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  1. I am also trying to get this to work in COOP. Without save points during the mission, i'm watching these briefings quite a bit with my buddies. Any progress on this? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I upgraded my machine after attempting to play GRAW on an inspiron 9100 with a Radeon 9800 mobility - I was getting ~ 25 FPS @ 800x600. Yeah, it sucked to have to upgrade, but it has been almost 2 years since my last upgrade. Running GRAW on a AMD Athlon 64 3700+ & a 7900 GT has really changed my opinion of this game. Getting 40-60 fps @ 1280 x720 makes this game a LOT better. I liked the game at the lower rez, but it really kicks ___ on a higher end system. Not too advanced for today's hardware, but definitely too advanced for a machine a year or 2 old.
  3. Hi all, I am really enjoying getting to know GR on PC again. Picked up the DVD version and popped it into my laptop... Inspiron 9100 P4 3.0 Ghz 1 GB RAM Radeon 9800 Mobility 256MB Playing at 800x600 with medium settings across the board. I'm getting an average of 25 fps and it's definitely playable. I think, along with anyone else with similiar specs, I'll be upgrading to get a few more frames. The gameplay is a nice departure from the run and gun that I've become accustomed to on the 360 and original xbox. I really enjoy the block after block of empty streets and then WHAM...big firefight Then a bunch of blocks full of tension...followed by a few minutes of intense firefights. The team AI is not bad, but I can't wait to give the COOP a whirl. Hopefully, my friends will take cover and not emptying rounds into the walls ) Anyone feel a little stupid when you first used the ZEUS MPAR? I wasn't quite sure how to use it until I got into range of the M1A1 I was suppose to blow away. Then, everything was great. The ability to carry a submachine gun as a secondary is great. I find myself counting bullets a LOT ) The graphics are good, but I can see why some people are complaining about jaggies - especially if you can't play at 1280x720 or higher. Overall, I'm loving it. Thanks, GRIN - it's a great first effort. Look forward to the patch and a long line of expansions. -kb
  4. The SDK supposedly is fairly cheap as Ageia states that selling the hardware PPU is how they intend to make most of their money. (from the Ageia website) It would be interesting to hear the reasoning behind not enabling software Physx support. I bet it would have added more time to game dev - aieeee! Anyways, for interested parties, this page has a bunch of links to Physx info. http://personal.inet.fi/atk/kjh2348fs/ageia_physx.html -kb
  5. I was surprised to see Ageia Physx in the credits of the 360 version...As stated above, It would have been nice to see dual CPU (or dual core) systems take advantage of the a software Physx implementation, but it does not appear to be the case in the GRAW PC version. -kb
  6. Hi all, I've noticed that the 360 version uses the Ageia Physx technology. I'm assuming that it runs on one of the 3 power pc cores in the 360. The question I have is, why can't the PC version have the option of using another CPU or an Ageia PPU. The short answer is probably, b/c GRIN picked developing for a dedicated PPU over licensing the tech for another CPU. Anyways, I wonder if having an uber GPU and a PPU will be much better than having a more mainstream GPU and a PPU. whew, that was a mouthful. -kb
  7. Hey guys, This screenshot is definitely from the single player campaign unless whoever did this has buddies named Richard Allen,KC Kirkland, and Marcus Brown...(all ghosts from the single player campaign). I'm not saying this awesome feature won't be available in the multiplayer, just saying that this particular screen is from SP. Is it just me or is that blackhawk just a big juicy target? -kb
  8. Haven't seen this discussed yet, so here goes... Looks like the PPU is available at several systems makers...dell, alienware,and falcon northwest here in the US of A. BFG and ASUS plan on putting out cards in May. The price of the add on at dell is $250 USD, but pricing may vary between 250-300 USD. Too much, about right, too little? I cringed until I checked the price on a pair of 7800 GTXs :-p -kb
  9. I played through this scene and it was pretty much as described. The VIP even took a few shots from a sniper when I was trying to cover him. Thankfully, he's a total bad######, so after hitting the dirt, the hostage jumped right up, ready to take another cell phone call :-p The behavior really underscores the need to command the hostages - Go here and stay put. The ghost teammates should also have better command options - face this direction ala GR1. There are missions where the hostage is a military man and not a civie, so I would expect the rescued soldier to pick up a weapon and join your team. -kb
  10. Just a plea to GRIN to make sure that non player controlled friendlies will take cover behind you when you come to rescue them. In some other version of GRAW, the president, generals, and other hostages don't seem to fear for their lives. I've already got 3 Ghosts to babysit ) Keep those guys under cover! Thanks. -kb
  11. no SF unit gets to tell a Armor Commander where to put his tanks. Not gonna happen! I dont' care what your mission is, armor moves toward phase lines, checkpoints, or objectives, or fire positions, when safe to do so. So when armor has support from infantry, they move. ←
  12. I totally agree. If I want to see how great the 360 version is, I can just go into the console forums for that. No need for 360 fans rubbing it in the faces of PC folks who went thru countless delays and one cancellation ever since GR1. ← Totally, I personally can't wait to build an uber machine to play the PC version. But I think I'll wait until the game is in my hands (unlike last time) :-p
  13. I think the discussion of the 360 version is not to poke PC gamers in the face, but to point out the good AND the bad points those of us have played the 360 version. We wouldn't be in this forum if we weren't really interested in seeing an awesome PC version. I saw BO looking at some posts about the 360 b/c I bet he wants (like all of us) to make the PC version have the great qualities of the 360 and avoid the mistakes of that version as well. Discussion is good. -kb
  14. Hi GRIN, As I get deeper into the 360 version of GRAW, I ask that you please consider NOT having these 360 specific 'FEATURES' 1. Support units on 'Rails'- Please let us direct the tanks to logical locations and not just forward and back 2. A better save system? it'd be nice to try out some new strategy/weapons in different parts of missions. Unless I'm missing something, the 360 version does not allow you to pick saves within mission...just last save or restart the mission 3. Crippled night vision...jeez, it's a headache simulator. Thanks! -kb
  15. I used to but people started getting annoyed with me. lol...that's ok though. I can't wait to play the PC version as well. I'm really curious how the two compare. ← I am also a fan of the original GR PC - actually finished playing through the campaigns again just in the past few weeks. I picked up the 360 version of GRAW and the graphics are incredible in the single player campaign. The AI, however, is pretty bad and the outlining of enemies i pretty lame (but you can turn off the diamond/outlining). That being said, a 360 is pretty cheap compared to the super computer i'll need to build to get a comparable graphical experience with the PC version. I'm gonna buy the PC version, but it may be years before I can buy a machine that will truly exploit the power of this game. A PPU is rumored to cost as much as a 360. Anyways, i guess i'll keep on pricing that new GRAW PC until I play the demo on my current box. -kb
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