypoint with the D-pad. The bot will search the terrain for enemies, and relay this important information back to the team. When not showing the bot’s work, the Cross-Com will fill you in on what your teammates are into. This comes in handy, as it allows gamers to be in multiple places at once."
  23. If you havn't had a chance to see the 360 in action, get to your local video game retailer ASAP. For the past 6 months I had been reading reviews and checking out screens on the internet, but when I got to see CoD2 running on the 360 kiosk yesterday I was absolutely blown away. For a solid 5 minutes I was just staring speechless at the screen. This generation is the biggest jump in cosole performance we've ever seen. Absolutely stunning graphical displays.
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