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  1. Great work Ick, I really enjoyed reading it from a gamers perspective, and a fan of the series. Mucho appreciated by me and osogo.com
  2. From Major Nelson's blog: If Major had an inkling a couple of weeks ago in his podcast or blog and reported that GRAW would be out approxiamately a week or so before the game hit retail, and now, with the game just being a week away from being on store’s shelves, and he now all of a sudden doesn’t have a idea of when it is coming out, then my bet would be that it is coming out far after the retail release date… say April or May. It seems to be the most common trend for the developers including MS, to release demos weeks or months after the game has hit retail. Perhaps GRAW will be no different. There have been a few exceptions like FN3, and Full Auto. But to go from saying approximately a week before retail to saying I have no idea, doesn’t bode well for us. Hopefully I’m wrong. Would have been nice to have gotten some time in on the demo to learn the controls and a bit more about the game before the retail version shipped.
  3. I'll be spending most of my 360 time with GRAW once it hits retail, but if Infinity Ward come out with its patch for COD2 and it does everything they say it will I'd recommend it. I can only recommend COD2 now, as a rental only, if you like playing Military FPS in Multiplayer, because it is totally lackluster currently in lobby features, but the developers are supposed to fix all of that in the near future with a patch. The single player COD2 is excellent. I'd recommend COD2 once the muliplayer patch is out and fixes all the lacking features and bugs to anyone, wanting a change of pace to GRAW. But GRAW will be top priority for me... soon.
  4. M95. I got tired of playing the latest greatest hardware race with the PC 5 years ago and havent' looked back once getting an Xbox, and now a 360. Xbox LIVE is excellent. I'll be rejoining the PC elite this fall once Vista comes out, since just doing mundane things like Photoshop and Internet, WMVs etc. on my 1Ghz Dell is just too slow, and with the Media Center connectivity it will be really sweet with the 360. The PCs definitly have their place in the gaming world, but I didn't regret jumping on the console bandwagon with the Xbox and Xbox 360. I'll be buy some PC titles this fall once I get my Windows Vista Media PC up and running, I'm sure, but the 360 will be my platform of choice. Xbox Live can't be beat... At least not for now... we'll see what MS has in store for the Vista version of LIVE, and perhaps even the PS3 has something up its sleeve, which I would have to see to believe. Sony is more than famous for their hype. Add me to your friends list. OS Perry osogo.com
  5. I can't begin to imagine anyone with a 360 and purposely not having Xbox LIVE Gold. I have a friend with an Xbox1 and he never signed up for LIVE. Well if you do know of any Xbox hermits, let them know...
  6. RUMOR, so take it for what its worth... http://www.matchbox360.co.uk/index.php?opt...id=283&Itemid=2
  7. I remember in GR1, on Xbox, there were always civilians about. I thought it added a bit to the game. I would think with a next gen game that it would add to the realism if they put civilians into the campaigns. Has this been addressed. I had kind of forgotten about it, until someone mentioned it on the TeamXbox forums, and I thought it was a valid point. It would definitly add another dimension to it if you had to watch where you were shooting and blowing up vehicles and such with civilians lives taken into consideration.
  8. Great post, thanks for the quick concise overviews from the various game news outlets. Further proof that MS would have been wiser to purchase Ubisoft instead of Rare wayback when.
  9. Wealth of screens here, all High res from this German Site: Middle of the page http://www.xboxfront.de/news-728-3061-Tom_...Warfighter.html
  10. According to 1up.com there will be one soon. http://graw.1up.com/ What is soon? I'm betting not before the game ships. Hope I'm wrong.
  11. A guy on my friends list, posted this on my clans forums page. I don't know where he got it from but it looks legit:
  12. I don't like the concept of switching to night vision to isolate the enemy, especially on daytime maps. I think it makes the game to unfair. In the older GRs it would be too bright to use thermal, during the daytime. What is up with that? I have seen this in a number of gameplay vids, too.
  13. The disturbing thing I noticed in the video, was that there was quite a lot of switching to night vision on a daytime map, to bring out the hot white enemy in a busy background. The night vision scenarios in the previous GR series, generally wouldn't let you use night vision on daytime maps, making the night vision area too bright and unaffective. Also the enemy did just jump out at you, on night vision night time maps either. This I think needs addressed. It seemed whover played that match recorded for 1up, seemed to use night vision to an unfair advantage, exploiting something that shouldn't be exploited in the game. Just my opinion.
  14. From what I hear the 31st is the UK release, and here in the States, it will be the 20th of March. I hope that is right.
  15. http://www.xboxyde.com/news_2503_en.html High Res Screenshots. looking pretty good. I can't wait. Hope it is worth the wait. Hopefully ubi will continue to feed us more shots and footage up till release.
  16. Just as long as its released before the game is released, and gives us some good nuggets of info. Take your time. Life/family/job is what is important. This is just a game for entertainment. And with GRAW delayed an extra month you have a bit more time.
  17. Everything is sounding "so far, so good", as long as it is an expected improvement over all the other GR's on Xbox1, then it should be a winner. Our clan Old School is having high hopes for this 360 title. Call of Duty 2 was such a major dissappointment for Xbox LIVE. I can't imagine Ubisoft doing anything as crappy as Infinity Ward did with the Multiplayer on COD2. I would never have beleived such a crappy bit of LIVE offerings for COD2 could have made it out the door. COD2 on 360's LIVE functionalilty is far below Xbox1 LIVE standards. I know all of my friends and teammates are eagerly awaiting GRAW for 360. I hope it makes Feb2006, but as long as it is out before May I think most will be happy. Thanks for posting the transcript by the way.
  18. On Gamespots site, if you have a basic(free) membership, you can download the develooper interview that was posted today 10/05/05 at the X05 conference in Amsterdam. Check it out, worth the download, IMO. Shakeycam but good stuff. t is 50mb. It shows GR3 at its best. Best gameplay movie I've seen yet, and tons of info. It will have classes like RB6 3. You can customize the online gametypes in hundreds of ways. I think even move Seige points around, make your soldier look the way you want them to look. Kill cam too, it rotates the camera from your fallen body to show where kill came from but camera doesn't move, if killer moves camera stays locked for a moment. If you are wondering what i'm talking about download the video. new interface for picking weapons, again look at video. Most of the most popular weapons from gr1 and gr2 will be back for gr3. This was recorded today in Amsterdam at X05. The developer from Ubi said it would ship Holiday 2005. Whenever that is
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